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5/13/03: Added comments and bio info about Clayton Vaughn and Jack Morris to the News pages.

5/10/03: Added reader Kirk Demarais' great site, Secret Fun Spot, to the Links page. See a Flash cartoon involving Bell's Amusement Park's Phantasmagoria ride; two items in the "souvenir shop" came from this site! Also be sure to watch the very funny "Uncle Laff's Legacy", which reminded me to relate the "Sea Hunt"/Surf-Lung story recently added to the Pop Bottles page.

5/9/03: Skip Warren remembers the Ma-Hu mansion very well; he is related to Mabel Hodges (the "Ma" of Ma-Hu). Read his first-hand reminiscences on the Scream in the Dark page.

5/8/03: This coming event is posted on the Bulletin Board, where you can download a PDF format flyer:

Clear-tone presents: Tulsa TV Icons. Celebrate the unveiling of the Tulsa TV Icons tribute that will be permanently installed within the Tulsa Press Club.

Meet the honorees: Don Woods, Clayton Vaughn, Jack Morris, Bob Hower, Lee Woodward, Betty Boyd.

Thursday, May 22, 5:00-7:30 pm at the Tulsa Press Club, 415 S. Boston. 583-7737.

RSVP to Patti Lewis, 588-7567. Members $5, non-members $10. Cash Bar.

5/6/03: Uncle Zeb recalls working with Sasha Foo on News page 2.

5/5/03: From circa the late 70s, new "Soul Train"-style Channel 8 promo in RealVideo; also see screen captures in a Java slide show or normal links. Also, new RealVideo promo for Channel 8 News; see Sasha Foo and other KTUL folks "cut a rug" on News page 2. Update on Sasha's career there, too. Links for both these promos added to the top of the 8's The Place page. Both videos courtesy of Carl Bartholomew.

5/4/03: Added photos of Edwin Fincher with former governor Frank Keating to the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page.

5/3/03: Archived Guestbook 129.

4/30/03: Jeri Ledbetter (daughter of Tom Ledbetter, aka Shaggy Dog) is doing an oral history project on "Mr. Zing and Tuffy" for her BA in Media Arts. She is looking for stories, photos or scans related to the show. Tom is doing great in Colorado, she reports. Noted on the Bulletin Board.

4/29/03: Added new photo of Gailard Sartain to the end of the page of photos from the Dec. 2002 Houligan's KOTV get-together. An illustrated "Sea Hunt"-related personal story was added to the Pop bottles page. New autographed Uncle Zeb card on Zeb's page. Webmaster's diary entry of May 13, 1967 proves him to have been a wuss, on the Fantastic Theater page.

4/28/03: Added some ID's to the big picture at the top of the KGCT page, corrected one, thanks to Ken Ostmo.

4/27/03: New interview with Gary Chew by Mark Roe of Outline Magazine. New screen captures to illustrate new comments from KTUL artist Monte Toon about Plenty Scary Movie. New photos from Scott Blaker behind the scenes of the "News Guys" spot with Don Woods and his horse on the Weather page. Revised the Prologue a bit. Found a large picture of the Golden Drumstick, formerly at the NE corner of 11th & Yale; it's now also linked from the Other Kiddie Shows page. New title graphic on the Scream in the Dark page. Added title graphic and some Bagsby commentary to the Pop bottles page, linked it from the "Pop" at the top of the main page.

4/26/03: Archived Guestbook 128.

4/25/03: We're on a roll now; see a RealVideo promo for "Plenty Scary Movie", and a screen capture of the cleaver, again thanks to Carl.

4/24/03: Don Woods can be seen falling off his horse in a new screen capture and RealVideo of "The News Guys" on the Weather page, courtesy of Carl Bartholomew. Three new pics: Mack Creager with the KOTV news team, courtesy of Marge Creager; Glenn McReynolds and Mike Pierce, courtesy of Jim Reid. Added the names of a couple of recent posters to the Tulsa TV people page.

