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9/30/00: Archived Guestbook 55.

9/29/00: And now we have heard from Mazeppa, too!

9/28/00: We heard from the one and only Yahootie Menu of the Mazeppa show in the Guestbook (#55) today!

9/27/00: We are sad to learn that Rocky Stegman passed away on Saturday, 9/24/00. Here is his obituary in the Tulsa World.

Listened to Daddy A Go Go's John Boydston on Jerry Pippin's KBIX/internet show this evening. Surprise guest: Mary Jo Sartain, Gailard's wife, calling from L.A.! Previous TTM visitors who have appeared on Jerry's show: Lee Bayley, Scooter Segraves, Steve Suttle, Mike Miller, David Reynolds, plus your webmaster! Did I miss any? Watch the Bulletin Board and check Jerry's schedule for future guests.

9/26/00: Archived Guestbook 54.

9/23/00: Added "8's The Place" promo shots to Guestbook (#54) and the main page!

9/22/00: Checked out Beatles expert and TTM reader David Reynolds on the Jerry Pippin show last night...good job, David!

9/21/00: Sprinkled a few photos into the last 3 Guestbooks to illustrate the authors' comments.

9/20/00: Archived Guestbook 53. See the Bulletin Board for radio appearances on KBIX/internet by readers of this site!

9/18/00: Yahoo took over WebRing, and actually made it easier to join. Sent out invitations to several other sites around the country to become part of the Local Television Ring, created by yours truly. You may ask, what, pray tell, is a WebRing? Click the link to find out. TTM is part of several other Rings itself, as you will see on the Rings page. Added photo of Don Woods and Gusty to the main page, courtesy of Jim Reid.

9/16/00: Received some interesting pics from Don Norton in the U.S. mail...soon to be out here. We heard from G.Ailard S.Artain in the Guestbook (#53) today!

9/15/00: The regular Guestbook appears to be working again; switched back. Great painting of "Chortles the Dingo Dog" by Gary Brumley, also linked from the Guestbook (#53).

9/14/00: Archived Guestbook 52, re-indexed search engine. 5:30 p.m. - looks like a Guestbook problem. Not to worry, I just switched to the backup!

9/13/00: New pic of KTUL newswoman Phyllis Watson on the main page. Jim Reid: "This is Phyllis Watson doing a bit for Jeff Rosser's bachelor party film." John F. Lawhon moves to the KTUL Photo Gallery.

9/12/00: Added notice to the Bulletin Board of reader David Reynolds' upcoming appearance Sept. 21 on Jerry Pippin's internet radio show. New pics in the Guestbook (#52).

9/10/00: Added Emmett Mathis' comment to the Drive-In page.

9/9/00: Archived Guestbook 51, re-indexed search engine. New pictures in #51. Added John F. Lawhon picture to the main page.

9/4/00: Added another Guestbook story to the Cy Tuma page. New link to John Wooley review of Square Force's new CD, "Popazoidii", on the Bulletin Board. Also, check out the official Mazeppa site. It has been updated.

9/2/2000: Created Cy Tuma page with stories collected from the Guestbooks! It is linked from the top of News page 1. Added the new John Chick/Mr. Zing photos and Jim Reid's recent Guestbook comments to the Mr. Zing and Tuffy Page! Added Bill Van Burkleo's and Lee Woodward's comments from Guestbook 51 to the Dance Party page. Added what meager information we have about "Shock Theater" to the bottom of the Fantastic Theater page.

9/1/00: Changed icon for Tulsa Radio, page 5 on Channel Changer 2.

8/31/00: Early Mr. Zing and Tuffy pic on the main page, courtesy of Jim Reid. TTM has been awarded an About.com "Best of the  Net" award for August 2000! Archived Guestbook 50, re-indexed for the search engine.

8/27/00: A slew of new pics from Jim Reid arrived...the first is on the main page!

8/25/00: Archived Guestbook 49, re-indexed site for the search engine.

8/24/00: Added link to John Wooley's story about KOTV's "Shock Theater" on the Bulletin Board.

8/20/00: Added "Prologue" to the main page...later: applied Strunk's dictum to it: "Omit needless words!"

8/17/00: Archived Guestbook #48; the current is #49. Added Ed Ellers' comment to the '64 Channel 2 election set photo with Mike Miller. New pic from Gailard Sartain with Teddy Jack Eddy on the main page (already on Mazeppa page 2). Moved the great pic of Gary Chew, Lee Woodward and Gailard Sartain to Mazeppa page 2, along with Randy Callaway's sidebar.

