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12/30/99: New picture on the main page (and Guestbook 31) of Lowell Burch and his two oldest sons with The Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore. I'm sad to report that Mr. Moore passed away yesterday. A larger version of the picture can be seen in the Briefcase. The answers to the following questions are here for future reference:  Who is Marshall Brodien?  (not spelled Brodine) and Who is Ron Popeil?

12/29/99: The identity of the dastardly Karzoff from "Zeta, On Satellite Six" stands revealed in Guestbook 31 and on the "Other kiddie shows" page! Tulsa TV Memories celebrates one year of existence today!

12/28/99: New picture of Bob Latting and the Kids Karnival on the Other kiddie shows page. Added Bill Stemmons' and Don Lundy's comments about the show to the page, and Terry Young's about Spanky as well. Put the Dr. Jan and Dr. Judy pic directly on the page. Added search engine to this page. New Ronco/Popeil ads at the bottom of Mazeppa page 3 and Creature Feature pages! Two new, large photos of the 1940 Tulsa Oilers at Texas League (Oiler) Park in the Briefcase, from Frank Morrow...read Frank's comments first on the Oiler Park page.

12/27/99: Cleaned up Guestbooks of detritus, and made all divider lines consistent. Noticed a lot of good info to add to the regular pages...Archived Guestbook 30, re-indexed search engine, which, with all this material, is pretty important! Eliminated the photos in the new photo show from the old Java photo show, and removed Yahoo applet dependence. You need a Netscape or Internet Explorer browser, and at least a Pentium to see these shows, by the way.

TTM is Best of Tulsa's site of the week! Added 3 new questions to the Java Tulsa TV commercial quiz. Changed main page formatting a bit. Put a current Tulsa weather gee-gaw at the top of the Weather page.

12/26/99: Added some Guestbook comments to the Joe Krieger picture under the KVOO-TV icon.

12/24/99: More photos and stories from Frank Morrow about Central High drama teacher Isabelle Ronan, launcher of many radio/TV careers in Tulsa and beyond...on the new Tulsa Radio page 4. Includes pictures of Jim Ruddle, Larry Bettis and Noel Confer, among others! Added some biographical information about Noel to the page!

12/23/99: Added several covers of "Tulsa TV News" from the mid-50s (courtesy of Roland Austin) to the Briefcase! Added picture of the "Do Bee" (immortalized by Frank Sinatra in "Strangers in the Night") to "Other kiddie shows" page. Got a visit in the Guestbook from announcer/weatherman/sports anchor Bob (Shannon) Coxsey!

12/22/99: Computer is up again. David Bagsby has a follow-up to The Tulsa Project coming soon: Jethro Tulsa! See main page for more.

12/20/99: My computer will be out of commission for a day or two...there will be no content updates, but I will be able to respond to Guestbook comments and email via web interface from another computer.

12/19/99: New link to the Guestbook at the top of the main page. Other minor rearrangements.

12/17/99: Frank Morrow's 1st piece of fan mail as a DJ -- a request for a classic piece of "Exotica" music that is mentioned on the Fantastic Theater page and Wes Clark's Avocado Memories site...in the Briefcase.

12/16/99: Archived Guestbook 29, the first from the new Guestbook. Reindexed search engine.

12/15/99: Added new link to check status of Guestbook, in case you have trouble getting in. The Zeta graphic on the "Other kiddie shows" page got much bigger and better!

12/14/99: Split "Other kiddie shows" off from the Lee & Lionel page. New "ad" at the bottom of Lee's page!

12/13/99: Added Marshall Brodien pics and link to the main page, and a link to a good article about Ron Popeil (whose products are now featured through out this site!) Added the (Popeil) TTM Announcer to the bottom of the main page. This lets you easily tell a friend about this website! Be sure to watch "Oklahoma Memories" tonight --- you may see TTM's webmaster! (nope, you didn't, but it was good anyway.) Added a graphic to the Zeta section on the Lee & Lionel page. If you have saved a bookmark to the Guestbook, try clicking on the link to it on this page or the main page...it now has pictures enabled!

12/12/99: Added link to Porky Pig's "Blue Christmas" to help you get into the Christmas spirit.

12/10/99: My brother just told me that Randy Ess, I.J. Ganem and Jamie Oldaker are all musicians who appeared on Dance Party in the group, "Rogues V". We need to hear from people who were on Dance Party, or have stories about the show!

12/9/99: Even more Popeil and Ronco ads added!