4/22/03: Rare NBC 1966 fall season promo poster of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." on the Banners page.

4/21/03: Link to the announcement of the new Tulsa-based Coppola film (with new graphics) at top of The Tulsa Project page.

4/17/03: Archived Guestbook 127. That was fast! There, Wilhelm Murg wrote a detailed follow-up to part of his article about Tulsa record stores, "Turning Base Vinyl Into Gold". The resume of computer guy and contributor David Chanowski is on the Bulletin Board.

4/9/03: Archived Guestbook 126. Frankoma flame-colored coconut mug added to the new Trade Winds page.

4/4/03: New page linked from the Tulsa Tiki page: The Polynesian Trade Winds Items, which is an article by Ray Stoll about Frankoma's productions for the Trade Winds Motels. Reprinted courtesy of Donna Frank, and thanks to Sabu The Coconut Boy for discovering it.

4/3/03: Added Sonny's comments to the bottom of the KGCT page.

4/2/03: The author of the definitive The Book of Tiki has a correction for the Tulsa Tiki page.

4/1/03: "The Outsiders" director Francis Ford Coppola recently announced production of a new Tulsa-based movie.

3/30/03: Ten whole minutes of Sherman Oaks hosting the Afternoon Movie on KGCT Channel 41 can now be seen on the Creature Feature page and the KGCT page, courtesy of Wilhelm Murg.

3/29/03: And now, ladies and gentlemen, the song stylings of your webmaster in an a cappella presentation of the Cain's coffee song, added to Guestbook 125.

3/28/03: New video clip of Paul Harvey from Larry King Live, 1/30/2003, in which he refers to his Tulsa Central High teacher, Isabelle Ronan (thanks to Don Norton for the heads-up on this, and for the Central High 1936 "Tom Tom" Paul Harvey photo I used to create the morph on that page).

3/25/03: New graphic on the main page. The photo of Louise Bland and Nick Adams moves to the Links page with a new link added to Louise's recent correspondence in Guestbook 122.

3/24/03: Posted a notice on the Bulletin Board that the Tulsa World is looking for stories about the making of "The Outsiders" for an upcoming story.

3/23/03: Ads removed from current Guestbook.

3/22/03: Archived Guestbook 125. Reindexed search engine to pick up #125. Switched to the Guestpage Guestbook; the Greek one is in maintenance mode. It should make no difference to readers; the current Guestbook can always be reached from the link on this page or the main page.

3/21/03: My big fat Greek Guestbook is protesting the war this morning by being off the air until 11 am, if I'm reading my Greek correctly. As of 5 p.m., they're back and the links again point to it instead of to the backup Guestbook.

3/17/03: Keith Milford of  the Vintage Detroit TV & Movie Board sent a vintage General Cinema logo to illustrate the actual GCC harpsichord jingle (also courtesy of his site) and my description of the "Feature Presentation" trailer on the Tulsa Drive-In Theatres page.

3/15/03: Banner for the Burke Family Grape Nuts TV Commercial Archives is added to the top of the Other sites of interest page.

3/9/02: Archived Guestbook 124. Added a photo of the 1968 Tulsa Fox Theatre flyer for "2001: A Space Odyssey" to the Trek Expo report on meeting Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood in Guestbook 82.

3/7/03: Added Burke Family Grape-Nuts® TV Commercial, 1968  ("Oh. no, Mrs. Burke?! I thought  you ...you were Dale!") to the Other sites of interest page. Also added Redneck Neighbor. It's an illustrated chronicle of one household's incredibly bad home improvement ideas.

3/3/03: KTUL artist Monte Toon told us more about the Plenty Scary Movie, including the exact font used (now seen on the page). 

3/2/03: Revised the Then Came Bronson page in several places; added links to two of Bob Greene's four national columns about the show. The first one, "Of Saints and Sinners, and the nearness of faraway dreams",  is mostly about Nick Adams' show, "Saints and Sinners". Nick is currently featured on the main page with Louise Bland. TTM's TCB page is now listed on the Internet Movie Database under Michael Parks.

