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12/29/03: TTM celebrates its 5th birthday.

12/25/03: New from David Bagsby: Part 7 of The Tulsa Project series (featuring your webmaster on a guest vocal!) Also, Chapter 2 of the TV thesis: Development of Television in Tulsa, Oklahoma - KOTV. That's all of it I have at the moment. This chapter is more colorful than the first, detailing the TV career of KOTV's first manager and prime mover, Helen Alvarez.

12/24/03: Bill Hyden sent me part of a thesis written at TU by Gregory Corarito in 1967 about Tulsa TV history. Edward Dumit directed its preparation. It's a great document to have on TTM. Here is Chapter 1, Historical Highlights of Television in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I scanned it, ran it through Optical Character Recognition, then cleaned it up. The title page is an image. Could the author be director Greg Corarito, whose first feature, "Wanda, the Sadistic Hypnotist", was made in 1969??

12/22/03: Bill Hyden is seeking KVOO alumni for a proposed 50th anniversary reunion. See the Bulletin Board for more. Uncle Zeb and Chuck Adams wrote in the current (#153) Guestbook. A KTOW jingle, courtesy of Chris Kelly, is also there.

12/21/03: I'm back from vacation and I see that someone loaded the Guestbook up with repetitive and nonsensical bilge about KJRH. As several regular readers quickly pointed out, it was bogus. I deleted it all, then archived the remaining messages as Guestbook 153. There were also some good contributions via email which I will be getting out here shortly.

12/9/03: Archived Guestbook 152.

12/7/03: New film review from Gary Chew: "Angels in America".

12/6/03: Added a list of Amazon.com items that have been mentioned in the Guestbooks or elsewhere on the site to the top of the TTM Gift Shop. There is still time to do your Christmas shopping online!

12/5/03: 1971 KWGS program guide showing progressive rock "Subterrania" radio show added to the bottom of the new KTBA page. Iconic photo of Leon Russell added to the same page.

12/4/03: Also on the Bulletin Board, see and hear Lee sing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and "The Christmas Song". Added Four Day Furniture's Johnny Ross to the bottom of the new Horn Bros., John F. Lawhon and other Tulsa furniture advertisers page.

12/3/03: Check the Bulletin Board for a Christmas card to everyone from Lionel, Granny and Lee Woodward.

12/2/03: Brand new from Don Cook: Reflections on KTBA. Don was program director at this early 70s free-form FM station in Broken Arrow (owned by Bill Hyden). Moved former KTBA DJ Stacy Richardson's piece on free-form radio from the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page, leaving a link to the new page. The Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page links to it and to the new Yahootee Menu page. Added "Wild Bill's Furniture" with supporting picture to yesterday's new page.

12/1/03: New Horn Bros., John F. Lawhon and other Tulsa furniture advertisers page, linked from the 1965 TV schedule, including a Horn Bros. Furniture radio commercial from 1966.

11/29/03: New KVOO Big Country jingle from Joe Riddle and Wayne McCombs in the current (#152) Guestbook. We'll probably have a separate KVOO page soon.

11/28/03: 1965 Griffin's syrup ad now on the 8's The Place page. Ray Haas found the 60s version of the "High Flight" sign-off used for many years by KTUL and KOED, and is making it available on DVD. Link to his site added to the 8's The Place page, where you can view a newer version of "High Flight", but with the old audio.

11/26/03: We just heard from Yahootee Menu (Armin Sebran) of the Mazeppa show in a big way: he has his own page now. It's also linked from the 1st Mazeppa page. Armin's very thoughtful comments about the Mazeppa era are the best I've read. The pictures are great, too.

11/25/03: Since RodSerling.com did us the honor of linking to the 8's The Place page, I added a link there to a Twilight Zone morph previously created for Lee Woodward's interview. The Prologue page already links back to Rod.

11/24/03: New CD from David and Steve Bagsby: Martian Love Call. It includes the "Fantastic Theater" theme ("Sonik Re-Entry"), and Mazeppa's closing theme, "Why Can't This Night Go On Forever?" Noted on the Bulletin Board.

11/23/03: New film review from Gary Chew: "Shattered Glass". Also noted on the Bulletin Board.

11/21/03: Four giant audio pieces of the Tulsa pop culture puzzle, thanks to Joe Riddle and Wayne McCombs: KOTV's "The Late Show" theme from 1969, the 1965 Tulsa State Fair jingle, the OTASCO Christmas song, and the opening to Sleepwalker's Serenade on KVOO, 1966!

