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12/30/07: Photo of the the Rubiot jazz club/coffee house at night, courtesy of Kenny Quinn. For the record, the Rubiot was located at 6740 S. Peoria.

12/29/07: Archived GroupBlog 258. Today is TTM's 9th birthday!

12/26/07: On the Site Map page, added link to a compact Site Map for mobile phone or PC users.

12/24/07: A new movie, Juno (review on TTM by Gary Chew), opens 12/25 at the Circle as part of their Community Consciousness Through Film program. By seeing it at the Circle, you will help support free programs they sponsor for Tulsa area schools and other worthy causes.

12/23/07: More from the Beryl Ford Collection: in GB 242, two photos of Kartville (on Peoria, 1960) and a Cathey's ("8th to 9th, on Main") billboard; in GB 206, a photo of Tink Wilkerson himself.

12/22/07: Two photos from the Beryl Ford Collection added to GB 121: the Fox Theatre on 51st and Harvard in 1966 and the Delman Theatre at 15th and Lewis in 1950.

12/21/07:  A dirigible docking at the NBT building? (Beryl Ford Collection) Seeing may be believing. Harry Volkman trading card, courtesy of Peter Moran. Harry became Oklahoma's first TV weatherman on KOTV in 1950, and retired from WFLD in Chicago in 2004.

12/17/07: Chew reviews two new movies: Juno and Charlie Wilson's War. TTM is back online after the ice storm took us down for a week, but there could be another interruption of service in the next day or so.

12/13/07: Photo from the webmaster's vacation of the submersible he took an 800' dive in back in 1990 on the InFAQ page.

12/8/07: Archived GroupBlog 257 after returning from vacation.

11/25/07:  Chew reviews The Savages with Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

11/21/07: Archived GroupBlog 256, and moved on to yet another current GroupBlog format.

11/19/07:  Chew reviews I'm Not There. a prismatic bio of Bob Dylan. Photo of webmaster and missus with "The Slime People" star Bill Boyce and wife at the Circle Cinema.

11/16/07: Chew reviews "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" (opens 11/30 at the Circle Cinema) with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, and Marisa Tomei, and "No Country for Old Men" with Tommy Lee Jones.

11/15/07: Moved to a different GroupBlog for awhile. It's a lot faster. All your previous entries are there.

11/14/07: Saturday @ Circle Cinema: "Bill Boyce - Money Actor", a 30-min doc (produced and written by John Wooley) about actor Bill Boyce of Tulsa. Meet Bill, then watch his "The Slime People". Nov. 17, 9 pm. Details on the Circle Cinema site. (11/19: Photo of webmaster and wife with Bill and wife.)

11/13/07: Cover of the Speakeasy Singers showcase album. Also listen to them on the Mazeppa show.

11/12/07: Photo of the jazz club/coffee house The Rubiot, courtesy of the Beryl Ford Collection, on the Tulsa Coffee Houses of the Past page. Fun facts about Al "Uncle Zeke" Clauser.

11/11/07: Archived GroupBlog 255, where we just saw a 2005 YouTube video of the Phil Woods Quartet, one of whose members is Ben Aronov, jazz pianist extraordinaire, and Tulsa Central graduate in the 1950s.

11/10/07: Chew reviews the new version of "Sleuth" with Michael Caine and Jude Law.

11/9/07: Just in time for you-know-what: a new Amazon-based TTM Gift Shop that includes all items from the original Gift Shop, plus items mentioned in the GroupBlogs over previous years. Newer items will be added to the top. The Bulletin Board will always have a link to it. Added items from 2006-2007 GroupBlogs so far.

11/5/07: Chew reviews "American Gangster" with Denzel Washington.

11/3/07: Updated the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today and Tulsa Coffee Houses pages.

11/1/07: Origin of the theme to Jack Campbell's "Sleepwalkers Serenade" show on KVOO-AM in the 1960s: current (#255) GroupBlog.

10/30/07: Archived GroupBlog 254.

10/29/07: Gary Chew will discuss "Lions for Lambs" on the Peter B. Collins radio show today (Monday), 5-8 pm CST, probably toward the end of the show. Listen live on the internet.

10/28/07: Gary Chew reviews "Lions for Lambs", directed by Robert Redford, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise.

10/20/07: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, from the Beryl Ford Collection: Needham Tire Co., KFMJ on an MK&O, the Oertle's sign going in at 27th and Memorial in 1964. Richard Nixon at Skelly Stadium in 1960 (I believe).

10/18/07: Gary Chew reviews a new film, "Rendition" with Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. Both "Rendition" and "2 Days in Paris" with Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg open tomorrow in Tulsa.

10/15/07: Archived GroupBlog 253.

10/11/07: Tonight, Thursday at 10 pm Tulsa time, Gary Chew will do a 2-hour jazz show on KVMR. New Google Earth aerial photo of Bell's as it was. I need help IDing all the attractions.

10/4/07: Gary Chew reviews "Michael Clayton" with George Clooney.

10/1/07: YouTube clip from "Adventures in Paradise" on the Tulsa Tiki page.

9/30/07: Concert review from Gary Chew: "Leon Invades Nevada City".

9/25/07: Archived GroupBlog 252.

9/21/07: Watch three 1986 Linda Soundtrak commercials on YouTube in the current (#252) GroupBlog!

9/20/07: Gary Chew will appear on the Peter B. Collins radio show today, Thursday 9/20, 5-8 pm CST. The show is heard on stations KRXA, KGOE, KBBR, KBSR, KSAC, KPOJ in CA, OR and MT. (Later) The episode is archived in case you missed it. Gary shows up at minute 175 of the show.

9/18/07: Double feature from Gary Chew today: David Cronenberg's "Eastern Promises" with Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts, and "2 Days in Paris" with Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg.

9/17/07: New Beryl Ford Collection pics: the Trade Winds West on the Tulsa Tiki page, Kip's Big Boy Burgers on Mazeppa page 2, Frank's Pig Stand added to the menu and creed already in GB 133. Van's Hamburgers in GB 251. Added a My Pi ad to Rick Breshear's comments in GB 234.

9/16/07: Archived GroupBlog 251.

