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12/30/00: Added poster of "The Stewardesses" to Guestbook 35.

12/29/00: TTM is 2 years old today!

12/26/00: Added to the Bulletin Board and the Tulsa Project page that David Bagsby's Transphoria will be released by Mellow Records on Jan 20, 2001!

12/24/00: Archived Guestbook 66. Added Guestbook comment to Uncle Zeb page.

12/23/00: Rewrote the Prologue. A pertinent quote for readers: "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." - Bertrand Russell

12/22/00: Added 2 new CD's from David Bagsby, Ephemeron and Translator, to the Tulsa Project page!

12/20/00: Added the story and picture of the Lone Ranger at the Tulsa State Fair to the Other Kiddie Shows page. Added some names to the List of TV/radio people...let me know if I am missing someone.

12/18/00: Updated the list of Tulsa TV people with recent visitors to the Guestbook.

12/15/00: Archived Guestbook 65. Switched Guestbook style again; it should be "transparent to the user". (here is a link to the backup Guestbook for the webmaster's future use)

12/13/00: Added Guestbook comment about Irish Mike Clancy to the Rasslin' page. Added Dale McKinney comment from Guestbook 64 about the Dick West signoff to the "8's The Place" page. The Bulletin Board has the cover of Steve Bagsby's upcoming CD, "Talahina Hula".

12/9/00: Archived Guestbook 64...the fastest one filled ever.

12/8/00: Brought back the TTM Christmas card on the Bulletin Board... works only with Java-enabled browsers; sorry, WebTV viewers!

12/6/00: Steve Smith ID'd a piece of music used by KTUL at signoff, and by Trust House Theatre in OKC: Henry Mancini's "Dreamsville" from The "Music from Peter Gunn" CD! Listen to a RealAudio sample and read about it in Guestbook 63 (just archived) or the Gift Shop.

12/5/00: King Lionel appears as Santa on the main page to wish TTM readers a Merry Christmas! (courtesy of his right hand man and the Tulsalite magazine). Put the "Tulsa TV Commercial quiz" in the current (#63) Guestbook. This has been available in Java applet form previously; now accessible to those with WebTV (and a heck of a lot simpler to deal with, too...it's only 6 questions!)

12/4/00: Back on the regular Guestbook, which has been upgraded. We'll see...

12/2/00: Added The Red Balloon to the Gift Shop and several new Classic Toys, including Marshall Brodien's TV Magic Cards! There is a link that lets you read more about Mr. Brodien. The regular Guestbook is under maintenance as of 5 pm, so switched to the backup Guestbook.

12/1/00: Added Classic Toys and other items to the Gift Shop.

11/29/00: Added Amazon.com link to the Bulletin Board; they have teamed with Toys 'R Us this year. Do the rest of your Christmas shopping online, save time and trouble, and put a pittance in your webmaster's pocket with no extra charge to you! Created the Tulsa TV Memories Gift Shop for this purpose. It has all the product links from the last 2 years, plus some new ones!

Eliminated the Guestbook link and search engine from Channel Changer 2 page...I don't believe they were used much.

11/28/00: Just got word from Steve Todoroff that orders for the 3rd volume of the Lost Tapes of Mazeppa are now being taken! Tapes will be ready for shipment Dec. 1. An ideal Tulsa TV stocking stuffer! Noted this on Mazeppa pages 1 & 3, on the Links page and on the Bulletin Board. The Guestbook was under maintenance, but it looks good as of 10:41 pm.

11/27/00: Turned the original Geocities site into a gateway to get you here. Added a button above for talking with the webmaster...just a test.

11/25/00: Check out the new TTM gateway site on Luxuria...featuring Space Ghost's evil twin interviewing The Millionaire. Also noted on Bulletin Board.

11/24/00: The wormhole now has its own page on Tulsa TV Memories in Brewster's Toy Shop.

11/22/00: Provided links on the main page to get the free RealPlayer and free Windows Media Player. These are needed to see and hear the media clips on this site. You may already have them, so try the clips first before downloading the players. Rearranged the Bulletin Board.

11/21/00: Archived Guestbook 62.

