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11/3/01: Archived Guestbook 95.

11/2/01: Updated Bulletin Board with info on Gailard Sartain's art show at the Alexandre Hogue Gallery through December 8. Also put a flyer for the event on the main page.

10/31/01: Stevo has a special Halloween broadcast on the internet at 8 pm this evening.

10/30/01: New shortcut URL for this site: http://tulsaTVmemories.com. Case is not important in URLs. Most browsers will allow you to type in only tulsaTVmemories.com and get you here. If you put the URL in an email to someone, use http://tulsaTVmemories.com, as this will often make the URL clickable for the recipient.

10/24/01: It's that time again..."Scream in the Dark" is on the main page. The picture is linked to Stevo Wolfson's "Nightmare City Halloween" page.

10/20/01: Added a photo album of pix from Puckerama 2001 to the Bulletin Board on the main page.

10/15/01: Rea Blakey is now reporting on health issues at CNN, as noted by Mike Bruchas back in Guestbook 86...picture on the main page.

10/14/01: Archived Guestbook 94. New picture of the guy who used to stand on his head while yodeling and playing guitar at the Turner Turnpike toll gate...on the "UHF" page. Added pic and sound bite of a shoemaker from an episode of the UPN show, "Blind Date", to the bottom of the Drive-In page. It's a bit silly.

10/12/01: New Nelson's Buffeteria page, including a reprint of a Tulsa World article by permission of Mike Kimbrell. It is linked from the top of Newsmen page 1.

10/11/01: In the Guestbook, we just heard from a Segment Producer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno who is always looking for the unusual/human-interest type guest. Know of anyone? Please email either her or me, if so.

10/8/01: The KTUL license plate on the main page is for sale at eBay until tomorrow! I'm not selling it; thought you might like to know about it.

10/5/01: Switched back to what I think is the best Guestbook format. If you wish, send Guestbook entries to me via email if the Guestbook isn't working when you want to submit. Thanks for your patience. I found that GuestPage, our Guestbook host, had suffered a virus attack on their servers.

New KTUL license plate on the main page. Mike Denney moves to the Mr. Zing & Tuffy page. Added Parkey's Restaurant and Tulsa Motel to the Tulsa Motel/Restaurant Photo Album. Added info on Puckerama 2001 (Oct. 18-21) to the Bulletin Board.

10/4/01: Archived Guestbook 93 and switched back to a better Guestbook format, now available again. Kirk Demarais just sent in a picture of the Bell's "White Lightnin'" bumpersticker, seen in the current (#94) Guestbook.

10/3/01: Guestbook problems for the last 12 hours, but back to normal now, I think (as of 2:00 p.m., 10/3), with nothing lost.

10/1/01: Due to popular demand (i.e., Lowell), created image morphing Lee into Lionel and vice-versa.

9/30/01: Archived Guestbook 92, then switched to yet another Guestbook host, Bravenet. The previous one looked good, but was high maintenance, and I'm sure most of you can appreciate the trade-off involved.

9/28/01: Created, then improved a new image of Paul Harvey morphing from adolescence to maturity and back near the top of the Tulsa Radio: Central High Alumni page...it's pretty spooky! One more adventure in morphing on the King Lionel Lives page...it's almost as if I knew what I was going to do with the images beforehand! I promise not to overdo it, but these images were just begging for this treatment.

9/27/01: New photo from Mike Bruchas on the main page: Tony Randall and Mike Denney (who commented on the picture via email after seeing it out there.) Added Amazon.com search engine to the Bulletin Board.

9/23/01:We are now on a new-look Guestbook; try the link above.

9/22/01: A new Tulsa Motel/Restaurant Photo Album in the Photo Briefcase! These mostly Admiral and 11th Street (old Route 66) establishments were gleaned from eBay over a period of months.

9/18/01: Switched to a backup Guestbook. Nothing is lost.

9/15/01: Archived Guestbook 91.

9/8/01: Added David Bagsby's and Stevo's comments about the Sipes Cartoon Hut and pictures to the Brownie projector page linked from the Drive-in page. Added Mary Stuart Houchins and Edward Dumit to the Tulsa Radio: Central High Alumni page.

9/7/01: Archived Guestbook 90.

9/4/01: Added a snippet of General Cinema's catchy snare and harpsichord "Feature Presentation" jingle to the Drive-in page.

9/1/01: Edward Dumit has arrived in the Guestbook! Added TV Guide Online listings to the top of the Links page.

8/31/01: Commentary from Sonny Hollingshead about the airchecks added to the new Lee Bayley page.

8/27/01: New Lee Bayley page! It includes new pictures of the KAKC Solid Gold album and a station ID (courtesy of Billy G. Spradlin), plus over 13 new minutes of RealAudio airchecks with Lee from around 1970. Lee is also on the main page.

8/25/01: Archived Guestbook 89.

8/22/01: Rocky Stegman's obituary from last year is now linked from the KOTV page. Guestbook contributor Stevo Wolfson had some additional comments about Rocky.