9/15/07:  Gary Chew reviews "The Brave One", with Jodie Foster (Short Byte review). Upgraded the 1970s "Plenty Scary Movie" promo to YouTube quality. Added a YouTube "Hawaiian Eye" show opening to the top of the Tulsa Tiki page and updated all the links.

9/14/07: Gary Chew reviews the new Paul Haggis film, "In the Valley of Elah".

9/8/07: Archived GroupBlog 250. At the top, there is a webmaster photo of rockabilly pioneer Wanda Jackson at last night's Circle Cinema premiere of her new documentary.

8/31/07: Our man in Sacramento, Gary Chew, reviews U.K. comedy "Death at a Funeral", coming to the Circle Cinema 9/14.

8/30/07: Watch a "video realization" from Edwin Fincher of MAINTAIN fame! Can you identify this 1940s ice cream parlor?

8/29/07: Chew reviews "3:10 To Yuma", a new western starring Russell Crowe.

8/24/07: Chew reviews "September Dawn", opening today at the AMC Southroads 20.

8/18/07: Archived GroupBlog 249,

8/17/07: At long last: actual images from KTUL's 1973 late night "head" show: "MAINTAIN"! Courtesy of Edwin Fincher. 

8/16/07: The webmaster's message in a bottle about a regional 70s funk group, Headway, has been bobbing around in the internet ocean for years. It was finally found by Liz Pounds: see the 1st Liquor-by-the-wink page. Added a brief bit to my other message in a bottle about "Fiddler's Green", a 1960 SF story.

8/15/07: Title card for "Sugarfoot" (Warner TV series of the 50s/60s) in the current (#249) GroupBlog, courtesy of Doug Quick.

8/8/07: Prompted by a TulsaNow.org thread, added more about the Golden Drumstick, Bob Latting of "Kids Karnival" and OKC's Beverly's Pancake Corner to the Other kiddie shows page. Tiger Woods is in town for the U.S. Open; read illustrated stories by Lee Woodward and Dave Harmon about the 1958 U.S. Open at Southern Hills Country Club in Guestbook 165.

8/5/07: Gary Chew will be heard on-air and online at KVMR, tonight, Sun. 8/5, 8-10 pm CDT. See the current GroupBlog for more. Updated info about KGTO-AM 1050 on the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page.

8/2/07: Archived GroupBlog 248, where we just saw Leon Russell without sunglasses.

7/31/07: I am liking KWGS-2, the new 24-hour HD jazz station; see the Tulsa Radio, Yesterday and today page. As of last month, 107.3 is the Tulsa frequency for KOSU-FM, noted on the same page.

7/26/07: Chew reviews "Damages" (new FX Networks drama series).

7/24/07: Archived GroupBlog 247 where we just saw a Beryl Ford photo of Dixon's Grocery.

7/22/07: Consolidated the old Yahoo TTM Photo Albums into Flickr; see the TTM Photo/video briefcase. Added photos and comments about Tulsa-made Elwino soft drink to the Pop bottles page.

7/20/07: Added 2 new graphics to the 1920s Tulsa radio stations sidebar on the KVOO page: the cover of Gene Allen's book, Voices on the Wind, and a WLAL EKKO reception stamp. Chew reviews "Sunshine", a new sci-fi movie, and "You Kill Me" (Short Byte review).

7/14/07: Added photo of The Pancake Place at 11th and Utica to David Bagsby's comments in GB 131. Added Michael Hardeman's new Oklahoma photo book to the Gift Shop. 

7/13/07: In the process of saving to an external hard drive all the images I've accumulated over the years, I noticed I had an early "Foreman Scotty" (Steve Powell) from Tulsa TV News, 1955 (courtesy of Roland Austin).

7/12/07: Archived GroupBlog 246.

7/2/07: Archived GroupBlog 245. We are back on the regular GB; let's see how it goes.

6/28/07: Chew reviews "Evening". Starts tomorrow at the AMC Southroads 20.

6/27/07: Tulsa webcams now on the Links page.

6/25/07: Chew reviews the new Michael Moore movie, "SiCKO".

6/24/07: Added to the 1957 page (among other things): pentominoes illustration and link to new photo of HAL 9000 playing a game of them. Send off for your own free 3D TV glasses: details just under the KOKI 3D movie poster.

6/22/07: Archived GroupBlog 244. Looks like the regular GroupBlog is out of commission as of 8 pm. Saved all entries up to that time in GB 244. Let's try this Backup GroupBlog for awhile. Beryl Ford Collection pic of the Boman Twin Theatre (home of Rob's Records today) at the top of Turning Base Vinyl Into Gold.

6/21/07: Added new Beryl Ford pic and others to the Tulsa 1957 page while generally sprucing it up.

6/17/07: New Tulsarama comments and pix in the current (#244) GroupBlog.

6/14/07: Chew reviews the new movie, "A Mighty Heart".

6/13/07: The 1957 vault was opened this morning; here is a slide show at KRMG.com. Looks like there was a leak. A co-worker of mine was there as a 7 year old. She says there is a box in the trunk filled with items contributed by her and many other people. That box might prove to be the most interesting thing to come out of the capsule. More 1957-related material on this site's Tulsa 1957 and Tulsa Car Dealers pages.

6/12/07: Archived GroupBlog 243.

6/4/07: New pix and info about the "UHF" scene at Oaklawn Cemetary.

6/2/07: "Saturday Morning Mess" with John Erling returned today only on KRVT-AM 1270. Chuck Ayers hosts the Sunrise Jazz Café at 7 am. Read more on the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page.

6/1/07: YouTube clip of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from the Concert for Bangladesh, 1971, featuring George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Ringo on the George Harrison in Tulsa page. 

5/30/07: 1958 Bob Cummings Winston cigarette print ad to illustrate Agent Hillis' U.N.C.L.E. HQ conjecture. Matchbook cover from Wolfman Records, Tulsa's first used record store (late 1970s). 1926 KFRU and KVOO-AM reception stamps at the top of the KVOO page.

5/27/07: Archived GroupBlog 242.

5/26/07: Chew reviews the new movie, "Waitress", with Andy Griffith.

5/22/07: In the current (#242) GroupBlog, new YouTube videos with Ken Broo, Clayton Vaughn, Dewey Bartlett, Lee & Lionel, Folger's Mrs. Olson, and SNL's "Sofa King" sketch.

