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6/3/08: A page you may have missed: Remembering Bob Scofield with 1966-69 KTUL studio photos. Another Trek Expo flashback: I met fellow tall guy Richard Kiel ("Jaws") there in 2006.

6/2/08: The Joe Pyne Show: 19 minute video clip, plus more about a guest appearance by Frank Zappa. Trek Expo is coming to town this weekend, June 6-8. From Tulsa Trek past: here are scans of a 1978 Tulsa Star Trek convention program, contributed by the webmaster to FANAC; the webmaster met the "2001" astronauts at Trek Expo 2001; attended the premiere of "Enterprise" at Cinemark Tulsa.

5/29/08: Sex and the City , reviewed here by Chew, opens in Tulsa Friday, May 30.

5/28/08: Gary Chew reviews a new IFC documentary, "At the Death House Door", focusing on a prison chaplain's doubts about a particular man's guilt.

5/27/08: Gary Chew reviews the new HBO film, "Recount", about the 2000 election, starring Kevin Spacey, Denis Leary and Laura Dern.

5/26/08: Archived GroupBlog 267, which includes a Beryl Ford photo of a Gaslite Theatre girl, a mini-review of ABC's "The Bachelorette", and a YouTube slide show of Edwin Fincher snapshots.

5/24/08: Added 5/11/1968 TV schedule from the Tulsa Tribune. New on the webmaster reviews page: The Joe Pyne Show, expanded from the sidebar formerly on the Fantastic Theater page. Added Space-age Consumer's Service Station graphic from the Beryl Ford Collection added to GB 241 text about the Consumer's and the never-finished Automat on the SW corner of 11th and Sheridan. Link to a photo from the Beryl Ford Collection of the Ricsha restaurant on Brookside (33rd and Peoria) added to the Tulsa Tiki page.

5/21/2008: Three new YouTube videos and the 5/19/08 Michael Parks interview downloadable on MP3 at the top of the Bronson page.

5/18/08: Larry Ward at WKBN in Youngstown, Ohio will interview Michael Parks ("Then Came Bronson") on the "2 Wheel Power Hour" motorcycle show, Monday, May 19 at 5 pm Tulsa time. Listen online at 570WKBN.com.

5/13/08: Added an at least tangentially TTM-relevant bit to my page about "Fiddler's Green", a memorable 1960 science fiction story by Richard McKenna. Archived GroupBlog 266, a train-themed GroupBlog with Lowell Burch's home movie of the Skyline Park train at the top.

5/11/08: Photo of Rocky and Robin Stegman and Clayton Vaughn at the top of the Rocky Stegman eulogy/Booker T. Washington video class photo. It was taken by Lee Woodward at the 1997 KOTV reunion. Midge Caruthers' new page of 5/2 links to the Stegman page.

5/10/08: Stacy Richardson told us in the current (#266) GroupBlog that our good friend Don Cook, who was Program Director at underground FM station KTBA in the early 70s, has passed away. Five years ago, Don wrote a great account of the station's beginnings: Reflections on KTBA.

5/2/08: A new and fascinating article on TTM by Madeline (Midge) Caruthers: (Tulsa) Media People in the 1970s Made Major Difference in Race Relations. Gary Chew reviews a new movie, Iron Man, with Robert Downey, Jr., Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow.

5/1/08: Stacy Richardson solved part of the Airview Drive-In mystery for us.

4/30/08: Archived GroupBlog 265.

4/28/08: Introduced a new Airview Drive-In Theatre page. Bit of a mystery; new Beryl Ford photos of a Tulsa drive-in with a "Story Book Lane" playground, but is it the Airview? I'm not so sure. Help! New Beryl Ford photo of the Capri Drive-In. Split off a separate Sheridan Drive-In page, coming attraction: pix from Wes Horton.

4/27/08: Wow! 3 new Beryl Ford photos of the Admiral Twin Drive-In Theatre in 1962...taken the same day as one already on the page.

4/25/08: Chew reviews a new movie, Deception, starring Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams, opens today.

4/21/08: Via "PonderInc" at the TulsaNow forum, a link to the well-told story of a Wichita blogger's pilgrimage to Tulsa for the Belvedere unearthing, at the top of the 1957 page. For OKC TV fans, a HoHo The Clown YouTube video is embedded in GB 110.

4/20/08: Video of U.N.C.L.E.'s Mr. Waverly on the 1968 inaugural Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In" added to the T-Town Affair page. Photos from Lowell's and Edwin's services yesterday in the current (#265) GroupBlog. An anecdote about Edwin Fincher and Willie Nelson added to the MAINTAIN page.

