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10/25/02: Stevo's Nightmare City Halloween show will be on the internet...see the Bulletin Board (main page). His web site is currently a bit bandwidth-challenged, but the internet radio links will work.

10/24/02: Updated info about Jerry Pippin's radio show on KBIX-Muskogee and his on-demand, internet-streamed show on the Links page. Added info about Stevo Wolfson's Internet Halloween radio show to the Bulletin Board.

10/23/02: Featuring the Ma-Hu Mansion page for Halloween on the main page...more to come.

10/19/02: "Puckerama", an international whistling festival, is happening in Tulsa this weekend, October 17-20. For more info, visit the Puckerama site. Noted on the Bulletin Board also. Whistler Robert Stemmons is a reader of this site. Photos of last year's Puckerama (attended by the webmaster) can be seen here.

10/17/02: Added  Gov. David Hall medallion to the page with the David Hall campaign song and KVOO studio photo.

10/14/02: KTUL's First Alert Citycam captured a Tulsa sunrise from Lookout Mountain this morning. Added link to the top of the 8's The Place page.

10/12/02: Archived Guestbook 116.

10/11/02: New photos of the "Un(cola)-Puzzle" from David Bagsby in the current (#116) Guestbook. New "8's The Place" graphic on the main page. New photo of Bob Hower in his biplane plus autograph on the Behind the scenes page.

10/2/02: Courtesy of KRMG's Joe Riddle via Alan Lambert, see a new photo of Captain Alan and Oom-A-Gog! Later added a bit more contrast to the pic.

10/1/02: The creator of Tootlevision returns with a new concept in the current Guestbook: TacoTV, also featured on the main page. Send a free FAX to your U.S. Representative in favor of the Relief for Small-Business Webcasters Act. More on the Bulletin Board and at www.saveinternetradio.org.

9/30/02: Archived Guestbook 115.

9/24/02: At the bottom of the Ma-Hu Mansion page: new CD from David Bagsby: "The Ma-Hu Vishnu Orchestra: Scream in the Dark" (also appears on the Tulsa Project page). Mr. B. found some great old pics of the mansion, added to the Ma-Hu page.

9/19/02: Valerie Sloan (Jim "Zeta" Ruddle's daughter) told an interesting story on her father in the current (#115) Guestbook. It can now also be seen on the Other kiddie shows page.

9/17/02: Added John Hillis' 1977 Drillers press card to the Tulsa Oiler baseball page. Margaret Radford's photo and recent email are now on the 1st News page.

9/16/02: Recent photo of Sam Stewart, Bill Hyden, Bob Shaw and Joe Carter in the current Guestbook with a note from Bill Hyden.

9/13/02: Fixed the TTM Search Help. We heard from Granny Lion and from Margaret Radford in the current Guestbook (#115).

9/10/02: Archived Guestbook 114.

9/6/02: We first heard from Robert Jennings in Guestbook 111. He is a cameraman with ABC News, 20/20, Nightline and Primetime. He has other amazing credits. Robert covered Vietnam, the fall of Cambodia and Saigon, travelled with Bobby Kennedy in 1968, spent a year with Reagan in '80. He covered Patty Hearst and the SLA, Charles Manson and O.J.  He just sent a picture of a TV camera he owns that is exactly like the one he used to shoot Jim Hartz' audition for the Today show at KOTV in 1962; see it on the Jim Hartz page.

9/1/02: Archived Guestbook 113. New pic of Marvin McCullough there, courtesy of Scott Evans. The main page has a new look.

8/31/02: Added a few more recent Guestbook comments to the new Ma-Hu Mansion page.

8/29/02: Photo of Jim Back with the obituary from the newspaper is in the Guestbook. Comments from him appear on 62 different pages of this site; use this search to see them. What a loss. I'm glad that he shared so many stories with us.

8/28/02: New page on the old haunted Ma-Hu Mansion, including a detailed 1999 story from the Tulsa World (by permission). This page is also linked from Channel Changer 2 with a new icon.

8/26/02: We learned in the Guestbook from Chuck Fullhart that Jim Back, KRMG newsman for many years, passed away. Jim contributed numerous stories to this site, a couple of which (The Lone Ranger at the Tulsa State Fair, Club cards) became pages unto themselves. We'll miss him and remember him.

8/23/02: Archived Guestbook 112. A link to the Tulsa Children's Theatre site where you can see Uncle and Mrs. Zeb today (about halfway down the page)...was added to the main Uncle Zeb page. Added Weirdsville to the pages mentioned on 8/21, plus the Fantastic Theater and Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s pages...more good Internet radio listening. Added links to the Prologue page.

8/21/02: Added The Swank Pad Internet radio link to the Luxuria Music tribute page, the Space Ghost/Millionaire page, the Fantastic Theater page and the Tulsa Tiki page. Like a variety show for the Internet: comedy, vintage commercials, soundtracks, sound bites, lounge classics, new mixes, mild dance tunes, tropical treats, torch singers, crooners, French, Spanish...