5/18/07: Dual review from Gary Chew: "Gracie" & "Away From Her". Clayton Vaughn blooper on the 1st Newsmen page.

5/16/07: Two new YouTube/Google Video clips: Lee & Lionel with Clayton Vaughn (link at top of the main L & L page); on the Capri Drive-In page: GMRX - what do the movie rating mean? Rediscovered my 2003 review of Todd Rundgren at the Cain's, added it to webmaster reviews. TTM regulars David Bagsby and Wilhelm Murg were there, too.  

5/15/07: Archived GroupBlog 241.

5/13/07: BFC photo of the Admiral Twin marquee, 1962 (wow). New item added to the Drive-In checklist.

5/12/07: Capri Drive-In marquee, another Beryl Ford photo.

5/10/07: Chew reviews "After The Wedding", a Danish movie coming to the Circle Cinema June 1.

5/8/07: Gailard Sartain is the Tulsa Mayfest poster artist this year. See a snapshot of him unveiling his artwork in the current (#241) GroupBlog.

5/6/07: Chew reviews "The TV Set", a new movie coming to the Circle Cinema in June.

4/30/07: Chew reviews a new movie coming soon to Tulsa theatres: "Black Book". Carl "Uncle Zeb" Bartholomew has written a new book, Plane Phenomenon: The Pawnshop Mysteries, and will do a book signing Saturday, May 5. More about it on the Bulletin Board, in the Gift Shop, and at the top of the just-archived GroupBlog 240.

4/29/07: Photo of the KFMJ clock at the Cain's, courtesy of John K. Young.

4/27/07: Armin Sebran sent an invitation to Gov. David Hall's 1973 birthday gala, now linked from the KVOO/David Hall picture page, and a membership card for The Bastille coffee house, placed with Armin's earlier comments on the Tulsa Coffee Houses of the Past page.

4/26/07: Late 1970s Google Video of Lee & Lionel and Bill Pitcock's "King Kong Flu" blooper. It's also linked from the top of the 1st Lee & Lionel page and embedded in the current (#240) GroupBlog. Another BFC pic added: the real Bat Masterson with the recent discussion in GB 236.

4/25/07: BFC photo of the '57 Plymouth at the top of the Tulsa 1957 page.

4/22/07: 1938 photo of the KTUL building in what is now Veterans Park, in GB 145. Three new YouTube clips on the Then Came Bronson page.

4/21/07: Beryl Ford Collection photo of Pigskin Manhattan Furniture on the Horn Bros., John F. Lawhon and other Tulsa TV furniture advertisers page. BFC photo of Oiler Park. Story about an 1894 Tulsa general store, now illustrated with BFC photos in GB 164.

4/19/07: Reservoir Hill was the site of KVOO's transmitter in 1927, and a point of reference for Charles Lindbergh when he visited Tulsa in that year. Added a popup of today's Reservoir Hill to compare with the 1927 Beryl Ford pic. Also added a Google Earth flying tour of that area. The Tulsa World obituary for Dick Van Dera is in GroupBlog 239.

4/18/07:  Veteran Tulsa radio announcer Harlan Judkins passed away on 4/14. He is remembered in the just-archived GroupBlog 239. Collected comments about Norman Angel's Auto Cafe (Admiral & Memorial) from the GBs, and with another Beryl Ford Collection photo, slapped together a new page. BFC interior pic of the Cimarron Ballroom on the Margaret Janeese Brixey Flanagan page. BFC pics of the Corner of Dreams (SE corner of 11th & Denver).

4/15/07: Tulsa radio and TV all-around talent Dick Van Dera passed away yesterday. More in the current (#239) GB. More Beryl Ford Collection photos: Sheridan Village escalator and a view of Admiral & Sheridan in the 50s. 1926-30 photos of KVOO transmitter sites. 1952 photo shows the May Rooms (Tulsa's best-known and longest-standing brothel) on 1st St.

4/14/07: A review by Gary Chew of former KOTV reporter and anchor Larry Thomlinson's new book: Life, Death and other Dysfunctions. Gary also reviews a new movie, "In the Land of Women". Beryl Ford Collection photo of "Slave Girl Moolah" at the Tulsa Coliseum circa 1950 on the Rasslin' Page.

4/13/07: Former KOTV cameraman Pat O'Dell is inducted into the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame today. Jim Hartz talks about it in the current (#239) GroupBlog, and he sent pix. Linda Soundtrak paid us a visit there for the first time, too.

4/11/07: Archived GroupBlog 238.

4/7/07: The original General Cinema "Feature Presentation" trailer (YouTube) is now embedded on the GCC/Village page. New YouTube clips in the current (#238) GroupBlog: the Uncola man and the "Like father, like son" PSA. Uncola man also at the top of Mazeppa page 2.

4/3/07: Chew reviews "The Hoax" (Short Byte review).

4/2/07: "Good Day Tulsa" interview of Wayne "Tuffy" Johnson by KTUL's D.C. Roberts is on the Zing and Tuffy page and in the current GB (#238). Color footage of the 60s Tulsa kiddie show is included in this Google Video clip.

3/31/07: Chew reviews "The Last Mimzy" and "Puccini for Beginners" (both Short Byte reviews).

3/31/07: Archived GroupBlog 237.

3/25/07: Added new KWGS HD Radio info to the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and Today page. 

3/21/07: Archived GroupBlog 236.

3/19/07: Compacted the main page.

3/13/07: Chew reviews "The Riches" (new FX Networks comedy/drama series).

3/9/07: Archived GroupBlog 235.

3/7/07: Chew reviews "The Lives of Others".

3/2/07: On "The T-Town Affair" page, new YouTube clips: excerpt from the pilot episode of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." ("Solo") and the opening of "The Project Strigas Affair" with guest stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy (pre-Trek). 

2/28/07: Chew reviews "Black Snake Moan" (Short Byte). Archived GroupBlog 234.

2/27/07: Started new page: Tulsa 1957, with vignettes from archived GBs about life in Tulsa that year. Illustrations to come.

2/26/07: Chew "Oscar-ates". The webmaster tosses an off-topic message into the internet ocean about a weird and memorable SF story .