8/13/00: Updated link to Jack Diamond's site where you can get the Fantastic Theater music, "Sonik Re-Entry" by Dissevelt/Baltan!

8/9/00: Several new stills and captions from the webmaster's "Six in the Morning" appearance. Added 1965 Jim Ruddle pic to the "Other Kiddie Shows" page. Farther down that same page is the Romper Room title card. Added pic of Harry Volkman to the Weather page, along with Erick Church's comments from Guestbook 47 about him. Archived Guestbook 47; The current Guestbook is #48. Re-indexed the site for the search engine.

8/5/00: Several stills from the webmaster's "Six in the Morning" appearance.

8/3/00: The webmaster appeared on "Six in the Morning" today...it was fun!

8/1/00: Archived Guestbook 46; current Guestbook is #47. Re-indexed search engine.

7/31/00: New picture of Ruby the Crusher and Teddy Jack Eddy, courtesy of Gailard Sartain!

7/28/00: Added new pics to the Fantastic Theater page.

7/27/00: Tweaked the main pages to improve the view for WebTV...

7/26/00: Look who's "sponsoring" the Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting on Mazeppa page 2.

7/25/00: Great new pic on the main page from Lee Woodward: Gary Chew, Lee and Gailard Sartain...a powerful news team. Photo was probably taken by Gaylord Herron. Hey, WebTV users: I fixed the Bulletin Board so its spacing should look right, and tweaked the table at the top of this page. Any other WebTV issues? Let me know.

7/24/00: New pictures from Casey Morgan: 60s KAKC jock Tom Gordon on the KAKC page and the Tom Gordon remembrance page; Jim Peters and Dick Schmitz also on the KAKC page. Added "Baby Bobby Brown" to the News men and women page. More Javascript added to Channel Changer 2 for WebTV.

7/23/00: Need extra credentials at the Der Wienerschnitzel? How about an official U.N.C.L.E. card and some words from Mr. Waverly? Archived Guestbook 45, started #46 back on the htmlGEAR version of the Guestbook. Re-indexed search engine.

7/22/00: Erick Church sent a cool link to some Foreman Scotty video. It's also on the Other Kiddie Shows page. Foreman Scotty was OKC, but it appears that he started in Tulsa TV. I'm experimenting with adding text to the status bar when you mouseover or select an image on the Channel Changers. This is mainly for the WebTV users out there. Added Maia Peters' comments to her dad's on the Tom Gordon remembrance page.

7/20/00: Corrected the link to the Tulsa World story about Tulsa TV Memories...the URL changed because the World just archived it. We heard in the Guestbook from Robert W. Walker and Jim Peters of KAKC, and Casey Morgan of KWGS about the passing of Tom "Count Gordonski" Gordon. This remembrance is now linked from the KAKC page. and a pic of Robert was added. Just above Robert Walker on the KAKC page is a link to Beau Weaver's web site.

7/19/00: Added still photo of Randy Ess of the Rogues V (captured from the KOTV 50th anniversary show) and Terry N. Burcham's comments to the Dance Party page. Added 2 Don Scott pics to the Other Kiddie Shows page...is this Foreman Scotty of OKC? Added Mike Staniford's comments to the Spanky section of the same page.

7/18/00: The restless radar of your webmaster picked up the following item from the "Answerman" (Richard K. Shull)  in the TV World section of the Tulsa World yesterday:

"I remember having a 'Winky Dink' screen and being a member of Uncle Hiram's Safety Club. When was that?" - B.L., Tulsa

The Answerman said:
"'Winky Dink and You' was a CBS kiddie series from 1953-57, and revived in 1969. Jack Berry was the original host and the gimmick was that kids sent away for a special TV screen cover and crayons so they could interact and complete the drawings being telecast."

The Answerman completely ignored the "Uncle Hiram" part of the question. We're guessing 1953-57 there too. Anyway, check out the "Other Tulsa kiddie shows" page for the Uncle Hiram info, then take a look at "Winky Dink" on TVparty!. Also note the webmaster's article on same site: Then Came Bronson. There is a more complete version here, though.

7/17/00: Joe Taylor sent in something very rare indeed (attention Noel Confer): an Uncle Hiram button. I put it on the main page, and on the "Other Tulsa kiddie shows" page beside the commentary about the show (which was on in the 50s!)