11/20/00: Created a gateway site at LuxuriaMusic featuring a 3D TTM space-time wormhole. Added a preview pic and a link to the wormhole on the Prologue page. New entry in the Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock about David Bagsby (The Tulsa Project, Jethro Tulsa). Steve Bagsby illustrated via cartoon on the Tulsa Project page (also linked from the Bulletin Board).

11/19/00: Became a LuxuriaMusic associate; from their icon on the Bulletin Board, you get to a Windows Media Player music stream in 2 clicks.

11/18/00: A big addition to the site, courtesy of Steve Smith of Seattle: the Indian sign language KTUL signoff with Dick West. Still photos and the video on the KTUL Photo Gallery/8's The Place page! Photo on main page.

11/17/2000: Added a biography of Tulsa newsman Forrest Brokaw to his photo with NBC anchor Chet Huntley in the KVOO Photo Album! Forrest may also be seen on the 195? election set.

11/16/00: We're back to the regular Guestbook, and as promised, all entries in the backup Guestbook have been moved to the current one. The Dick West tape is in the mail!

11/15/00: Marna Bryant McKinney, former KOTV music director, mentioned here previously by Bill Hyden, passed away on Saturday. Here is the Tulsa World story.

It looked like the regular Guestbook was not working too well, so switched to the backup Guestbook. Here is the link to add something to the backup Guestbook. All links now go to the backup, so proceed as usual.

11/14/00: Added Ronco's Rhinestone and Stud Setter (a swell Xmas gift idea) to Mazeppa interview page. Added Luxuria Music icon to the Bulletin Board. Added link to "The In Sound From Way Out" to the Zeb page; this is music often used on both the Zing and Zeb shows.

11/13/00: The peripatetic Jack Diamond (purveyor of the music from "Fantastic Theater") is on the move again. Starting 11/19/2000, his internet radio show, "House of Games", airs on Luxuria Music every Sunday from noon-2 pm, CST. HoG features "mostly pop instrumentals from the 50's and beyond, including TV and film soundtracks, beatnik and private eye jazz, Exotica and a collage of sounds from 'out of space'". The new time is also noted on the Links page.

11/12/00: Added Carl Bartholomew's comments about his "8's The Place" promotion of the late 70s to the KTUL Photo Gallery/8's The Place page. But that's not all! Also placed there a RealVideo clip of the particular promo Carl talks about, a new still capture, and Sue Staggs' Guestbook 57 comments!

11/10/00: Added link to the new Tom Gordon pic at the top of the Tom Gordon page.

11/9/00: Did you ever have a Brownie 8 home movie projector? If so, these sights and sounds linked from the Drive-in theatre page may prove evocative. Later...King Lionel regaled us with a word or two in the Guestbook.

11/8/00: Who won? Who knows? New pics from Bob Duff in Photo Album 2 in the Briefcase: KAKC's Tom Gordon and Robert W. Walker. Link at the top of the KAKC page relabelled to reflect this. Better check out the Guestbook...just heard from Mazeppa and Uncle Zeb!

11/7/00: Election day! The current Guestbook (#61) has some new politically-oriented photos. Added link to a Ron Popeil story on Mazeppa page 3.

11/6/00: Newsman Dale Davenport  and "Tiger" Dave Shaw at the board in the Briefcase, courtesy of Bob Duff. These are large, detailed pictures in the KAKC studio. And Bob Duff himself appears on the KAKC page.

Our friend Jerry Pippin of KBIX-Muskogee experienced a tragic event. More about it on his site

11/5/00: Made the URL in Zeb's hand on the main page clickable. New pics from Bob Duff coming soon! Added KVOO logo at the top of the Oom-A-Gog page.

11/4/00: Added Bulletin Board link to Jack Frank's Tulsa History series of videos. There are numerous video clips on this page!

11/3/00: New background info about Uncle Zeb from his alter ego, Carl Bartholomew, on the Zeb page! Put the Perrey and Kingsley music used by Zing and Zeb on the Bulletin Board. Added Gary Busey's movie, "Carny", to Mazeppa page 3. Archived Guestbook 60!