2/24/07: Lowell's home movies of the Skyline Park lake, stagecoach, train and rides are now on YouTube, on the Skyline Park page.

2/23/07: Added Lowell Burch's late 50s home movie of a west Tulsa "Howdy Doody" ice cream truck to the Ice Cream page. The GroupBlog has been intermittently available this evening. All is saved.

2/21/07: Archived GroupBlog 233.

2/20/07: Watch the webmaster's "Tulsa Times" interview on YouTube (also linked from the About TTM page).

2/18/07: Former KOTV and ABC News photographer Robert Jennings passed away last week. Read his 2002 correspondence with the webmaster, bracketed by a couple of photos, in GroupBlog 233.

2/16/07: Archived GroupBlog 232.

2/15/07: Chew reviews "Breach", the story of the most injurious traitor in U.S. history, starring Chris Cooper.

2/14/07: New pic of Danny Hodge on The Rasslin' Page

2/9/07: Pic of early OETA studio plus info about their new digital channels on the Links page.

2/8/07: Chew reviews "The Astronaut Farmer" (Short Byte).

2/7/07: OETA's program, "Tulsa Times", hosted this week by David Crow (a contributor to this site), features your webmaster (2/20: you can now watch the interview on YouTube). Info about OETA's new digital channels, KOED (Channel 11), and a 1967 history of Oklahoma educational TV can be found on the Links page. Archived GroupBlog 231.

2/5/07: 1980 KOKI 3D movie poster.

2/2/07: Tune in to KWGS-FM 89.5 tomorrow, Saturday, 2/3 at 7 pm for John Wooley's Western Swing show "Swing On This". He will feature two versions of Lewis Meyer's "Coyote Blues". More about this in GB 228.

1/31/076: Archived GroupBlog 230.

1/26/07: Chew reviews Friends of God: A Road Trip, an HBO Documentary (Short Byte).

1/22/07: Chew's Top Ten Movies of 2006.

1/21/07: Added 'Espresso by the Book' at Gardner's used book store to the list at the top of the Tulsa Coffee Houses of the Past (and Present) page. To the same page, added YouTube clip of the Dave Brubeck Quartet performing "Take Five". Archived GroupBlog 229.

1/20/07: Chew reviews "Notes on a Scandal".

1/17/07: Chew reviews "Little Children".

1/16/07: Chew reviews "The Painted Veil", the third movie made of Somerset Maugham's novel.

1/13/07: Short Byte review by Gary Chew of the Clooney/Soderburgh movie, "The Good German".

1/12/07: Gary Chew reviews Clint Eastwood's new WWII movie, seen from the Japanese point-of-view, "Letters from Iwo Jima". YouTube clip of Jim Hartz at WNBC in 1974 with some startling Nixon news.

1/11/07: Added BlackLight Radio, an Owasso-based free-form internet radio station, to the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page. Archived GroupBlog 228.

1/6/07: DJ and KUSH radio owner Don Kelly (also of "Kelly and Chauncey" fame) has passed away. Read more in the current (#228) GroupBlog. Lowell Burch sent a scan of a song sheet from Johnny Reb's Pizza, out near the turnpike gate. See it in the Tulsa Motels-Restaurants album in Yahoo! Photos from the Photo/video briefcase. Updated the Jim Hartz page. Watch for Jim on NBC's "Today" show, Wednesday, 1/10.

1/5/07: Gary Chew retired from KXPR today! Listen to his archived interview on "Insight" about his 51-year career in TV/radio. Gary is in the last 15 minutes of the show.

12/29/06: TTM is 8 years old today. Here's the first What's new page.

12/28/06: Tonight from 7-10 pm Tulsa time: Gary Chew will talk about good and bad movies for the year on "Radio Parallax", which can be heard on KDVS-Davis, CA. Archived GroupBlog 227.

12/25/06: Gary Chew reviews the Cold War spy thriller, "The Good Shepherd".

12/16/06: Added new KWGS Saturday "All This Jazz" program with Scott Gregory (son of Bob Gregory, former Tulsa TV newsman) to the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page.

12/11/06: Archived GroupBlog 226.

12/10/06: Chew reviews "Children of Men". The webmaster returns from vacation.

11/26/06: "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." opening on YouTube.

11/22/06: YouTube: weird "GoGo Para Presidente" TNT promo from over 10 years ago now in GB 60.

11/20/06: Review from Gary Chew: "The Fountain" (Short Byte). Archived GroupBlog 225.

11/19/06: The webmaster reviews "Casino Royale".

11/16/06: On the Bulletin Board : a new book of short stories from former Tulsa TV anchor Larry Thomlinson: Life, Death and other Dysfunctions; new review from Chew: "Fast Food Nation" (Short Byte); Amazon items mentioned in recent GroupBlogs.

11/13/06: The miracle of eBay may have provided the perfect illustration for Jim Ruddle's memory of the worst 1950s Tulsa TV commercial on the Tulsa Car Dealers page. Courtesy of the Wayback Machine: TTM as it was on 8/27/1999. At least I moved past the "Clown Pants Syndrome".

11/10/06: In his new review, Gary Chew predicts multiple Oscar nominations for "Babel". 5-letter movies starting with "B", Alex. Also from Chew: "A Good Year" (Short Byte).

11/9/06: Archived GroupBlog 224.

11/8/06: Gary Chew's review of "Borat" was quoted today on CBS News' "Blogophile" feature. Thanks to Chris King, a postcard of the T. Roy Barnes Drugry on the Erling page and in the current (#224) GroupBlog.

11/6/06: Photo of the sexy Marjean on the 1952 Tulsa radio schedule.

11/5/06: 1st "new" one in years: Garfield's Beer Club on the Liquor-by-the-wink club cards, page 2

11/3/06: New Short Byte review: "Stranger Than Fiction". Consolidated TTM's Yahoo Photos, Flickr, YouTube and Google Video onto the new Photo/video briefcase page.

10/31/06: Added to the Tulsa Car Dealers page (and Gift Shop, pg 2): Route 66 items from Amazon.com. Rick Rann sent a 1959 promo photo of Oklahoma's first TV weatherman, Harry Volkman, with accompanying NBC press release. New feature: "Short Bytes". These will be thumbnail movie reviews from Gary Chew. First up: "Death of a President". Second: "The Queen".