8/18/02: Pared down the Prologue page. Added actual KTUL illustration of the June 8, 1974 tornado to Sonny's comment in Guestbook 112, courtesy of Peter D. Abrams. Updates on Guy Atchley, Margaret Radford, Doug Dodd, Jeff Rosser and Chris Lincoln on the 1st News page. Updated the list of all Tulsa-area radio stations on the Links page.

8/17/02: Diane Elliott Ward visited the Guestbook for the first time yesterday. Added her note to the 8's The Place page with a photo. She also sent a note about the pic of Phyllis Watson at the top of News page 2. Added new pic of Phyllis with Guy Atchley, plus a rather purple scripted intro for Guy (courtesy of Jim Reid and Peter Abrams).

8/15/02: New pics of the "Bundys" at the Rose Bowl from Mark Hyatt on the "UHF" page, along with new comments from him. Added beatnik's "UHF" Geocaching Tulsa Tour to the bottom of the UHF Locations page. David Bagsby and this site were again mentioned in the John Wooley/Thomas Conner column in today's Tulsa World. Corrected last week's article "Tull's take" accordingly.

8/12/02: Fixed the TTM Search Engine on the Guestbook Archive page.

8/9/02: Added Shasta Root Beer link to Mitch Schauer's comment about it in Guestbook 110. The link is to Wes Clark's Avocado Memories, a site that was an inspiration for this one.

8/8/02: David Bagsby was featured in an item by John Wooley in today's Tulsa World: "Tull's take" View a personal note and autographed photo of Ian Anderson, leader of Jethro Tull from this new page. TTM was mentioned. I put a link to the story on the TTM in the media page and The Tulsa Project page.

8/6/02: New Tulsa Project CD from David Bagsby: "The Lamb Fries Down on Broadway".

8/5/02: Added Susan Newberry Hedrick's Guestbook comments about Jim Hartz to the bottom of his page. Archived Guestbook 111.

8/1/01: A long-overdue Jim Hartz page is now linked from the 1st News page! Later: added more great pictures and commentary. A "People" magazine cover  from Jim's days on the Today Show is on the main page. The link to Captain Ben's page moves to the top of the Other kiddie shows page for the time being.

7/29/02: Intra-site links from directing credits for Boris Sagal (father of "Peg Bundy") added  to the UHF page. Also added comments about Tulsan Wilma Jeanne Cummins' appearance on The Tonight Show late last year.

7/28/02: Added Glencliff ice cream pic to the Ice Cream page. Rediscovered my pics of Peg and Al Bundy taken at the Rose Bowl in 1987...now on the "UHF" page.

7/24/02: Minor reorg of the material under the About TTM link at the top of the main page.

7/20/02: Archived Guestbook 110, where I just added several pictures of Tulsa radio's (and TV's) Dick Evans to the comments about him. New picture of his Big 7 DJ patch on the KAKC page with a link to the Guestbook comments. Added a modern-day shot of Gary Chew to the just-archived Guestbook. Put in a better quality version of the picture of me that was with the Tulsa World article, courtesy of the author, Tim Stanley.

7/17/02: New article in the Tulsa World Midtown Community section today about this web site! Link also on the Bulletin Board on the main page. Added KOTV ad profiling Gary Chew to Guestbook 110.

7/13/02: New Captain Ben page, thanks to his alter ego, Bob Jernigan! Featured on the main page. Later...added another photo to the page.

7/12/02: Yahoo! Pick of the Week graphic and link added to the Bulletin Board on the main page.

7/4/02: Still on my honeymoon, but thought I would check in.

6/25/02: New Admiral Twin Drive-In aerial photo (idea courtesy of Ron Gross of The Michigan Drive-In Theater Guide) near the top of the Tulsa Drive-In Theatre page.

6/24/02: Archived Guestbook 109.

6/21/02: Added comments by Tina Ervin-Platt, webmaster for the Admiral Twin Drive-In web site, to the Tulsa Drive-In Theatre page (see 6/16 for links).

6/18/02: Just remembered that 70s club 20th Century Electric Company had a live drummer along with a DJ.

6/16/02: Added Tulsa Oiler and future St. Louis Cardinal Don Dennis' Pepsi baseball card to the Tulsa Oiler Baseball page. Added the original Shelter Records logo, new 7Up Gizzer Blinkie picture and Ronco's Trimcomb to to the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page, and put the relevant links at the bottom. Added the Admiral Twin Drive-In Theatre's web site and a new link with great pictures of the Twin to the Tulsa Drive-In Theatres page.

6/15/02: High school photo of a well-known Tulsan on the main page.

6/11/02: Last week was a big one for TTM. First, Yahoo! Picks, then a huge number of hits from WeirdLinks.com (caution: this web site is aptly named). Yesterday, an amazing number of folks mailed the URL to others. New Oklahoma History WebRing added to the Rings page.

6/5/02: Sue Staggs Harris, a memorable sight in Carl Bartholomew's "8's The Place" promotions of the late 70s, remains so today. She is now Executive Director of "Friends of Oklahoma Music, Inc." Added a URL with Sue's picture and bio to her comments on the 8's The Place page.