Last night's TTM informal get-together was fun, if a bit under-attended (as expected)...Lowell and Susan Burch, Edwin and Tami Fincher, and the webmaster and wife (Gaye Brown) were there. We were placed in the grotto right next to the waterfall. The conversation was animated,.the food was good, the flag was raised for sopapillas...Lowell and Susan presented webmaster and wife with a vintage Tiki mug as a wedding gift...Edwin did not bring his flask, but his "fine female" drove him home anyway after she took a shot at the arcade...

3/1/03: Tonight's the night at Casa Bonita, 7 pm to meet some fellow TTM contributors! Added new ID's and two corrections to the KGCT TV World picture, courtesy of Dave Jones. New inside story from Peter D. Abrams on the Plenty Scary Movie page.

2/28/03: Figured out a way to make the KGCT TV World cover ID display work for all browsers AND WebTV (now MSN TV). You may need to refresh your browser on that page if you have already looked at it.

2/27/03: Big front cover of TV World magazine, Mar 15-21, 1981 with the KGCT Channel 41 team, at the top of the KGCT page, courtesy of Mr. David W. Jones. Help us identify all these folks! Dave's GB comments of yesterday and a picture of him in 1968 at KAKC are there, too. The free cards and banners page (linked near the bottom of the main page) now has a full page of printable Uncola cards, and also a way to order your own free business cards (that happens to benefit the webmaster).

2/25/03: Noted on the main UHF page that TTM is listed on the Internet Movie Database as a source, added IMDb link. David Thayer's Leon Russell story  from GB 113 is now on the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page.

2/23/03: Added Uncle Harvey's home at 6636 S. Knoxville to the new UHF page.

2/22/03: Any TTM readers who would like to meet others should pay a visit to Casa Bonita (21st & Sheridan) on Saturday, March 1 at 7 pm...I'll be the 6'7" fellow. Noted on the Bulletin Board. New Pennington's sign animation at the bottom of the Creature Feature page. New photos on the Nelson's Buffeteria page. These are screen captures from Jack Frank's videos "Let's Go Downtown" and "Tulsa Mansions". Find out more about them at the Tulsa Historical Society.

2/21/03: New page of "UHF"-Tulsa connections. Just added many new pix and some interesting associations with home run king Roger Maris.

2/19/03: Archived Guestbook 123.

2/10/03: New pix of Edwin Fincher with former Oklahoma governor Frank Keating(?!) in the current (#123) Guestbook.

2/8/03: Archived Guestbook 122, where we just heard from (and saw) Louise Bland, producer and star of KTUL's "Spotlight" program from the early 60s. She wrote a book entitled Art of Charm, which you can read about on her web site. Her picture is on the main page.

2/5/03: New snapshots from David Chanowski with his dad Bob Scofield, and Tuffy. A photo of George Raft from the movie "Every Night at Eight" can now be seen in the TTM Gift Shop. Volume IV of The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa may be coming soon from Mazeppa.com; a couple of lost sources have been unearthed. A DVD is possible.

2/4/03: New "Plenty Scary Movie" page with THE Dwight Frye photo and a .wav of his creepy laugh. I will add more to it as contributions come in. Linked from the top of the 8's The Place page. Does anyone have a current email for Ricardo? He did the voiceover for PSM.

2/2/03: TTM has the honor of being featured this week by Bonnie Burton in Grrl.com's Phreaky Phriday Phun Linx. Bonnie created Grrl.com in 1996. It's one of the first and best pop culture sites on the internet. Added Grrl.com to the Other sites of interest page.

1/31/03: TTM joined the Drive-In Theater Ring; see the WebRings page.

1/30/03: A history of KGCT Channel 41 by John Hamill is now at the top of the KGCT page. Good early pic of John Chick (courtesy of Jim Reid) in the current (#122) Guestbook. Several icon changes on Channel Changer 1.