10/30/06: New movie review by Gary Chew: "Borat", coming soon to a Tulsa theatre.

10/29/2006: At exactly 2 minutes into this drive-in intermission film from the 1950s on the GCC/Village Theatre page is an exhortation to stay off Daylight Savings Time. Staying on "natural" time was portrayed as almost a patriotic and religious duty, but their real reason was undoubtedly that DST cut into the drive-ins' business. This TTM item is featured on Boing Boing today.

10/28/06: Archived GroupBlog 223.

10/26/06: Added Tulsa comic Barry Friedman's books to the TTM Gift Shop.

10/25/06: Added several YouTube movie intermission time clips plus previews to 3 sci-fi/horror pics of the 50s/60s to the General Cinema/Village Theatre page.

10/24/06: News updates added to Gary's review of "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room".

10/16/06: New movie review by Gary Chew: "Flags of Our Fathers", coming soon to a Tulsa theatre. Updated "The Outsiders" pg 2 with comments by Alan Glasco and Dana LeMoine about the "roadhouse". Added Austin T.'s comments to the UHF-Tulsa connections page. Links to 3 Halloween features on the Bulletin Board. Archived GroupBlog 222.

10/13/06: This Friday the 13th is your lucky day: new page about Margaret Janeese Brixey Flanagan. As a kid, she sang on the Channel 8 country show with Billy Parker, also the Horn Bros. show; she worked with Leon McAuliffe, Ernest Tubb, Hank Thompson and many other stars. Janeese tells us about her career, illustrated by great pix at the Cain's and the Cimarron Ballroom with some of these stars. Linked from the Horn Bros. page.

10/5/2006: Circa 1956 Kansas City Times article about Oom-A-Gog inventor Jerry Berry and family, courtesy of Sharon Berry.

10/3/2006: Sharon Berry's dad, Jerry, created the original Oom-A-Gog in the mid-1950s. She told us all about it and sent pictures, too! Added to that page more Oom info and a Col. Bleep cartoon from YouTube.

10/2/06: Longtime KRMG afternoon man Jerry Vaughn passed away. John Durkee, KRMG's News Director, was kind enough to send two MP3 stories about Jerry to the current GroupBlog (#222), now also on the new Jerry Vaughn page. Jerry wrote in to this site in GB 174.

9/30/06: Archived GroupBlog 221.

9/27/06: Added to Guestbook 81: the menu from Pierre's, a swanky Tulsa restaurant/club of the early 60s. It goes with Lee Woodward's story about two up-and-coming comics who once played there, and later became national TV stars.

9/22/06: Gary Chew reviews "All the King's Men", opening today.

9/19/06: FREE at the Circle Cinema on Friday Sept 29 at 8 pm: "Half Empty". Lobby mingling at 7:30 with director & co-writer Robert Peters and executive producer Stan Woodward (Lee's son), both Edison high graduates. Review. Added to the Bulletin Board.

9/14/06: Tulsa's first TV weatherman, Harry Volkman, tells us more about his TV history, and sets the record straight about the broadcast of tornado alerts from Tinker AFB. Armin Sebran ("Yahootee Menu" of the Mazeppa show) now has his own blog, Texas Blues and Jazz Heritage. He also has insightful things to say of his earlier life in Tulsa on the Yahootee Menu page here on TTM.

9/13/06: Gary Chew reviews two neo-noir movies, "Hollywoodland" & "The Black Dahlia".

9/11/06: Archived GroupBlog 220. Just added to it: a program from the 1983 Starlight Jazz Concert, co-MC'd by Tulsa Radio Icon Vic Bastien, who, we were saddened to learn, passed away last week.

9/3/06: "Who Killed the Electric Car?" (reviewed here by Gary Chew) finally plays Tulsa on 9/8-14 (held over) at the Circle Cinema.

8/27/06: Archived GroupBlog 219.

8/26/06: Embedded General Cinema movie trailers into the GCC/Village Theatre page.

8/24/06: New movie review by Gary Chew: "Trust The Man". Coming soon to a Tulsa theatre.

8/22/06: Thursday, 8/24 @ (updated) 9 am on Channel 8: a segment about Leafy Bark's recent move to the Tulsa Historical Society. On the About TTM page: free RealPlayer downloads to play many of the audio/video clips on this site.

8/20/06: The original Popeil/Ronco Veg-O-Matic commercials are now viewable online in GroupBlog 219. Commented lists of the webmaster's favorite movies, music, TV shows and TV/movie books are now linked from the Infrequently Asked Questions (InFAQ) page, and from near the top of the Gift Shop.

8/16/06: Watch the original 1960s "High Flight" signoff (YouTube) on either the Links or the Sign-offs pages. YouTube interview with SF author Philip K. Dick about his book, A Scanner Darkly, along with Gary Chew's review of the movie based on it.

8/15/06: List of the webmaster's favorite movies with brief commentaries, now on webmaster reviews.

8/13/06: Added material from GB 218 to the Tulsa Coffee Houses, SEVCO, and Zing & Tuffy pages.

8/11/06: Archived GB 218.

8/10/06: Leafy Bark is moving to the Tulsa Historical Society at 10 am. Press release in the current  (#218) GroupBlog.  (Later) He's there! Uncle Zeb and Tuffy were on hand for the festivities, seen in this photo set on Flickr. Now on Google Video: "Hurst Sings Zing".

8/8/06: The free Thursday Tulsa screening of "Little Miss Sunshine" (reviewed here by Gary Chew) has vanished from the official site's list, so I deleted references to it. Improved the Search tips page, and did other assorted tweaking. Clicking on the logo atop any page returns you to the main page.

8/6/06: Chris Lane Alexander, former host of KOTV's "Party Line" (forerunner of the 60s "Dance Party") passed away on 2/14/2000. A Chris Lane Memory Book has been kept here since then. Now his wife Lorna has incorporated that material and more into her own site.

8/4/06: Pics of George Reeves in Tulsa in the early 50s and a link to online episodes of "The Adventures of Superman" on the Other kiddie shows page.