11/20/03: Archived Guestbook 151.

11/18/03: Picture and bio of Choctaw sculptor and carver Saint Clair Homer added to the Tulsa Tiki page (he may have carved the Jade East tikis).

11/17/03: Link to KOTV photo gallery under George Reeves picture on the Other kiddie shows page. Tulsa and OKC newsmen photo in the current (#151) Guestbook.

11/16/03: Added photo of 1956 KOTV intern, now retired television executive Kazuo Gomi and wife with Jim Ruddle's daughter to the new Zeta on Satellite Six page, linked from the top of the Other kiddie shows page. Also split off Spanky's Clubhouse as a separate page, and added more about Barnabas, the suicidal balloon.

11/12/03: Picture of a menu cover from the Ricsha added to the Tulsa Tiki page.

11/11/03: Got rid of a bad link and put the 1st telethon in Tulsa picture from Noel Confer directly on the KVOO Photo Album page. Updated the Oom-A-Gog page with a link to a photo on the set in the KVOO Photo Album, and vice versa, prompted by Rick Brashear's identification of one of the pictured puppets.

11/6/03: Separate new Chew's Reviews page of current movie reviews by Gary Chew. Noted on the Bulletin Board.

11/5/03: Archived Guestbook 150.

11/2/03: Added pictures of the original 1920s Zingo and of the 1970 Tulsa State Fair to the Tulsa State Fair page. Moved the TSF page link to the top of the Tulsa Project page, which is linked from the Golden Driller on Channel Changer 2. KVOO Big Country graphic added to archived Guestbook 149.

10/30/03: A new story about Halloween in Tulsa, 1940 from Frank Morrow, linked from the top of the Tulsa Radio in the Fifties page. New title graphics on that page, the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page, and the Rasslin' Page.

10/29/03: Wirt Cain update on the Betty Boyd page. Added Chuck Adams' recent comments about his "Dratman" spoof to Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and Today page.

10/27/03: Archived Guestbook 149.

10/26/03: New review by Gary Chew of the movie, "Sylvia", with Gwyneth Paltrow. Added Haystack Calhoun's photo to the Rasslin' Page.

10/23/03: Bill Brewster, owner of Brewster's of Tulsa (toy store) and his wife Thelma passed away over the weekend within a day of each other at the ages of 94 and 92. He presented new toys for years on local TV and was a nice man, well-known to kids in the 1950s-60s. I gathered some of the comments about him from the Guestbooks and added them to the Brewster's Java TV Toys page. I also linked to that page the 10/22 Tulsa World article about them, by permission of the World.

10/22/03: See the actual letterhead of KCEB, UHF Channel 23, Tulsa's second (though short-lived) TV station, at the top of Guestbook 80. Stevo Wolfson's Nightmare City Halloween radio show will air Halloween on the internet via WARP Radio. Details on the Bulletin Board.

10/21/03: Updated the Current Tulsa Radio Alternatives section of the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page. Added Chuck Adams' recent comments and info about Billy Parker's and John Wooley's current radio shows to that same page.

10/18/03: Gary Chew has now reviewed "Runaway Jury". Added some recent visitors to the Tulsa TV/radio people list and added a recap to the bottom of the current (#149) Guestbook.

10/15/03: Read Gary Chew's new TTM review of the movie, "Mystic River". Archived Guestbook 148.

10/14/03: The Photo Briefcase (located on Channel Changer 2) has changed its URL.

10/8/03: Gary Chew has just reviewed the movie, "Owning Mahowny". It's coming to the Westby Cinema on 10/17. Details in the review and on the Bulletin Board.

10/6/03: Updated the Bulletin Board and the links on the Tulsa State Fair page.

10/5/03: Today is the last day of the Tulsa State Fair. A shot of Elvis memorabilia at the fair is currently on Elvis.com, and also in the just archived Guestbook 147.

9/24/03: Archived Guestbook 146.

9/21/03: Added more to the new Tulsa State Fair page, and noted TSF dates (Sept 25-Oct 5) on the Bulletin Board.

9/20/03: The Tulsa State Fair is coming soon! To celebrate, here is the beginning of a new Tulsa State Fair page.

9/12/03: Read Gary Chew's new review of the movie, "Matchstick Men". Gary's recent reviews are linked from the Bulletin Board.

9/11/03: Great new photo of Carl Bartholomew and Bob Hower in the current (#146) Guestbook.