6/4/02: Moved the Griffin's Foods/Twilight Zone RealVideo clip from this page (the 4/24/02 entry) to the 8's The Place page. Added the Yahoo! Picks link to the TTM in the Media page.

6/3/02: Hey, TTM is the Yahoo! Picks Editor's Choice today...quite an honor. The hits are going through the roof! Jacqueline Scott was a reporter on the Total 8 Tulsa 10 O'clock Newscast, Friday, June 15, 1978 (subject of a new page on this site). She just emailed comments about it, now added as a sidebar on the Total 8 Tulsa page.

6/2/02: Added KPIG link and text to the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page. TTM is now featured in the Yahoo Directory under http://dir.yahoo.com/News_and_Media/Television/History/.

6/1/02: Did a lot of work behind the scenes reorganizing the site...all of it "transparent to the user". All Guestbook pages now have light blue instead of dark blue links.

5/30/02: Archived Guestbook 108.

5/29/02: Added Uncle Zeb's PG-13 rated story about Ladies' Mud Wrestling at the Cain's to the Liquor-by-the-wink club card page .

5/25/02: Sonny Hollingshead's MP3 audio of the Total 8 Tulsa 10 O'clock News for Friday, June 15, 1978 has been reduced from a forbidding 29 meg in size to a mere 3.63. This is easily within the capability of a dial-up modem to download. Quite a few new pictures, too. Fixed a few photo link errors elsewhere on the site with the aid of the error log.

5/24/02: Flowbee ad now at the bottom of the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page. (1/20/2004: Moved to the KGCT page)

5/22/02: TTM contributor John Boydston of Daddy a Go Go will perform a tune on KOTV's "6 in the Morning" show Friday around 7:15 am, and will also be on KMOD 97.5 for a bit at 8:30 or so.

5/19/02: Added reader Rod Stites' photo from within the Casa Del club at 11th and Yale (later the Golden Drumstick and The Middle Path) to Guestbook 98.

5/18/02: Added Tulsa Tiki icon to Channel Changer 2. Updated the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and Today page with info about KVOO-AM's recent demise.

5/15/02: Gailard Sartain and our new mayor will open the 30th annual Mayfest on Thursday, May 16 at Bartlett Square, 12:00 noon. Also noted on the Bulletin Board and the Guestbook.

5/14/02: Added a printable Drive-In Kit list to the Tulsa Drive-In Theatres page. I actually use it, and thought others might also find it useful.

5/13/02: Archived Guestbook 107.

5/12/02: New MAINTAIN icon on Channel Changer 2.

5/11/02: Added KELi Silver Dollar survey to the KELi page. Added Sonny's picture to yesterday's new page. New email address for the webmaster: mike@tulsaTVmemories.com. The old one will continue to work for quite a while, but please update your address book. Updated the Tulsa Drive-In page with a link to Drive-Ins.com and The Evil Sam Graham's new drive-in website.

5/10/02: From Sonny Hollingshead: an MP3 audio of the Total 8 Tulsa 10 O'clock News for Friday, June 15, 1978 (the whole thing, including commercials!) Read Sonny's notes on the page as you sit back and listen. I'll flesh out the presentation with pictures shortly. This new page will ultimately be linked from the 8's The Place page.

5/7/02: Added link to Henry Mark's internet radio show to the Creature Feature page.

5/4/02: Updated the Creature Feature page with corrected info from Henry Mark, who played the "kid" on the "Inflatable Dog Doll" sketch with Jim Millaway, and an 'OK' from Bruce Westbrook, author of the article. Edwin Fincher has a new email address for correspondence about the 1973 KTUL program, "MAINTAIN: A concert of video realizations": Maintainshow@aol.com, also noted on the MAINTAIN/Counterculture page.

5/3/02: Added link to a recent article by Wilhelm Murg in High Times Magazine plus commentary about it on the Counterculture of the 70s page.

5/2/02: Former Tulsan Lorrie Akins sent Tiki-related photos, now on the Tulsa Tiki page.

5/1/02: Major Tulsa Tiki news: Kevin Reiswig owns the two giant Tikis from the now-defunct Jade East Restaurant. He sent a photo of one of them...now on the Tulsa Tiki page!

4/30/02: Jim Hartz grew up in the neighborhood of McCormick Cleaners here in Tulsa. His dad was friends with the McCormicks, who are in this photo on the Newsmen page with my grandmother, who worked for Mr. McCormick. Added some of Jim's recent comments to that page.

4/28/02: New photo of Scott Yates, aka Bob Scott (courtesy of Si Hawk), in Guestbook 107.

4/27/02: Bill McCright has new comments on the Election set picture in the KVOO Photo Album.

4/25/02: Archived Guestbook 106.

4/24/02: (Moved the Griffin's Foods/Twilight Zone video clip formerly in this spot to the 8's The Place page.)

Added link at the bottom of the Tulsa Tiki page to Internet Radio Hawai`i. Archived What's New page (see below).

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