8/3/2006: Sign up for a free screening of "Little Miss Sunshine" at the AMC Southroads 20 on 8/10! Go to the link at the bottom of Gary Chew's new review to RSVP and print your pass.

7/31/2006: New Hampshire reporter puts a period to "The T-Town Affair". Took over (not in a hostile manner) the "U.N.C.L.E. on the Web" and "TV's Greatest Horror Hosts" WebRings.

7/30/06: "The Meaning of Life" is a new show on KRSC-FM 91.3.

7/29/06: Coming to the AMC Southroads 20 on 8/11: "Who Killed the Electric Car?", reviewed by Gary Chew.

7/28/06: Cosmetic changes made to the GroupBlog. Turned off the preview feature, so it may now be easier to post.

7/27/06: Picture of the construction of the KELi satellite building, thanks to Dale Williams of OKC.

7/22/06: YouTube "It's Intermission Time" film now embedded in the GCC/Village Theatre page.

7/21/06: Archived GroupBlog 217.

7/15/06: Gary Chew reviews "A Scanner Darkly". Moved the Search Engine and GB Archive up to the top of the main page. Improved the Site Map and tweaked many other "meta" pages, including making the logo a link back to the main page.

7/14/06: Bigger and better YouTube clip of John Hudson parodying the 1974ish Cain's Coffee commercial. Do your own spying with Secret Sam by Topper (video courtesy of Jeff Ballard).

7/9/06: Added a link on the Mr. Zing and Tuffy page to the incredible discovery in the last GroupBlog of my future wife in a Roger Cornelius 1966 Zing screen shot. Winding up the Richard Kiel festival, the Twilight Zone "To Serve Man" promo is now on YouTube, too.

7/8/06: Thanks to Jeff Ballard, here on one of the KVOO-TV pages is a clip of Richard Kiel in "Thriller" (1961) to go with the shot of the webmaster meeting him a couple of weeks ago. Archived GroupBlog 216. On Blog Oklahoma (see the TTM WebRings page), I found a new site by the daughter of OKC's Foreman Scotty, appropriately named "Foreman Scotty's Kids". More about Scotty, and the new site link on the Other kiddie shows page.

7/1/06: Beef Baloney update.

6/27/06: Archived GroupBlog 215.

6/25/06: The webmaster and Richard Kiel meet for lunch.

6/19/06: Postcard of 1950s Wilkerson's De Soto-Plymouth building on Boulder on Tulsa Car Dealers.

6/18/06: Added to the 1st Mazeppa page a 1954 TV western clip in which we hear the soundtrack suddenly burst forth with the 2nd half of Mazeppa's opening music during a scene involving a runaway stagecoach. The clip now includes a new scene following the music.

6/14/06: Archived GroupBlog 214. A picture of Edwin Fincher in 1969 was just added.

6/13/06: I expanded my Guestbook 205 comments into a review of the soon-to-be-released-on-DVD "mockumentary", "Never Been Thawed".

6/10/06: In the current GroupBlog (#214), Bill Groves gave us a new clue about the origin of the 2nd half of Mazeppa's opening music. Added this information and a CD with the song that forms the 1st half to the 1st Mazeppa page.

6/8/06: New on Chew's Reviews: Robert Altman's "A Prairie Home Companion".

6/6/06: Signs of the Apocalypse: not taking a hint from the freakish Category 1 hurricane winds that knocked this site off the air for a day and a half, the webmaster boldly renamed the Guestbook to be the GroupBlog. The new term (short for Group Weblog) is more accurate.

6/4/06: "An Inconvenient Truth", a new documentary about global warming, reviewed by Gary Chew.

6/3/06: Mini-review of Don Nix' great book, Road Stories and Recipes, about his music career (he wrote "Goin' Down", and was associated with Leon, Freddie King, George Harrison, Jeff Beck, Albert King, Furry Lewis, among many). Now in the Gift Shop, pg 2.

6/1/06: Photoset of the 3/5/2006 Captain Ben reunion linked from the top of the Captain Ben page. Archived Guestbook 213.

5/30/06: Added updates and corrections to the Links page.

5/25/06: Ike Horn has passed away. Updated Gary Chew's movie review of "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room" with the verdicts handed down today. A follow-up film is being shot.

5/24/06: Doing a promo for the USA Network's sci-fi series, "The 4400" (see Bulletin Board).

5/20/06: Chew chews on "The Da Vinci Code".

5/17/06: Archived Guestbook 212.

5/14/06: Guestbook mining unearthed more chrome for the Tulsa Car Dealers page.

5/12/06: From Ed today: 1959 TV Guide pic of Jack Morris and Don Woods, on Newsmen pg 2; Wilkerson logo pried from Ed's 1967 Chevelle on Tulsa Car Dealers. Also: screen capture from the new GCC "Feature Presentation" trailer at the top of the GCC/Village Theatre page.

5/11/06: Ed Colton strikes gold again with a 1969 Christmastime MP3 of Gary Chew as host of "Go For Dough on The Early Show".

5/10/06: A Penthouse Club matchbook cover from Ed Colton illustrates a couple of new stories on the SEVCO page. The start of a new Tulsa Car Dealers page.

5/6/06: Ed Colton supplied a WindowsMedia video of Channel 6's live news coverage of the first ladies' mud wrestling match at Cain's, reported by Clayton Vaughn and Bob Losure. Added to the first Club Cards page.

5/5/06: In the current (#212) Guestbook: Back Seat Driver's License (a gag promotional item from Milner Pontiac in the 1960s).

5/4/06: Jeff Stuckey sent a link to a QuickTime movie of the General Cinema "Feature Presentation" trailer, 1970s version! (kaleidoscope background, animated projector). At the top of the GCC/Village Theatre page. Restored the MP3 of the 6/15/1978 Channel 8 newscast (I had accidentally deleted it).

5/1/06: Archived Guestbook 211.

4/29/06: New SEVCO invoice, business card, logo and more about Joe Pierre from Ed Colton.

4/28/06: Several great new SEVCO pix, again, courtesy of Ed Colton.

4/27/06: New Joe Pierre of  SEVCO page, featuring a WindowsMedia commercial, courtesy of Ed Colton.