9/9/03: This is Election Day for Tulsa's "Vision 2025". Read Gary Chew's TTM review of "Carnivàle", a new HBO series.

9/8/03: Added four new questions to the Java Tulsa TV commercial quiz.

9/5/03: Archived Guestbook 145.

9/3/03: New Romper Room in Tulsa page, largely courtesy of Marlyn Johnson.

9/2/03: Read Gary Chew's TTM film review of  And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself, an HBO movie coming Sept. 7.

9/1/03: Added Nate Gray's Guestbook entry to the top of the Beef Baloney page.

8/23/03: Added the Java slide show of last year's reunion of Gary Chew, Lee Woodward, Gailard Sartain and Mike Flynn to the Brewster's Toys page.

8/20/03: Archived Guestbook 144.

8/17/03: Elwino bottles now grace comments from this year and 2000. Miss Cleo picture also added to Guestbook 76.

8/16/03: Two new photos on the Beef Baloney page. Added a BB link to the Links page.

8/15/03: Added a Beef Baloney banner to yesterday's new article and recapped the story of Channel 2's preemption of NBC's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" .

8/14/03: New article by Wilhelm Murg about "Beef Baloney", the new local comedy show on FOX23.

8/13/03: New photo of the 1966 KWGS staff from David Batterson in Guestbook 144.

8/9/03: Archived Guestbook 143. KOTV's "Soap Swami", Paul Shushkewitch, passed away last week. His photo has been added to the comments about him in GB143. Added link to a newspaper ad for Wayne McCombs' book, Baseball in Tulsa, to the top of the Tulsa Oiler Baseball page.Added John Russell's comment from GB142 to the Plenty Scary Movie page with a relevant new Pink Floyd link.

8/5/03: A paranormal investigation of the Cain's Ballroom was undertaken early this year with FOX23 news in attendance.

8/4/03: New review of the movie "Swimming Pool" from Gary Chew, also noted on the Bulletin Board and linked from Gary's page. The Weird Al show at Riverparks was rained out Friday. The make-up is tonight. Added a story about Chet Baker and the Nine of Cups to Club Card page 1.

8/2/03: Tulsa's new comedy TV, BEEF BALONEY, premieres Saturday night (tonight!) on FOX23 at midnight. Premiere party on Brookside; see current Guestbook (#143) for more detail. KTUL artist Monte Toon has written a novel, Asylum's Bridge. Both items noted on the Bulletin Board.

7/29/03: Archived Guestbook 142.

7/28/03 Again from the current Guestbook (#142), an ID of the Friday Night "Case Night" theme music used by KRMG's Johnny Martin.

7/26/03 ID's of Johnny Martin's opening and closing themes from the current Guestbook (#142)  just added to the Johnny Martin page.

7/25/03: New review of the movie "Seabiscuit" from Gary Chew, also noted on the Bulletin Board and linked from Gary's page. This is the first Tulsa-published review of the movie to my knowledge.

7/24/03: Frank also sent a handbill for a Victor Borge concert of the late 40s or early 50s with comments about the Tulsa Convention Center...see Guestbook 142.

7/23/03: Frank Morrow's "Downtowner" photo of a post WWII midget car is added to his comments in Guestbook 140.

7/22/03: Regular contributor Lowell Burch has a new CD paying tribute to early Tulsa TV...noted on the Bulletin Board. Frank Morrow sent a cheesecake ad for the 1950s Club Orchid, near the Rose Bowl on 11th St. Turns out Lee Woodward visited it soon after he arrived in Tulsa in 1957; Lee's story, Frank's comment and the ad are in Guestbook 88.

7/21/03: New KELi matchbook covers. Photo of Tulsa folklorist Guy Logsdon added to Guestbook 139, courtesy of Mike Bruchas. Sidebar from Bryan Crain added to the bottom of Wilhelm's Scratchy Memories of the Bill's T Record Empire. Archived Guestbook 141.

7/20/03: Added online weather to the Links page, making it a good spot  to check on what's happening in Tulsa. On the Tulsa Drive-In Theatres page, there are new indoor theater links: to recent discussions of the Continental Theater, to the new site for the Circle Cinema (now being renovated), and to the new Westby Cinema at 2nd and Detroit.

7/19/03: New RealVideo, courtesy of Mike Bruchas: the black and white 1950s intro to Don Woods' weather segment on Channel 8, then titled "Weatherscope". New title graphic on the Weather page, too.

7/17/02: David Pickle found a 1974 Tulsa Elvis ticket...it is now with his comment in Guestbook 140. Only $10 to see the King.