12/8/99: The new guestbook looks good so far. Put "ads" for those wonderful Popeil and Ronco products at the bottom of a number of pages! New Dance Party page, pictures courtesy of KOTV Art Director Adam Trickey and Web Site Producer Steve Warren; also, a new Lee & Lionel pic!

12/6/99: Added the System Status and Help Chat links to the bottom of the main page for those who want to know what's going on (like me). "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..."

12/5/99: Started new Guestbook with GuestWorld. This may be an improvement...time will tell. We'll try it for awhile. It has a new preview feature you may like, and I don't think it will drop letters. Nothing was lost; all was saved in archived Guestbook 28. Problems may persist until Monday or Tuesday. The rest of the site works fine (so far!) Thanks for your patience.

12/3/99: Added new printable page of TTM "business" cards just off the Uncola card page. Added note to the bulletin board about Becky Dixon's special 12/6 at 7:00 p.m....it features a Gailard Sartain interview!

12/2/99: Warped the opening picture on the 1st Mazeppa page and added new shot of Hoss Chopwright. Added 1952 radio schedule, thanks to Frank Morrow. This schedule has a lot of the people and shows Frank has been talking about! Some of Frank's previous comments relevant to that schedule have been added along with a couple of great radio links, particularly the article by Elizabeth McLeod. Added TTM "business" card to the free Uncola Underground card page!

12/1/99: Check out the wild new transition fX in the Java photo album in "Brewster's Toy Shop"! I finally realized that this photo show is not great as a means of presenting photos, but is a fun thing unto itself. Therefore, I have selected pictures which are graphically bold, or amusing when undergoing the various transformations. The number of pictures has been chosen such that each effect is applied to each picture as the show cycles.

Moved the Briefcase of photos to the bottom of the main page, added new icon for the TTM Remote Control, and created new express route to the Guestbook on this page!

11/30/99: John Boydston's Daddy A Go Go CD (see Links page) has made Amazon.com's list of the best children's music of 1999! David Bagsby's "Transphoria" (linked page on this site) just got picked up by Mellow Records in Italy. They will be releasing it next year! (but it is available now--check the link!) Added color mini-poster of Carl Bartholomew's movie, "Cole Justice" (with link to Amazon.com), to the Zeb page, as well as revealing his favorite restaurant at the bottom of the page!

11/29/99: Added picture of the Horn Bros' Longhorn Wingding audience to a link on the main page. Still digesting my experiences at the KOTV reunion! Added pic of Lee Woodward's brother Morgan to the Lee & Lionel page, plus a link to Morgan's web site. Added pic of Hugh Finnerty to the 2nd Sports page, courtesy of Roland Austin. Added 1947 radio schedule to the collection, courtesy of Frank Morrow.

11/28/99: Your webmaster attended the KOTV reunion yesterday evening to demonstrate this website on the big screen TV! Got to meet a host of people from KOTV's past including Bill Hyden, Rex Daugherty, Doug Dodd, Bob Losure, Mike Flynn, Hurst Swiggart, Ed Dumit, Mack Creager, Bob Hower, Betty Boyd, Noel Confer, Leon Meier, Buddy Allison, Don Norton, Harry Volkman, Lee Woodward and Gailard Sartain! We'll have more about it soon!

11/27/99: Urban Tulsa has an in-depth article about KOTV.

11/25/99: Reindexed search engine. Added special holiday greeting!

11/24/99: New autographed pic of Gary Busey on Mazeppa page 2. New Jake and Gary Busey pic from UPN's "Shasta McNasty" at the beginning of the Java photo show. New pics from Frank Morrow in the just-closed-out Guestbook 27!

11/23/99: 2 photos of Leon Russell at the 1974 Tulsa George Harrison concert on Mazeppa page 2 from the webmaster's home movie. New illustration at top of Tulsa Radio page 3. Now hear Lewis Meyer's show-ending slogan in either RealAudio or .wav!

11/22/99: The Billy Parker article in the World can be read online! This link was also added next to Billy's picture on the 1st Tulsa Radio page. Updated the link to Oklahoma Memories' Billy Parker story.

11/21/99: The webmaster has returned from vacation, and will be bringing you some very good stuff this week! New scan of Tulsa TV News on main page, courtesy of Roland Austin. Steve Todoroff notes that you can still order The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa at www.mazeppa.com (see the Mazeppa pages for more).

11/14/99: Billy Parker article in the Tulsa World this morning. It's not online yet, but will be later.

11/13/99: Sue Staggs from "8's The Place" promotion. See another side of Sue in the Java photo show. Added a couple of books to the list on Lewis Meyer's page.