4/25/06: Steve Bagsby's excellent "Talahina Hula" CD is now available. See the Bulletin Board and bro David's Main body of work page on TTM.

4/20/06: Just in time for the release of MI3: the webmaster's "ten years after" review of "Mission: Impossible 1".

4/19/06: Former KTBA DJ Don Cook has his own internet radio station: Cookzilla. Added to the list on Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today.

4/16/06: George Starostin is a young Russian with a taste for rock music of the 60s and 70s and a talent for writing about it. Whether or not you agree with him, his takes are highly entertaining. Give him a try on one of your favorite albums and see if you agree. Added his link to the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page.

4/13/06: Archived Guestbook 210. New section of internet-only radio stations on Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today.

4/7/06: New movie on Chew's Reviews: "Thank You For Smoking". Updated the Honest John's, Starship & Oz page with new info and links. Doing a promotion for The History Channel's mini-series, "10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America".

4/6/06: The Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s pages are pretty much an entire web site unto themselves, so added a mini-changer to the main CC page.

4/4/06: Added "The Outsiders" pics to the Corner of Dreams page.

3/31/06: This year's Leon Russell Birthday Bash is tonight at the Brady Theater. See pictures from the 1986 Bash in the current (#210) Guestbook, courtesy of Steve Todoroff.

3/26/06: Archived Guestbook 209, where a record label from the Linkletter-Totten Dance Studio was just added. Art Linkletter is seen with Lee & Lionel. Added Roger Borden to the KAKC page.

3/23/06: Added Scott Linder's mock Coney Island Coney recipe to The Woman's Page.

3/21/06: Former KAKC DJ Roger Borden passed away last week. Beau Weaver let us know, and Jim Peters wrote about Roger in the current (#209) Guestbook.

3/19/06: Gary Chew reviews "Why We Fight".

3/18/06: U.N.C.L.E. agent Joseph Troy reports a relevant link via Channel E.

3/16/06: Added to The Woman's Page: Exercise in the early 60s and the Tulsa Public Schools Bean Chowder recipe.

3/14/06: Archived Guestbook 208. Kirk Demarais finally located a Phantasmagoria bumper sticker, and shared it with us...now on the Tulsa State Fair page. Added KOSU-FM 107.5 to the list of Tulsa radio alternatives.

3/13/06: John Wooley article "Shock and claw" about Shock Theatre, reprinted by permission of Scott Nelson, Tulsa World web editor. Picture of Lee Woodward's Frankoma "Sun Up" mug added to the main Shock page.

3/10/06: New "Shock Theatre" page, split off from the Fantastic Theater page.

3/9/06: Brand new page about Mike Miller and his book How High Can A Guy Stoop?. New excerpts, new pix.

3/8/06: Mike Miller's new book, How High Can A Guy Stoop? is now available through the TTM Gift Shop (Amazon.com). Daddy A Go Go has a new music CD for kids, "Eat Every Bean and Pea on Your Plate"; Gailard Sartain painted the cover. Both items are featured on the Bulletin Board.

3/5/06: Gary Chew reviews "Big Love", a new HBO series starring Tulsa's Jeanne Tripplehorn and Mary Kay Place.

3/4/06: On the Bulletin Board: hear Gary Chew discuss the upcoming Oscars on KXJZ' "Insight" (archived MP3 audio, at :05 into the clip).

2/28/06: Archived Guestbook 207.

2/24/06: A new book by former Tulsa TV reporter/anchor Mike Miller, How High Can A Guy Stoop?, is now available.WARNING: the online excerpt is definitely R-rated, dealing candidly with sex, drugs, politics 'n' Tulsa TV. If you might be uncomfortable with that, DO NOT click this Authorhouse link, where you can order the book. Here is a G-rated promo page. Noted on the Bulletin Board.

2/23/06: Mid-60s TV screen photos of Mr. Zing and audience from Roger Cornelius at the top of just-archived Guestbook 206.

2/21/06: Updated the Lewis Meyer page with the sad news that his wife Natasha recently passed away, and with Guestbook notes about his brother, Tex. Indian artist Brummett Echohawk passed away last week. A photo and more about him on the Oom-A-Gog page.

2/18/06: Archived Guestbook 205. New pic of Gailard Sartain and Paula Deen in the Chew-reviewed movie, "Elizabethtown".

2/8/06: Archived Guestbook 204. "The T-Town Affair" is now its own page, linked from webmaster reviews.

2/6/06: Photos of a Rubiot jazz club LP on the Tulsa Coffee Houses page. More OKC TV: collected Count Gregore links and a newspaper ad with Erick's comments in Guestbook 190.

2/5/06: For OKC TV fans, 70s newspaper ads for Trust House Jewelers' "Nightowl Movie" and Alan Merrell Chevrolet.

2/3/06: Gary Chew reviews "Imagine Me & You".

2/1/06: Collected more links to items around the site that loosely fit under the rubric of webmaster reviews.

1/31/06: Archived Guestbook 203: interesting connection between Logan Concessions and the May Rooms at the top.

1/30/06: The webmaster answers a complaint made by a local barista/blogger on the Tulsa Coffee House page. Added to the Tulsa Radio Yesterday and Today page: KJZT-FM 107.9, "Jazz Tulsa" (a 76-watt low-power station) offers smooth jazz with an emphasis on local musicians.

1/24/06: Jeff Stuckey sent a link to video of the "Candy Band" version of General Cinema Corporation's "Feature Presentation" trailer. Now playing on the GCC/Village Theatre page. The new Special Edition DVD of "Rumble Fish" includes the features "On Location in Tulsa", and "The percussion-based score". More about it at the TTM Gift Shop.

1/21/06: Gary Chew reviews Woody Allen's "Match Point".

1/18/05: New images of 60s articles about Tulsa folk music, courtesy of Joel Burkhart: John Chick and Mike Flynn.

1/17/06: Archived Guestbook 202.

1/16/06: Pic of Continental Theatre tickets added to Guestbook 138, courtesy of Wesley Horton.

1/11/06: Former Tulsa TV newsman/anchor Mike Miller has written a new book about his experiences in media and politics, How High Can A Guy Stoop?, coming soon. Another forthcoming book is Abandoned Tulsa by Alison Zarrow, an award-winning young photographer. More info on each linked from the Bulletin Board.

