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4/22/02: Added Mitch Schauer's comments about Big Bill and Oom-A-Gog artist Ben Brown to the Oom-A-Gog page.

4/20/02: Featured on the main page: 1973's "MAINTAIN: A concert of video realizations". Read about it at the top of the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page. Also added the Shelter Church Studio banner to that page.

4/18/02: Reader Bill McCright ID'd two of the guys in an OTASCO promo shot in the KVOO Photo Album. The two puppets are still unidentified.

4/17/02: New pics by Lowell Burch from local Tulsa Public Schools production "High School Highlights" are in the current (#106) Guestbook. A 1937 poster of the much-discussed Tulsa Easter Pageant is now in Guestbook 104. Added Jerry Oberg's Guestbook comments to the UHF page.

4/7/02: Archived Guestbook 105 a little prematurely in order to get back to the no-ad style Guestbook.

4/1/02: Switched to a different Guestbook again; it was not letting the same person sign more than once (no fooling). You will always get to the proper Guestbook by going through the links on this site.

3/31/02: Postcard of the Coliseum added to Frank Morrow's comments on The Rasslin' Page.

3/30/02: Emily Webb took new pictures of the "UHF" transmitter site. Ben Randle identified a "UHF" location. Added annotated, zoomable maps of "UHF" locales to the latter page.

3/29/02: Archived Guestbook 104.

3/28/02: Weird Al's "UHF" is coming out on DVD 6/4/02. The price from Amazon.com is only $11.21! Read about it and/or pre-order it on the 1st UHF page (or in the TTM Gift Shop). Johnny Martin's page gets a new comment from Dennis Eckert and Jim Back's explanation of Swanson TV dinners' connection to Tulsa.

3/26/02: This link isn't new, but you may not have seen it: Elizabeth MacLeod's Old Time Radio Moments of the Century. Most of the events recounted are way before my time, but her evocative writing makes me wish I had been there. Radio has a romance to it that the more literal television cannot equal. Freed from the visual, your mind has room to contemplate the mystery of those voices from the ether. The link can also be found on the 1952 radio schedule page (see 3/24).

Added new postcards of the Will Rogers Motor Court and the Rio Motel in the Tulsa Motels-Restaurants Album, and a KAKC survey from 7/21/71 to Photo Album 2 in the Photo Briefcase (also found on Channel Changer 2).

3/25/02: Added Lowell's update that the "UHF" transmitter site has been razed.

3/24/02: Added magazine ad for KVOO's "Sleepwalkers' Serenade" to the 1952 radio schedule page. Jim Hartz signed the Guestbook (#104) last week. Jim got his start reporting on Channel 6's "Sun Up" and as 6's news anchor/director in the early 60s. He later hosted NBC's "The Today Show" for almost three years in the mid-70s. Added a picture of him and more background to Newsmen page 1.

3/21/02: Updated the Tulsa Tiki page with current Tulsa Tiki-related restaurant info (near the bottom of the page).

3/19/02: Added link on Mazeppa page 3 to Stevo's discography of Mazeppa music in Guestbook 89. Also added Stevo email comments to the George Harrison in Tulsa page. Archived Guestbook 103. Added John Young's anecdote about Don Woods to the Weather page.

3/11/02: In honor of Bob Hower's arrival in the Guestbook (#103), added a link to his book about the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot in the Gift Shop and near his picture on Newsmen and women, page 2. Also added an "About Bob Hower" link to the latter. The photographer for the book Tulsa Art Deco, David Halpern, just gave permission to show his photo of the KVOO radio transmitter site. Check out the Gift Shop to read about the book.

3/9/02: Added the Pagoda to the Tulsa Motels-Restaurants Photo Album. Moved the Coney Island pictures taken by Mike Bruchas into that album also.

3/8/02: The prolific Wilhelm Murg wrote a review of Daddy A Go Go's new "Big Rock Rooster" (also linked from the Bulletin Board on the main page).