4/18/08: More shock and sadness today: our good friend and contributor Lowell Burch passed away yesterday. The Tulsa World notice and more in the current (#265) GroupBlog.

4/17/08: Chew reviews a new movie, 88 Minutes, starring Al Pacino, starting tomorrow.

4/15/08: Archived GroupBlog 264.

4/10/08: To my great sorrow, I learned today that Edwin Fincher, friend, and prime creator of the MAINTAIN program, has passed away. Read what folks have to say about him in GroupBlog 264 and on the MAINTAIN page. Gary Chew reviews Smart People, in general release tomorrow.

4/9/08: Added photo of Chuck Adams driving a race car at the Tulsa Speedway in the early 70s to his page. YouTube of Dance Party from "Fantastic Tulsa Films-Volume 2".

4/7/08: Link to Google Video interview with Roy Huggins, creator of "Run For Your Life", "Maverick" and "77 Sunset Strip", in GB 77.  Pic of "Tink" Wilkerson added to the Tulsa Car Dealers page.

4/6/08: Lee Woodward's photos of the 1997 KOTV reunion on his Flickr page, now in the Photo/video briefcase.

4/4/08: Shine a Light (reviewed here by Gary Chew) is a Scorcese documentary on the Rolling Stones. It opens in Tulsa today at the Cinemark IMAX. See Yahoo Movies-Tulsa for showtimes.

4/3/08: Archived GroupBlog 263. It contains comments from friends and family of Wayne Johnson (Tuffy the Tiger), who passed away on 3/20. Also added to it close-ups of a weight and fortune telling machine seen in a Beryl Ford pic of the Brookside T.G.&Y. Also see a pic of the Humpty Dumpty on east Admiral. Returned to a previous GroupBlog host which seems to be working better than before. Moved Bulletin Board items Recipes That Time Forgot! cookbook by TTM contributor Johnny Young, "Tulsa's Buried 1957 Belvedere" DVD, and "Cowboys in Tall Grass DVDs" by Ken Greenwood to the top of original Gift Shop page 2.

4/1/08: New YouTube videos on the Sign-offs page: Dick West's Indian sign language sign-off, and Ray Charles' 'America The Beautiful' sign-off, both from KTUL, 1979; KOED sign-off. Francis Coppola to return to Tulsa for a new movie production. Added Linda Soundtrak and Doc Rock videos to the Tulsa 23 page.

3/31/08: KOKI Tulsa 23 promo spot on YouTube. YouTube Doc Rock spot added to GB 243. A good time to remind that YouTube Linda Soundtrak TV ads can be viewed in GB 252.

3/30/08: New categories added to the aStore TTM Gift Shop: The Tiki Hut, Drive-In Theatre, The Coffeehouse, U.N.C.L.E. Headquarters, The World of Radio. (The original Gift Shop still has unique content.)

3/29/08: Upgraded the 1979 KTUL sign-off with Cy Tuma over Mancini's "Dreamsville" to YouTube on the first original Gift Shop page and the Sign-offs page. This video is featured on Boing Boing today. More TTM video can be found in the Photo/video briefcase.

3/27/08: Opening in Tulsa tomorrow: Stop-Loss, a movie from MTV Films, reviewed by Gary Chew.

3/22/08: The secret of happiness according to Jack LaLanne. Right under Jack: The Debbie Drake Show (both on YouTube). Gary Chew reviews a Martin Scorcese documentary about the Rolling Stones: Shine a Light.

3/20/08: Jim Hill reported late this evening  in the GroupBlog that Wayne Johnson, aka Tuffy the Tiger, has passed away. This is a sad loss. Wayne was a great guy, and he had a lot of friends. Here he is in a photoset from the Captain Ben reunion 2 years ago, and later that year when Leafy Bark moved to the Tulsa Historical Society. Wayne was interviewed on KTUL's "Good Day Tulsa" by D.C. Roberts in 2007. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

3/19/08: Former Tulsa TV/radio newsman Mike Miller was interviewed for this in-depth article about the career of Sen. James M. Inhofe, "The Making of a Mountain", by Grant Slater. Copyrighted by Gazette Media, Inc. Republished with permission from The Oklahoma Gazette. Mike worked as Sen. Inhofe's press secretary in the early 90s, and was extremely candid in his comments. Excerpts from Mike's book, How High Can a Guy Stoop?, are included.