7/16/00: OK, folks, I guess the cat is out of the bag about this site---here is a feature by John Wooley in today's Tulsa World about Tulsa TV Memories: On the Web: 'Memories' of Mazeppa ! Added Mike B-R-U-C-H-A-S comment to the KOTV page of pics. Added link to Jerry Pippin's column about the late S. Carl Mark, owner of KAKC in the 60s...on the KAKC page.

7/15/00: Consolidated all recent entries into Guestbook 44, which is now archived. Be sure to go back and check that you didn't miss any comments or pictures! The current Guestbook is #45. Re-indexed the search engine. Looks like the regular Guestbook is still not working consistently. I'm going to keep pointing all the Guestbook links to the backup Guestbook for now; we'll see how it goes. All entries will be saved.

7/12/00: The regular Guestbook is on the blink again, but much like a certain local TV-advertising attorney, I know what to do...switch to the backup Guestbook! (as of 10:45 p.m.). Will switch back when the regular Guestbook is working again, and move back all the entries. Added banner to Bulletin Board for Gaye Brown, who has kindly provided storage for many of the media files on this site.

7/11/00: Added announcers and musicians to Frank's national radio memory page.

7/10/00: Don Lundy sent some Coney Island photos taken by Mike Bruchas...a small version of one is on the main page, check the Briefcase for the rest! Added new page of national radio memories from Frank Morrow...more to come!

7/9/00: Added link to the Cain's Ballroom web site on Club cards page 1. The site has some nice pics.

7/8/00: Archived Guestbook 43, re-indexed search engine. Added banner to this page and a link to the backup Guestbook . Changed links to the current Guestbook so that to write in it, you must be in it already. This should help avoid a situation where you type a note for the Guestbook, but are unable to get it to go in when there is a technical problem (all appears to be OK as of today). Added Frank Morrow story to the "Experimental Theater of the Air" page, Lowell Burch comment to the Weather page, and a ticket to the Drive In page.

7/7/00: Moved Gusty to the Weather page.

7/6/00: Jerry Pippin will interview Lee Bayley and others tonight on his KBIX/internet show in remembrance of Carl Mark, KAKC's owner in the 1960s. Check the Bulletin Board for links to Jerry's site and broadcast. You will need Windows Media Player to hear the show. Added Frank Morrow comment to the Oiler Park page.

7/5/00: There is a caption contest going on in the Guestbook #43...you'll need to go backwards in the Guestbook a ways to find it, since there has been lots of discussion about Dizzy Dean, Falstaff and Griesedieck beer and other arcane topics!

7/2/00: New link to Tulsa World story about the Admiral Twin on the Tulsa Drive-In page, and link to story about the Leake Car Show this year on the KTUL page.

7/1/00: KBIX back with more reliable streaming audio!

6/28/00: The normal Guestbook is back in service (I think!) Added pic of Lee's brother Morgan to Lee & Lionel page 1. Added Bil Baird link and pic of a relative of Lionel's to L & L page 2. Added Captain Kangaroo link and picture of Maestro Franco Autori to L & L page 4. Added picture of the Moose cracking up to L & L page 5. Added Lionel closeup to L & L page 6.

Added pic of Gary Shore and link to his current web site at the top of Guestbook 8.

6/27/00: Check out this story about Oiler Park from Jack Frank of Oklahoma Memories at Channel 2!

6/26/00: 3 MORE new pages from Lee Woodward: the continued history of Lee and Lionel!! To see all 6 pages, start at the 6/24 link below. Don't miss it! Added pics of Buddy Allison and Leon Meier to Lee & Lionel page 4. Got all comments archived into Guestbook 42 and deleted from the current Guestbook (#43).

6/25/00: The Guestbook is still down; hoping it will be going by Monday. Reverted to the backup Guestbook; all entries will be transferred back when possible. Went ahead and archived Guestbook 42 (even though it's a little smaller than the average Guestbook), and re-indexed the search engine. The web site and the archived Guestbooks can be accessed as usual. I'll save the link to the regular Guestbook here. The backup Guestbook is here.

6/24/00: OK, folks, this is an exciting update: 3 new pages about Lee's start in radio/TV, and the birth of Lionel! They're also linked from the original Lee and Lionel page. Enjoy!

10:50 a.m.: Appears that the Guestbook has a problem. htmlGEAR has been having trouble with the "Neptune" server recently (check System Status here, although it is not usually up to date). Neptune is the one the TTM Guestbook lives on. The problem has been reported...if you have Guestbook comments, just send them in email, and I'll get them out there at first opportunity!