7/15/03: New link on Mazeppa page 2: a video clip of the original 7Up commercial featuring Mazeppa's "Gizzer Blinkie" at retromedia.tv. Added Forever Lounge to the bottom of the Tulsa Tiki page. It's a book about lounge, exotica and spy jazz by John Wooley, Thomas Conner and Mark Brown of the Tulsa World.

7/10/03: Archived Guestbook 140.

7/9/03: Chuck Gee sent a photo of Santa's Rocket Ship in response to David Bagsby's query in Guestbook 76 over 2 years ago.

7/4/03: New article from Wilhelm Murg: Scratchy Memories of the Bill's T Record Empire. Linked from the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page.

7/2/03: Archived Guestbook 139, where we just heard from Jim Hartz. A 2002 photo of Jim in the Amazonian rainforest is now on the Jim Hartz page.

7/1/03: Added current (#139) Guestbook comments and a new decal to the Oiler Baseball page.

6/26/03: Lots of photos of OKC's moribund Continental Theatre (a clone of the Tulsa Continental, which used to be off the I-44 service road near 31st & Memorial, where Embassy Suites now stand), in the just-archived Guestbook 138, courtesy of Tim Schmitz.

6/20/03: Archived Guestbook 137, another quick one. There is a new polls page; the current question is about favorite hamburger joints. Added ticket info about Weird Al's upcoming concert in Tulsa August 1st to the top of the UHF page.

6/17/03: Archived Guestbook 136. Thanks to the fast food kick contributors are on, this was the fastest Guestbook yet.

6/14/03: Archived Guestbook 135.

6/11/03: Chris Kelly sent in the best picture yet of the KELi Satellite building at the fairgrounds...with some science-fictional elements added (it looks like a Bagsby conception), now at the top of the KELi page. Just under the photo, read about Les Garland, one-time KELi jock who co-founded MTV and was heard on Starship's hit, "We Built This City" (info courtesy of Gary Thompson of KXOJ).

6/9/03: Archived Guestbook 134.

6/7/03: For all you "rasslin'" fans, you can download 2 Windows Media video clips of early 1980s show intros at the archives of "Cowboy" Bill Watts' "Mid-South Wrestling". Added to the top of The Rasslin' Page.

6/3/03: Added Search Tips to the bottom of the Guestbook Archive page.

6/2/03: Added comments from Joe Krieger's #6 kid, Jann, to Joe's page. Added a direct link to it from the  top of the KVOO Channel 2 page.

6/1/03: Archived Guestbook 133.

5/27/03: Three new videos today: Zeb is here in his "Cole Justice" git-up with a commercial for free TV (vs. cable). Zeb also cooked up a Marilyn Monroe look-alike contest. Watch both at the top of the "8's The Place" page. Mike Pierce shot a mood piece on Swan Lake circa 1977, narrated by Bob Hower.

See a great new promotional picture of Mr. Zing and Tuffy from Kevin Gilbert at the top of the John Chick & co. page. Archived Guestbook 132.

5/23/03: Jim Reid asked for it twice...thanks to Mike Pierce, here is the circa 1977 video report about the old Ma-Hu mansion by Channel 8 reporter Ken Reed.

5/21/03: Gary Chew (p)reviews "The Dancer Upstairs" for TTM, a film opening in Tulsa on the 23rd. Archived Guestbook 131.

5/19/03: Three new ID's from Jim Reid and one from Sonny Hollingshead on the KGCT group photo. New alternate take of the KOTV news team...with a twist, courtesy of Mike Flynn, on News page 2. Yesterdayland is defunct, but The Big Cartoon DataBase has been added to the Other sites of interest page. New title graphic for the Prologue, where you can now hear Rod Serling speak over Bernard Herrmann's music.

5/18/03: Two great new pictures: one shows Gailard Sartain when he was a cameraman (with Charles Kuralt and Mike Flynn) on the set of KOTV's "A Conversation With..."; the other has GS in full Mazeppa regalia flanked by Bob Brown and Mike Flynn. Both are on the 1st Mazeppa page, courtesy of Mike. I need help identifying the other folks in the pictures. Added "Teem" clock  with The Dust Bowl's menu in Guestbook 130. Mike Flynn was a co-founder of The Dust Bowl! More pix to come from Mike.

5/17/03: Archived Guestbook 130. Added new items to the Bulletin Board. Archived the What's New page; all previous What's New pages can be viewed at the link below.

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