11/2/00: Moved Daddy A Go Go's "Monkey in the Middle" cover painting by Gailard Sartain to Mazeppa page 3; added pic and link to Leon's "Will O' The Wisp" album, which also sports an S.Artain cover.

11/1/00: Zeb is back and TTM's got him; Carl Bartholomew just hooked up his Zeb, er, WebTV, and wrote in to the Guestbook! New pic of Uncle Zeb on the main page, courtesy of Jim Reid. Added Zeb's comments to the Zeb page.

10/31/00: Still working on the list(s) of Tulsa TV people. There is now a list of TV/radio people who have visited the site, whom we have heard from, and whom we have not heard from. To tell the truth, I'm still not sure what it should be, other than a memory jog and bait for internet searches. Should there be a deceased list? Should on-camera/off-camera, TV/radio, Channel 2/6/8 people be separate? Any suggestions are welcome. Plus, I know I am missing some names of TV/radio people who have signed the Guestbook...let me know if you think of any!

10/30/00: The search engine on this page is now the new PicoSearch engine. Try out the different searches, if you have not already. There is an actually helpful "Help" page, too. Rearranged the list of Tulsa TV people into a more useful format, I hope. Let me know via email if I have made any errors or omissions!

Created another "What was new" page (see link at bottom). That keeps this one fast-loading .

I'm attempting to make this a logical starting page for regular readers. From here, you can immediately jump to new content on the site, look at the currrent Guestbook, do a search, get to either Channel Changer, or send me email. Save a bookmark, or make this your starting page, if that is your preference.

10/29/00: Brought the old Geocities version of this site up-to-date, so that unsuspecting visitors there will wind up here! Sasha Foo is on the main page.

10/28/00: Archived Guestbook 59. Added P. Casey Morgan's Tom Gordon story to the bottom of the Tom Gordon page. Added Bob Duff's comments to the KAKC page. Joined the the TV News WebRing...see the Rings page.

10/26/00: Got with the new Yahoo WebRing program and converted to their Ring NavBar on the Rings page. To make this "What's New on TTM" page your starting page when you bring up the internet, click the link added to the table above (if you have Internet Explorer...doesn't seem to work with Netscape)!

10/23/00: Added Sue Staggs Harris' story from Guestbook 59 to the bottom of the Cy Tuma page. Restored misplaced header to the Tulsa in the Fifties page. Added items to the Bulletin Board.

10/20/00: Archived Guestbook 58. Added pic of Chris Lincoln impersonating Bob Gregory to the main page.

10/17/00: Added note to Dance Party page that Robert W. Walker was host in 1968. Deleted a defunct Broadcasting Ring form the Rings page. Restored Mr. Microphone, mistakenly deleted from the 1970 TV schedule page.

10/15/00: Changed the URL on the TTM "business" card. The URL that was on the card,  http://netword.com/tulsatv, still works at the moment, but may not in the future. New "8's The Place" speedboat on the main page.

10/13/00:   Tulsa TV Memories is listed on Gailard Sartain's page at fansites.com, and at the Internet Movie Database IMDb (an excellent movie resource). This is also noted on Mazeppa page 3. Archived Guestbook 57.

10/11/00: Several new and old pics in the Guestbook (#57) to accompany Mike Bruchas' and Frank Morrow's text.

10/9/00: Heard from "8's The Place" gal Sue Staggs in the Guestbook. She can be seen on the main page! Added Jim Reid's picture of Don Woods and Gusty to the Weather page. Tinkered with the Prologue.

10/8/00: Archived Guestbook 56.

10/4/00: Added Jim Back's comments about KRMG's Johnny Martin to Tulsa Radio page 5.

10/3/00: Added new pic from 1946 and autograph to the Cy Tuma page.

10/2/00: Added a letter near the top of the Chris Lane Memory Book.

10/1/00: Introduced new PicoSearch search engine on the main page. I saw this while visiting Robert Stemmons The Whistler's site. It should afford you more flexibility and precision. Give it a try! Also added it to the List of Tulsa TV/radio people page. The old one is still available on this page and Channel Changer 2 page for now. New "8's The Place" shot on the main page.

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