His review of David Bagsby's "Keystone Lake & Palmer" appears here and in this month's Cool & Strange Music magazine, for which Wilhelm also wrote the cover story about musician Wendy Carlos. Not to be left out, David Bagsby himself has an article in the same magazine about Moog synthesizers.

3/7/02: Upgraded the quality (up to 56K modem-friendly size) of the "Oklahoma Memories" clip linked from the In the Media and Lee Woodward interview pages. The sound was ragged at the smaller size. Check out the morphing pictures on the Lee page if you haven't seen them before.

3/6/02: Cleaned up some link rot (broken links) on the Other sites of interest page.

3/5/02: Further updated the Other sites of interest page with links to the webmaster's reports about Trek Expo 2001, and Am I Right?, a database of misheard song lyrics. Added link to the Guestbook Archive to the What's New page (where you are).

3/4/02: Updated the Other sites of interest page with links for The Whistler Robert Stemmons.

3/3/02: Improved picture of Dick Schmitz at the top of the KAKC page. Added different colored banners for this site that I forgot I had made...feel free to use one of them if you like.

3/2/02: Archived Guestbook 102. Added Lorrie Akins' Guestbook comments to the Tulsa Tiki page. Links about the upcoming release of "UHF" on DVD added to the UHF page, courtesy of Greg Webb.

3/1/02: I'm doing some behind the scenes reorganization that you will not notice, with any luck.

2/28/02: The new TTM site  (http://webdub.com/tulsatv) is completely functional now. I'd say the new site is a good bit faster without all the overhead of ads and Javascript at Tripod. tulsaTVmemories.com also goes to the new site (and is easier to remember).

2/26/02: Just heard from Rodney Lay (of Rodney and the Blazers fame) in the Guestbook. Added his comments to the Dance Party page.

2/22/02: TTM is moving. I will have updates about the move on Tulsa Media Archive.

2/18/02: Added the KTUL sign-off with Ray Charles, photographed by Glenn McReynolds in the late 70s, to the 8's The Place page. Coincidentally, it was broadcast on this day in 1979!

2/17/02: Archived Guestbook 101.

2/15/01: On the Bulletin Board: new CD from Daddy A Go Go, featuring former Channel 8 news producer John Boydston.

2/14/01: See the Cy Tuma/Henry Mancini "Dreamsville" KTUL sign-off from 1979 on the "8's The Place" page. More about "Dreamsville" in the TTM Gift Shop.

2/5/02: A glitch in the search engine has been resolved. Did a number of cosmetic touch-ups around the site.

2/3/02: Jim Ruddle note about Miss Ronan added to Tulsa Radio: Central High alumni page. Gave myself quite an aura on the Tiki page.

2/2/02: Added a few touch-ups and small pic of the Trade Winds to the KAKC page, with a link back to the relevant section of the Tulsa Tiki page.

2/1/02: Added Frank Morrow's Guestbook comments to the Tulsa Radio: Central High alumni page.

1/30/02: New Zoo Days with Uncle Zeb page, courtesy of Cindy Kennedy, Communications Director of Tulsa Zoo Friends...new pictures added later in the day. If you have your 3D glasses, click on that Ice Ship poster on the Counterculture page. If not, get them free here.

1/29/02: Archived Guestbook 100.

1/28/02: Mined the Guestbooks for comments to add to the Counterculture page, added Leon pic and link.

1/26/02: The long-promised Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page has arrived! Linked from that page is a new article by Wilhelm Murg about new and used record stores in Tulsa, Turning Base Vinyl Into Gold. Links to "Knocking the rock" and George Harrison in Tulsa have moved to the new page, as has the Liquor-by-the-wink cards icon (temporarily).

1/25/02: Added Lee Woodward's Guestbook comments to the Tulsa Tiki page.

1/24/02: Here's a real treat: five 30-second Lee & Lionel spots for South Park Lincoln Mercury (1988) at the top of the Lee & Lionel main page.