1/25/03: Here is a good story about Soupy Sales that also pertains to early local television everywhere. Added it to the sidebar.

1/23/03: Sidebar about Lionel's early days added to the History of Lee & Lionel, Page 2. Close-up of Pookie the Lion (from "The Soupy Sales Show") also added.

1/22/03: Added Guestbook comments from Joe Krieger's grandson (Rob) to the Joe Krieger page. Read about promoter LeRoy McGuirk at this new link on the Rasslin' page. Added a new "Then Came Bronson" link to the TCB page here.

1/18/03: Archived Guestbook 121.

1/17/03: Here is a new Java slideshow of photos from a recent get-together of Gary Chew, Mike Flynn, Lee Woodward and Gailard Sartain. Here is a page with the photos for those without Java support. Both links at the bottom of the KOTV page.

1/15/03: David Bagsby takes a different tack with his new "Live in London" CD: all solo acoustic guitar. But it's neither a folkie strum-a-thon (for which David has never been noted, anyway), nor a progressive rock outing. Read more about what it IS (besides very good) in the review at the top of David's main body of work page on this site. David has a new web site: Mad Scientist International.

1/13/03: Added photo of Irish Mike Clancy to the Rasslin' page, courtesy of Mike Aston. After hanging up his boots, Mike Clancy owned Clancy's Pizza at 11th and Mingo and moonlighted as a Tulsa County sheriff's deputy. Added Ken Broo and Lee Woodward's recent exchange about Lee's Xmas songs to the main Lee & Lionel page. Added KKJZ ("KJAZZ"), formerly KLON-Long Beach, CA, to the Other sites of interest page.

1/11/03: A good bit of extra text was added to the Fantastic Theater miniature house story to exactly match the original printed article. New KGCT icon on Channel Changer 1; "UHF" moves to Channel Changer 2.

1/10/03: Tulsa World article about the Fantastic Theater miniature house! Steve Sherwood supplied the 1994 illustrated article sent to him by his brother Bill. The story is linked from the top of the Fantastic Theater page. The house was built by Jerry Winn, who also designed Captain Alan and Oom-A Gog's set. Jerry Winn passed away on 11/12/2000, we were told by his son Pat.

1/9/03: Added Steve Sherwood's current (#121) Guestbook comment about Don Woods to the Weather page.

1/6/03: Added a new, breathlessly-awaited Infrequently Asked Questions page to the About TTM page. It consists mostly of info about the webmaster.

1/5/03: Added new comments to the KGCT page.

1/3/03: New KGCT Channel 41 page (sticker currently on the main page) with some new photos courtesy of Rick Schneider, aka General Chris Van Dyke of KMOD. We'll be seeing more photos from Rick soon. Lee Woodward's video clip of Xmas music moves to the main Lee page.

12/29/02: TTM celebrates its 4th birthday today.

12/27/02: Archived Guestbook 120. Added illustrator (and second cousin) Lane Smith's comments from Guestbook 117 to the TTM Gift Shop. Lane mentioned being influenced by "Tex" Ritter records; Tex's real first name was "Woodward", after Lee's uncle! Read Lee's story in Guestbook 119 (which was prompted by Jim Ruddle's Duke Kahanamoku story, which was prompted by the webmaster's vacation notes in that Guestbook).

12/23/02: Si Hawk's photo of Johnny Martin now crowns the Johnny Martin page.

12/22/02: Added to the Links page: Tulsa TV station list, including low-power, digital, and translators; list of all Tulsa TV/radio stations, including links to station web sites.

12/21/02: New article "Blast From The Past" about TTM in the December Outline Magazine. Link to it also added to the Bulletin Board and the About TTM page. New on the Links page for techies: HDTV in Oklahoma. Stay up-to-date about high definition TV in our state. According to its Tulsa forum, a $10 Radio Shack 15-1864 antenna is sufficient to pick up the six available Tulsa digital TV broadcasts. KJRH has the only HDTV signal as of yet.