1/9/06: New pic of Weird Al's apartment in "UHF", where contributor Jo Foster once lived. Added improved "UHF" DVD shot of the Tulsa airport.

1/8/06: Archived Guestbook 201.

1/7/06: Gary Chew reviews "Brokeback Mountain".

1/1/06: In just-archived Guestbook 200, Armin Sebran (Yahootee Menu) added a new Tulsa Coffee House of the past to the list: The Bastille. Joel Burkhart elaborated, then added new background on St. Michael's Alley and Le Cirque (not The Unicorn, as Joel had originally thought). Joel also provided a poster for The Gallery.

12/29/05: TTM is 7 years old.

12/21/05: Archived Guestbook 199.

12/19/05: Review of MST3K's take on "The Killer Shrews". Jim Ruddle previously told a story about one of the stars. Added a new page of webmaster reviews on Channel Changer 2.

12/17/05: Louise Bland interviewed movie stars Brian Donlevy and Jeff Chandler on her KTUL show, "Spotlight", in the early 60s. These gentlemen starred in movies that opened two of our drive-in theatres. See the links for more.

12/12/05: New postcard of Bellaire Village (51st & Peoria) on the 1st TTM Gift Shop page. Split off Channel Changer 1 to its own page, compacting the main page. Reminder: the Site Map has links to the many pages "under" the main button headings. It's a big site!

12/9/05: Gary Chew reviews a new movie, "Syriana".

12/8/05: Archived Guestbook 198.

12/3/05: Added new link to pics of Sapulpa's Teepee on the main Tulsa Drive-in Theatres page.

11/30/05: Webmaster review of coffee items in the TTM Gift Shop. Product reviews won't be a frequently-recurring feature.

11/29/05: Added a foreword to the Tulsa Drive-in Theatres pages. New Zingo pic from the 70s on the Tulsa State Fair page.

11/26/05: The webmaster is back from a Panama Canal cruise. Archived Guestbook 197.

11/13/05: Archived Guestbook 196.

11/11/05: More RealVideo from Wayne: Jerry Webber and John Hudson disrupt Jack Morris' "closer" on Newsmen and women, page 2.

11/10/05: RealVideo: John Hudson lip-syncs the audio of the long-lost circa 1970 Cain's Coffee commercial, thanks to Wayne McCombs! New photo of the Skyline Drive-In from Wes Horton.

11/8/05: On the new and improved Tulsa Drive-in Theatres pages, added satellite photos and fixed the given latitude/longitudes so they will work in the free Google Earth software. Download a 1K Google Earth tour file I created to take an aerial tour of all Tulsa-area drive-ins! Added Collinsville's Cardinal Drive-In to the page.

11/6/05: Complete makeover and expansion of the Tulsa Drive-in Theatres section with 1940s/50s opening day ads and more for ALL Tulsa drive-ins past and present, in association with The American Institute of Drive-In Archeology, aka Wesley Horton.

11/4/05: "Good Night, and Good Luck", the new George Clooney movie reviewed here by Gary Chew, finally opens in Tulsa at the Southroads 20. Archived Guestbook 195.

10/29/05: Frank Morrow's comments about the McCarthy era on Tulsa Radio in the Fifties are linked from Gary Chew's review of "Good Night, and Good Luck". Frank's Halloween in Tulsa, 1940 is linked from the Bulletin Board.

10/28/05: Listen to the 1952 Armed Forces Network Halloween broadcast from Frankenstein Castle in Darmstadt, Germany, featured on Erling in the Morning for many years. Noted on Boing Boing today.

10/23/05: Added Tommy Crook DVD to the TTM Gift Shop, pg 2.

10/22/05: Archived Guestbook 194.

10/21/05: Added the video clip of a 50s filmed Griffin's Coffee TV commercial to a sidebar on the Tulsa Coffee Houses of the Past (and Present) page.

10/19/05: Hear Bob Gregory on CBS Radio in 1968, then Gary Chew followed by Bob circa 1960 on the "Good Night, and Good Luck" review page.

10/16/05: Gary Chew reviews the new George Clooney movie about CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow and the Joseph McCarthy era, "Good Night, and Good Luck".

10/15/05: Gary Chew reviews Gailard Sartain's new movie, "Elizabethtown".

10/13/05: Archived Guestbook 193. There were over 10,000 unique visitors in the previous 3 days as a result of the Boing Boing mention.

10/12/05: Bob Anderson of the Speakeasy Singers (heard in the 1971 Mazeppa sound clips on the Coffee House page) is still active with Bobby and Blue Ridge Tradition. Thanks to MJ Sartain for this info.

10/11/05: Added amazing satellite photos from Google Earth to the Skyline pages for orientation and archeology. Bryan Crain sent more info about a couple of the pictures.

10/10/05: Two new pages about the long-gone Skyline Amusement Park in Jenks, with pix from Bryan Crain. The Skyline pages were featured on Boing Boing late this afternoon. Learn how to use your VCR to record radio while you are away on the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page.

10/7/05: Added to the Coffee House page: an intro, plus another fine song from the Speakeasy Singers on the Mazeppa show in late 1971: "Crosses Made of Wood". Mazeppa pokes a bit of fun.

10/6/05: On the new Honest John's, Starship and Oz page, hear an excerpt from King Crimson's "Easy Money" (memorably used in 70s "Inner City Mall" commercials) and see Leon Newton, "Oz" creator. Read more about Scooter Segraves and hear an MP3 message from him on the 2005 Tulsa Radio Icons page. Updated Site Map to reflect the new lineup.

10/4/05: New lineup on Channel Changer 2.

10/3/05: Alan Lambert's "Big Band Saturday Night" is moving to KWGS-FM 89.5 on 10/8 at 8 pm. Noted in the current Guestbook (#193), on the Bulletin Board, and on the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page.

10/1/05: Archived Guestbook 192 with comments, links and pictures of Casa Bonita, which just closed (but will reopen as Casa Viva).

9/26/05: Sidebar about an early 70s Cain's Coffee commercial (plus MP3) added to the Coffee House page. Wilhelm Murg's Guestbook note is now the basis of a new page: Honest John's, Starship and Oz.

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