1/23/02: Some new Jade East info on the Tulsa Tiki page. Coming attraction: a picture of the Kon-Tiki Koni head! What, you may well ask, is Tiki culture? The link will bring much enlightenment.

1/22/02: New (to this site) 1989 article about Big Bill Blair and the Kitty Clover Kiddies' Auction by John Wooley now linked from the Oom-A-Gog page. The story about Billy Hargis and the Oom-A-Gog suit by John Wooley moves to its own page. Both stories reprinted by permission of Mike Kimbrell of the Tulsa World.

1/21/02: Added Kitty Clover and Shopper's Fair logos, and part of a '62 TV schedule to the Oom-A-Gog page, along with Guestbook comments about the Kitty Clover Kiddies' Auction and a query about Brewster's Toys. New Joe Patterson Pepsi baseball card on the Oiler baseball page.

1/20/02: Made the frame version of the Site Map more descriptive. Now using a clone of it for the non-frame Site Map.

1/17/02: Some new, and hopefully more iconic icons on the Channel Changer buttons. Added recent Golden Driller stories to The Tulsa Project page (to go along with its new icon on Channel Changer 2).

1/16/02: Buttonized the Channel Changers.

1/15/02: Archived Guestbook 99...we are now starting Guestbook 100!

1/14/02: New research on the Kon Tiki Koni , plus a new Trade Winds story on the Tulsa Tiki page. Picture of the Modernaire Drive-In Theatre, which became the Admiral Twin, on the Tulsa Drive-Ins page. Added link to a relatively new pop culture magazine, Worldly Remains, to the Then Came Bronson page. WR has an extensive interview with Michael Parks in their first issue.

1/12/02: Added to the Zeb page some Guestbook comments and an Amazon.com link to a movie starrring Al Clauser (Uncle Zeke) and the Oklahoma Outlaws. Added Gailard Sartain comment about his paintings on the Mazeppa show to Mazeppa page 1. Added Rodney Echohawk's comments about his uncle, artist Brummett Echohawk, to the Oom-A-Gog page. Easier-to-read, more compact font for the Site Map frame. Added two books, The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales and 2095 to the TTM Gift Shop. They were illustrated by Lane Smith, who, I recently learned, is my second cousin.

1/9/02: New color photo of Spanky McFarland taken by Gailard Sartain, on the Other Kiddie Shows page. Replaced a bad link there with a link to a brief, but interesting bio of Spanky that mentions his stint in Tulsa. Also added link to a book about Spanky and Our Gang by Leonard Maltin.

1/8/02: The Guestbook appears to be back to normal this morning, but feel free to email your comments to me for posting if you have any trouble. To be safe, you can left-click and hold, and Select (highlight) them, then right-click and Copy to save them before submitting. Or just type them as a note then paste a copy into the Guestbook form.

1/7/02: New review by Wilhelm Murg of David Bagsby's "Keystone Lake & Palmer" CD! Wilhelm can be seen peeking out the window of the Bowen Lounge in the current Guestbook (#99). Split off new Other work by David Bagsby page. New background on Josef Peter Hardt (from the Congressional Record!) on the Fantastic Theater page. Added a bit to this site's very early history at the bottom of the first What's New page. Added button to break out of the Site Map frame whenever you wish. However, it doesn't work when you have a non-TTM site in your main window. Unfortunately, I know of no way around that in JavaScript.

1/6/02: The frame version works with 800 X 600, especially if you click and drag to make the left frame skinnier, but it is going to be best at higher resolution. I've never been a fan of frames, but they have something to offer as a menu for a large site.

1/5/02: New: Site Map as a left frame (optional). Recommended for 1024 X 768 resolution or better. This is a good way to see a lot of TTM you may have missed. Created separate Search Engine and Email pages for the Site Map frame. Simplified the main page.

1/1/02: We start the new year with a new Guestbook. The old one has decided that it doesn't like to hear from any given individual very often. As a result, archived Guestbook 98 a bit early. David Bagsby has released a new Tulsa-themed CD: Keystone Lake & Palmer! Picture on the main page.