11/12/99: New pics of Tulsa radio signal patterns and Miss Boat Show from Frank Morrow in the Briefcase. Reduced the size of the Briefcase pictures for much faster downloads, and also to get most of the picture on your screen (except for the Louis Blust, Jr. pic...I can't reduce it at the moment). Added some info about writing in the Guestbook to the entry screen. Coincidentally(?), there was a problem with the Guestbook this morning...it is fixed.

11/11/99: Added picture of 1971 Leon Russell/Freddie King concert (my first ever) at Oiler Park to the Briefcase. KVOO's Billy Parker is featured on Oklahoma Memories. There will be an Oklahoma Memories prime-time special on KJRH, Channel 2 on December 13, at 7 pm...noted on the Bulletin Board!

11/10/99: Special treat today: Dr. Jan and Dr. Judy picture! (also linked from the main page toward the bottom). It's not easy trying to splice a double-page photo together! Added 20' (not to be confused with 900') Santa picture from Frank Morrow to the Briefcase.

11/9/99: Found G.Ailard S.Artain art work in Tulsa Magazine...the R. Crumb-ish popsicle painting referenced in the Cardinal Quill interview...go there now! Added picture of Mr. S. as art director of Tulsa Magazine. Check it out! Reunited the proper picture with GS' 1986 Tulsa Magazine interview (also linked from Mazeppa page 3). Added an eccentric print ad by Jim ("Ugh! U-Need-Um Tires") Wheaton to Tulsa Radio page 2. KMOD, Music for Groovy Grownups?! New (old, actually) ads at the bottom of the news, weather, sports, and Oom-A-Gog pages. Illustrated Tulsa Radio page 3 with Frank Morrow's pictures.

11/8/99: Great new photo of Frank Morrow in the KAKC control room in 1951...check the Briefcase! New recent pics of Ken Broo on Sports pages 1 and 2! Added Lee Bayley's John Chick story to the Mr. Zing & Tuffy page. Added new pics from Frank Morrow to the Briefcase.

11/7/99: Added a Frank Morrow story from the top of Guestbook 25 about the McCarthy era in Tulsa to Tulsa Radio page 3. Archived Guestbook 25, moved on to #26! Reindexed search engine. This might be a bit like putting a "Kick Me" sign on my back, but please let me know if you see any typos on these pages. The site is getting so big, I might not notice for quite awhile, and I want everything to be as correct as possible. New pic of Gailard Sartain on Hee Haw added to Mazeppa page 3. On that same page, a link to the Tractors' web site. Gailard Sartain and Gary Busey appeared together on the video "Shortenin' Bread"...see two stills from it! The Tractors will be at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa on Nov. 12! Different picture of Sherman Oaks on the Creature Feature page.

11/6/99: New Tulsa Radio page 3, taken from Guestbooks 22-25. It features a new picture of Frank Morrow! Also added a pic of Roy Pickett that has been in the Java photo show.

11/4/99: Moved Rex Daugherty and Bob Losure from the Briefcase to the News pages; moved Bill Mitchell and Guy Atchley to the Briefcase, which will be the home of larger-size pictures, or ones awaiting text. Here is a link to a Tulsa World story about KTUL's new news and weather center...with photos! And here's a great article about the KOTV 50th special...also with photos!! And "Clayton Vaughn slams modern media"...and Karen Keith's "Oklahoma Living".

11/3/99: Some terrific pictures from Bud Blust III...in the Briefcase! These are some exceptionally good B & W's. The one of Louis (Bud) Blust, Jr. in downtown Tulsa is larger than usual, so be patient if you have a slow modem...but it is worth the wait!

11/2/99: New pic from the footage remembered here by John Hillis of Bill Pitcock's "King Kong Flu" outtake. My home movie of George Harrison and Leon Russell was shown at 6:15 a.m., or 45 minutes after the start of the 2 News show this morning!

11/1/99: Just discovered that I have 10 meg of space for pictures in my "Yahoo Briefcase". Will be using this for lots of new pictures. Added Jim Ruddle's and Frank Morrow's great stories and the new pictures to the Mr. Zing and Tuffy page...Jack Frank tells me that he may be showing my home movie of George Harrison and Leon Russell on the Channel 2 morning show, 2 News, tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/2),  from 5:30-7:00 a.m...take a look, if you can!