6/23/00:: Added Lee Woodward's anecdote about Spanky McFarland's Tulsa TV show to the "Other Kiddie Shows" page.

6/20/00: Added cover of John Doremus tape to comments in Guestbook 40, courtesy of Mike Bruchas.

6/19/00: Check out the current Guestbook (#42) for new pictures and text from Lee Woodward!

Perhaps I have been remiss in mentioning this...your poor, but honest webmaster receives a pittance (at no extra cost to you) when you order from Amazon.com by clicking the Amazon.com links, or using the Amazon.com search engines on this site (such as the one on this page, or on the Film Crypt page).

6/17/00: Archived Guestbook 41; the current is #42. Re-indexed search engine. Added link to Jerry Pippin's column about Chris Lane on the Dance Party page and the Chris Lane page, and spruced up the Dance Party page. Added larger version of the "Monkey in the Middle" painting by Gailard Sartain. It is also linked from the smaller version of the picture on the Bulletin Board. The size and color saturation does it quite a bit of justice...

6/16/00: New pic and story about Gary Chew from Lee Woodward on the Weather page! Chris Lane is remembered at 8:30 p.m. tonight on KBIX (see links below). Jerry talks about Chris in his 6/15 column. Added a timely ad to the 1970 TV schedule! I am now the proud owner of my own "Gusty"! You will be seeing it soon.

New comments from Lee about the early Lionel picture now on the Lee & Lionel page! More new comments and picture of Lee at a grocery store opening on the Lee & Lionel page

6/15/00: New pictures and text from Lee Woodward! Lee with Director Ralph Bardgett on the set of "Dance Party"; Lee with Director Clyde Parker on the "Sun Up" set; the first official Lee & Lionel "get-up" on the main page. There is much more to come from Lee, so stay tuned!

6/14/00: Jerry Pippin of KBIX in Muskogee (which can be heard on the internet!) is doing a segment about Chris Lane on Friday, June 16, 8:30-9:00 p.m. CST. If you worked with Chris, or have a story about him, you may wish to contact Jerry via email. Noted this on the Bulletin Board also. We heard from Lee Woodward in the Guestbook again!

6/13/00: Added new note to the Chris Lane pages.

6/12/00: New picture of a "camera" in the Guestbook (#41), courtesy of Frank Morrow.

6/10/00: Corrected date on election set photo of Mike Miller on the KVOO page.

6/9/00: Archived Guestbook #40 (which includes the 1st appearance of Lee Woodward!) Re-indexed the search engine.

6/8/00: Added Guestbook comment about Chris Lane to "Dance Party" page. Added link to info about Bob Losure's book, Five Seconds to Air: Broadcast Journalism Behind the Scenes to the 2nd News page.

6/6/00: Guestbook server problems today...save those good thoughts for later! The problem has been reported. Thanks...8:00 p.m.: The Guestbook is back!

Steve Warren of KOTV got approval for the use of a RealVideo clip from the KOTV 50th anniversary show...Lee and Lionel today

6/5/00: Jerry Pippin of KBIX now has a nightly show on the internet...see the Bulletin Board. Lee Woodward had asked about Les Lampson, an L. A. announcer who worked at KOTV with Lee in the late 50s. The webmaster of Los Angeles Radio People posted my email with Lee's question. We heard today from a reader of that web site...see the current Guestbook (#40) for more.

6/3/00: New RealAudio files! The 18 year old Frank Morrow reads the weather on KAKC in 1951; the mature Frank Morrow narrates "Nagasaki: A Survivor's Story" in 1980 from his series "Alternative Views"...on the Tulsa Radio in the Fifties page. There is a lot of content...I plan to split it into more pages soon...

6/2/00: Dewar's-style profile of John Hillis (frequent TTM contributor, former KOTV news producer, president of Newschannel 8 in D.C. and gourmand)...in the Briefcase, Photo Album 2! Nice spot, right next to Jayne Mansfield! Also added the pencil sketch of John to the Newsmen page. Created another "Previous What's New" page to keep this one fast-loading. Added link at bottom of main page to print your own Uncola Underground card and/or TTM "business" cards and banner.

5/30/00: Some very exciting news today: Lee Woodward and King Lionel paid a visit to the Guestbook! Added their corrections to the Lee and Lionel page along with a new picture of them as they look today!

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