3/16/08: Tulsa TV of another feather: for a week or so, a female cardinal in our backyard has been going beak to beak with another cardinal. She has not been able to run this pesky bird off because it never emerges from the reflection in our sliding glass door. This seems to enrage her. Here is one of her many daily assaults on the hated rival before a hopping-mad exit, stage left. The 2nd video is closer up. I think she's got an anger monkey on her back.

3/11/08: Archived GroupBlog 262, and switched back to a more reliable GB.

3/3/08: Gary Chew reviews two new movies now playing in Tulsa: In Bruges and Charlie Bartlett.

2/26/08: Archived GroupBlog 261, retaining the Gary Shore entries in the new current GB 262.

2/25/08: We were shocked and saddened today: former Channel 2 weatherman, Gary Shore, passed away. People are writing in about him in the current GroupBlog.

2/23/08: New Beryl Ford pics of the Ma-Hu Mansion, courtesy of Heath Young. Also converted the 1970s Channel 8 Ken Reed news piece about the Ma-Hu to a YouTube-type video, viewable on the same page.

2/18/08: The $16,000 check cleared (not mine, the contestant's); here is the 2-minute Google Video of my phone-a-friend appearance on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"

2/17/08: Gary Chew reviews a new movie, Vantage Point with Dennis Quaid, Forrest Whitaker, and Sigourney Weaver.

2/14/2008: Gary Chew reviews a new documentary, "UnCounted". FREE showing at the Hardesty Library in Tulsa, 2/25/2008.

2/13/08:  Elk City's Jimmy Webb in concert; an appreciation by Gary Chew.

2/12/08: New CD: "Rock of All Ages" from Daddy A Go Go, with cover painted by Gailard Sartain. Read more about Daddy A Go Go (aka former KTUL and CNN producer John Boydston) in the TTM Gift Shop. Also new: Recipes That Time Forgot! by TTM contributor Johnny Young.

2/7/08: Today in TVparty's blog (about 3/4 down the page): excerpts from TTM about Spanky McFarland, Lee and Morgan Woodward, and Romper Room in Tulsa.

2/3/08: Switched GroupBlog hosts again (all entries were saved). The previous one was crippling my ability to embed links and images, though it looked slicker. The quest for the ideal GB continues... 

2/1/08: Archived GroupBlog 260.

1/26/08: Tulsa Historical Society (2445 S. Peoria), 7-10 pm, Sat.1/26: "Delicious memories: Historical Society marks grand opening with tastes from Tulsa's past" (Tulsa World article).

1/25/08: Added to the Bulletin Board: "Cowboys in Tall Grass" DVDs by Ken Greenwood, and "Tulsa's Buried Belvedere" DVD. We learned to our sorrow from Dick Garcia that long-time and key contributor Don Norton passed away last year.

1/23/08: Gary will be online about Oscar on KVMR Evening News with Mike Thornton tonight between 8:30 and 9pm CT. Listen to Gary's Oscar picks last night picks via podcast: the last 3 minutes of hour 3 of the 1/22 broadcast of The Peter B. Collins Show.

1/22/08: Chew's Oscar Choices. Tonight, listen to Gary online: The Peter B. Collins Show, 7:55 pm CT!

1/20/08: Archived GroupBlog 259.

1/16/08: Gary Chew reviews a new movie with Frank Langella, Starting Out In The Evening. You will hear it on KWGS plus many other stations in the West.

1/12/08: I met Josef Hardt in person last week. He gave me a copy of the KVOO-TV Marketer newsletter for November 1965 that included a profile of him, plus the original press release for "Fantastic Theatre". Wow!

1/11/08: Where did the expression, "More cowbell!" come from? Could it have been WBAP-AM-Ft. Worth in the mid-1950s where announcer Lee Woodward was constantly exhorted to ring it? Lee has provided photographic evidence.

1/10/08: Chew reviews a movie coming soon to Tulsa: There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day-Lewis.

1/6/08: Archived this page, the What's New page. See the link at the bottom for previous What's New items; here's What WAS New at the beginning of the site in 1998.

1/5/08: Frank Zappa/Joe Pyne anecdote: an urban legend? My correspondence with Billy Ingram of TVparty! and humorist Roy Blount, Jr. is recounted on TVparty's blog, topic: "ZAPPA MYSTERY?", dated 12/31/07. Linked from a sidebar on the Fantastic Theater page.

1/4/08: From the current GroupBlog (#259), added Chuck Adams' and Lee and Lionel's remembrances of Tulsa World entertainment columnist Chuck Wheat to their pages: Chuck / Lee. Chuck Wheat passed away in Vermont this week.

1/1/08: New photo of veteran character actor Morgan Woodward at age 6, courtesy of Lee Woodward.

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