10/31-11/1/99: New video capture pix of John Chick, one on the main page, and a sequence of 3 at the beginning of the Java photo show...courtesy of Mike Bruchas! Also in the sequence: Diane Elliott and other ladies you will remember from an "8's The Place" promotion! (as I've said previously, we get tired of looking at old guys all the time here!) Also added Bob Losure and Rex Daugherty to the photo show, new "8's The Place" and Lewis Meyer icons,  "Hee Haw" pic and current Gailard Sartain pic to Mazeppa page 3, out-of-control Evershed camera pic to Lee Woodward's page. Had mercy on you WebTV folks and included the new "8's The Place" pics in the KTUL Photo Gallery! There will be a lot more of these (and a more balanced selection...).

10/29/99: Possible answer to the mysterious space-suited man in the 1955 KVOO picture. Added ID's from Don Lundy to the Hal O'Halloran pic. The KOTV 50th anniversary special aired! It featured interviews with: Lee Bayley, Bill Hyden, Clayton Vaughn, Bob Brown, Georgia Jones, Donnell Green, Dale Hogg, Bob Losure, Lee Woodward, Gailard Sartain, Mike Flynn, Mack Creagar, Bob Hower, Betty Boyd, Leon Meier, Jim Hartz, Harry Volkman...

10/28/99: Elizabeth Chick just wrote in and left a funny story about her dad...which is now on the Mr. Zing page! Created the "Brewster's Toy Shop"...OK, that's getting just a little too cute, isn't it? Let's get back to content!

10/27/99: Moved on to Guestbook 25! Reindexed search engine. We heard from John Chick's daughter, Jennifer, today! New front page photo with Hal O' Halloran, courtesy of Bud Blust...need help identifying the other people in the picture!

10/25/99: Illustrated Ken Broo's story on Sports page 2 with a picture of Mr. Wrestling 2. New lease on life...GeoCities has given everyone 4 more meg! Try this Java version of the Channel Changer (if your browser supports Java), it feels and sounds like a real Channel Changer!

10/24/99: TTM received a visit from the one and only Betty Boyd! Her comments and a new picture were added to her page.

10/23/99: New photo of Bill Mitchell from Bud Blust. The Chew/Woodward pic is now at the top of the weather page. Created a page of  previous What's New linked at the bottom of this page to keep it easy to load.

10/21/99: Added a Java-based Tulsa TV commercial quiz at the bottom of the main page. This is just a test; let me know how it works (or doesn't work) for you. It can take a few moments to load, so be patient. Some style changes...a light just came on! TTM was just designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory! The Netscape Open Directory is an alternative Yahoo-style directory.  It is used by several major search engines.

10/20/99: Added Frank Morrow's Lewis Meyer story to the LM page along with a new picture.

10/19/99: An article from this site about the NBC TV show "Then Came Bronson" with Michael Parks has been published on the stylish and comprehensive television site, TVparty!; Check out "Requested Forgotten TV Shows". Re-indexed search engine. Got the time and date for the upcoming KOTV anniversary show from Stephanie Hill of KOTV: October 29 at 8 p.m..! Added 2nd Sports Page!

10/18/99: Print your own Uncola Underground card by clicking here ! Per Bill Hyden, amended the KOTV reunion info on the main page by deleting the Fri., Nov. 26 Finales night...scheduling conflicts for KOTV-associated singers made this necessary. Fixed broken link to KOTV anniversary/history pages.

10/17/99: Added info to the main page about upcoming KOTV anniversary interviews to be aired this month!

10/16/99: Added new pic of Bill Hyden to News page 2 and Ad with Oral Roberts and Jerry Lewis to Guestbook 20 comments.

10/15/99: A visit from Lee Bayley, cool KAKC jock and host of KOTV's "Dance Party" in the late 60s! Added pic of Lee and his comments to Tulsa Radio page 2.

10/14/99: New pic of Lee & Lionel with Art Linkletter in 1964! The Tulsa Radio page is now 2, new KAKC logo and KELi Klimbers on 2nd page. New photo of Leon Russell from the KAKC Big 30 chart, on Mazeppa page 2! A new Mazeppa page, linked from the 1st Mazeppa page...an interview by James Vance in 1971 from East Central High School's newspaper, the Cardinal Quill!

10/12/99: New pics on the Tulsa Radio page: Bo Weaver, Dick Schmitz and Don Bishop! Added link to sample of David Bagsby's "Transphoria" CD.

10/9/99: Greatly expanded the Lee & Lionel page: new pics and even Lee's spoken station ID! Includes a pic of Hurst Swiggart! Changed weather icon to Don Woods & Gusty, courtesy of Kevin King of KTUL Photog Online...

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