12/30/01: Found a note from a former Tulsan about the Jade East on the internet; added pic of the Trade Winds Motor Hotel to the Tulsa Tiki page.

12/28/01: The Jade East page has been retitled the Tulsa Tiki page. Added recent comments about the Kon-Tiki burger/coney place, plus material about the TV show, "Hawaiian Eye".

12/27/01: Added a personal story to the  Jade East page.

12/24/01: For reader Ray Haas (High Flight Productions) and anyone who zoned out after watching Monty Python on KOED Channel 11 in the 70s, "High Flight" in RealVideo is now on the "8's The Place" page. The jet has been updated, but the soundtrack has not.

12/20/01: George Harrison in Tulsa page now accessible from the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and Today page, or from the Site Map (updated).

12/17/01: Archived Guestbook 97.

12/15/01: What says Christmas like Popeil/Ronco products on TV? (Maybe Marshall Brodien's TV Magic Cards.) Popeil's Kitchen Magician can now be seen at the bottom of the 1st Mazeppa page! If you would like to see many such items on the site, try "Ronco" or "Popeil" in the search engine above.

12/11/01: The webmaster is back from vacation. Lionel appears as Santa on the main page. The TTM Christmas card featuring Frank Morrow and the KRMG Newsmobile is linked from the stocking on the Bulletin Board. New outside picture of the Rose Bowl on the 1st UHF page. Moved info about Gailard Sartain's art show at TU to Mazeppa page 3. Tinkered with the Origin page and the TTM: In the Media page. Added RealVideo of my home movie of George Harrison's concert in Tulsa, November 21, 1974.

11/26/01: Added Jade East and Hai Karate colognes to the Jade East page (linked from the Fantastic Theater page as a Tulsa example of tiki-type bars). Rocket radio pic added to Guestbook 37 as well as the current (#97) Guestbook.

11/23/01: Archived Guestbook 96. TTM joined the Tiki WebRing (see the WebRings page).

11/21/01: Added 1963 Tulsa Oiler card of Pepper Martin to Pepper's sour dough biscuit recipe. Added Ken Sutherland's comments to the KELi page.

11/20/01: Put the TV dinner pic on the 1970 TV schedule along with Mr. Microphone.

11/19/01: Find out how to have your own free Tulsa TV Memories screen saver in Guestbook 96.

11/18/01: A mild suggestion on the Bulletin Board to do your Amazon.com Christmas shopping via TTM; the webmaster benefits at no cost to you, so it is an easy way to support this free site. Updated the Site Map. New top banner on the main page to remind you that there is now an easy-to-remember URL for this site: tulsaTVmemories.com.

11/15/01: New video: on Mazeppa page 3, a scene from "King of the Hill" with Gailard Sartain as the supervisor, and on the Uncola card page, the opening sequence from first season "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."

11/14/01: Added TTM "business" card with the new URL, plus a whistled snippet of  The Joe Krieger Sportsman Show theme to the Uncola card page.

11/11/01: Mazeppa paid a visit to the Guestbook (#96) today!

Archived this page to keep it fast-loading...you can see the myriad changes to this site via the "Previous What's New" link at the bottom. Re-indexed search engine.

Tinkered with "The Millionaire"/Space Ghost page (Tulsa TV relevance: virtually nil, "Exotica" relevance: high) by adding a link to the psychotronic mission statement of the late, lamented Luxuria Music, captured via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine (an amazing site).

11/9/01: Added pics from Jade East at 41st & Memorial to the Tulsa Motels/Restaurants Photo Album. It was an exotic Chinese/Polynesian tiki-type restaurant...no longer there. Also see them on this new page with an alarmingly satisfied customer.

11/7/01: Lee Bayley is retiring from radio this year. His farewell message is at the bottom of the Lee Bayley page. An update on the mystery spaceman at KVOO-TV was received from Cadet Ed.

11/5/01: Added a bit of verbiage and a picture to the account of the "Enterprise" premiere at the Cinemark Theatre last month.

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