12/17/02: Another new photo added to the Tulsa Tiki page.

12/16/02: An online KELiRadio is now out there (some of those images look a mite familiar...see the KELi page here). Unfortunately, the player takes over the entire screen on your computer while it is running, but it sounds fine. I sent them a note about it. New KAKC studio exterior shot at the bottom of the KAKC page. Fixed links to the large shots of the KAKC Solid Gold album on the Lee Bayley page. Added the new items to Brewster's Java Toys. Added to the Tulsa Tiki page a photo of your webmaster and his wife at the La Mariana Sailing Club in Honolulu.

12/14/02: A new TTM "business" card is at the top of the Uncola card page. Your thrifty webmaster is getting them for free (except for $5 S&H). While we're on the subject, try some free Pulfrich 3D Glasses as a Christmas present to yourself. They work on regular TV, and particularly well with sports, moving water or fire as subjects.

12/12/02: Archived Guestbook 119. Again switched Guestbook hosts.

12/10/02: New info about Weird Al's movie "UHF" (direct from his DVD commentary) on those pages.

12/8/02: The Bulletin Board now has a link to Gary Chew's movie reviews for Capital Public Radio. Gary had a large hand in bringing NPR to KWGS in the 70s, and was one of the original KELi jocks, but is especially notable on this site for his "Go For Dough" afternoon show on KOTV in the late 60s, where Mazeppa got his start (Gary was also Mazeppa's announcer, "Delmo Gillette"). See more of Gary in Guestbook 110.

12/6/02: John Wooley's 11/23 review of David's "Scream in the Dark" CD now added to The Tulsa Project page.

12/5/02: New Tulsa Project CD from David Bagsby: The Appalachia Bay City Rollers: Gang Green Country! Also noted on the Bulletin Board.

12/4/02: Special treat this Christmas season: see and hear Lee Woodward sing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and "The Christmas Song" on the main page. The clip is from Mike Flynn's program "Easy Country" in the late 70s.

12/3/02: New video clip from New Year's Eve 1983 "Night Shift" program on KTUL with Jeanne (Tripplehorn) Summers added to the Creature Feature page for now. New pics there, too, including a Java slide show of Jeanne. On the Bulletin Board: 2002 Java Christmas card using Si Hawk's photo of Hawk Dairies at 11th and Lewis in the early 40s. Added Mitch Schauer's comment to the 1st Mazeppa page.

11/30/02: The webmaster is back from vacation. Archived Guestbook 118. Switched back to a previous Guestbook host; you can always get to the current Guestbook from this page or the main page.

11/13/02: Added Joe Johnston's email comments to the Other kiddie shows page.

11/12/02: Speaking of the movies, the full General Cinema musical theme is now on the Drive-In page! New KAKC ID sound files from Rick "Montana" Lepper are on the KAKC page.

11/10/02: Added Joe Johnston's email comments to the Tulsa Drive-in Theatres page.

11/6/2002: The Links page now has other local news and entertainment links for your convenience.

11/5/02: Added Daddy A Go Go's "Big Rock Rooster" to the Gift Shop.

11/3/02: Added Amazon.com link to "The Outsiders" on the Tulsa Drive-In Theatres page and the Gift Shop. "Rumble Fish" and "Tex" links are now on the latter, as are links for writer and native Tulsan S. E. Hinton. She wrote the books the films were based on, drawing from her own adolescence in Tulsa.

Archived the What's New page. Previous What's New (10 pages worth!) is linked at the bottom of this page.

11/2/02: Greer's Stereo Tape Center is on TV at the bottom of Mazeppa page 2.

10/30/02: Archived Guestbook 117.

10/28/02: Added link to info about former Tulsan Lane Smith to his item in the TTM Gift Shop. He is a highly successful illustrator of books who paid a visit to the Guestbook today.

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