8/17/01: Illustrated Steve in Phoenix' comments about Quik-Trip #1 in Guestbook 84. Added a bit more info about "Shock Theater".

8/16/01: Mitchell Holt contributed a picture of a mid-70s "Scream In The Dark" pass to the bottom of Guestbook 89 (for now).

8/15/01: Archived Guestbook 88. Made a change in the Guestbook; it looks almost the same and works the same.

8/10/01: New article from Wilhelm Murg for Infinity Press: King Lionel Lives! A new song from Lee debuts with the article. L & L grace the main page as well. Archived Guestbook 87.

8/6/01: New Mr. Zing and Tuffy T-shirt drawing, courtesy of Lynne LeMoine. A picture of Bob Mills, host of KOTV's "Shock Theater" and "Sun Up", can now be seen at the bottom of the Fantastic Theater page with Raquel Welch, who worked with Bob Mills in San Diego.

8/4/01: We heard from weatherman Gary Shore in Guestbook 87. His comments have been added to the Weather page. Also added a picture of Harry Volkman from his interview on PBS' "German Americans" to that page.

8/3.01: Archived Guestbook 86...

7/31/01: Dick Van Dera (Uncle Zip) has written in to the Guestbook again...his comments have been added to the Uncle Zeb page.

7/27/01: Zeb on the main page with Wilhelm Murg's Infinity Press article, Being Uncle Zeb.

7/26/01: New pic of the KELi Satellite, courtesy of Jonathan Apple and David Bagsby, on the KELi page. Archived Guestbook 85. Added photo of Kevin McCarthy at Trek Expo 2001 to the UHF page, courtesy of photogragher Bill Powell.

7/25/01: Mr. WebDub.com, Tim Schmitz, has donated a massive quantity of storage for TTM media files. This provides a lot of room for growth on this site, and more radio/TV media files! Already moved three large files over there ("transparent to the user").

7/22/01: Belatedly added pic of Art Linkletter with Lee & Lionel to Mike Bruchas' comments in Guestbook 84.

7/21/01: Added some past Guestbook comments from former mayor Terry Young and KOTV's James Aydelott to the Weather page.

7/20/01: Archived Guestbook 84.

7/19/01: New comments from Barbara Allen-Rosser on News page 2.

7/15/01: Most of the pages of TTM (except for the Guestbooks) are now linked directly from the new Site Map.

7/14/01: New interview with Carl Bartholomew: "Being Uncle Zeb" by Wilhelm Murg of Infinity Press! Archived Guestbook 83, updated Bulletin Board, put a TTM search engine on Channel Changer 2 page.

7/11/01: Added Guestbook comment to the "Coffee Break" sidebar on the Betty Boyd page.

7/8/01: Moved Dale Hogg photo to News, page 2,  and added pics of Sasha Foo and Phyllis Watson. Small touchups on News page 1. An early Mr. Zing & Tuffy photo is on the main page.

There was a front page article in the Tulsa World Saturday about Williams Communications cutting 300 Tulsa jobs. The lead photo shows Rex Daugherty and his family discussing their options...he was among the people laid off. Are you looking for someone with top-notch communication and organization skills, or know someone who is?

Guestbook Tip for when you have typed a lot of text: Just before submitting your comments, first left-click and highlight all your comments, then right-click and Copy them. That way, you can right-click and Paste them again if there is a Guestbook or internet glitch. This is a good practice in any computer application when you have written enough to make losing it aggravating.

7/5/01: Added Jump the Shark to the Other sites of interest page. It can get a bit caustic on this site as visitors try to pinpoint the exact moment when a TV series became overripe. An episode of "Happy Days" had Fonzie jumping his motorcycle over a bunch of cars as a stunt. The network suits then asked themselves how they could pump up even more excitement and ratings. The result: an episode in which Fonzie jumps a shark tank on water skis (while still wearing his black leather jacket). Many other shows have  "jumped the shark" in various awful ways.

7/4/01: Added link to a sound clip of Lee Bayley's on-air farewell at KAKC, courtesy of Erick Church, on the KAKC page (although I haven't gotten it to work yet today). Added TTM search tip just under the logo (you'll see it next time you do a search).

7/3/01: Added Rebel Cola to the bottom of the Pop bottles page. Moved Luxuria Music's "The Millionaire" visits with Space Ghost's twin brother, Chad over to this site after the demise of Luxuria. It's also linked from the Fantastic Theater page.

6/30/01: New link to "UHF" production notes on the "UHF locations" page. New composite picture of Dale Hogg on the main page. Added KGTO-AM 1050 to the list of current radio alternatives on Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today (aka page 5).

6/28/01: Different picture of the Golden Drumstick on the Other kiddie shows page.

6/27/01: Archived Guestbook 82.

6/24/01: Reported on meeting the stars of "2001: A Space Odyssey" in Guestbook 82.

6/22/01: I visited Trek Expo today. Shook hands with Kevin McCarthy, star of "UHF". Presented him with an official share of U-62 stock emblazoned with a picture of his character, R.J. Fletcher, at the receiving end of Tulsan Wilma Jeanne Cummins' displeasure.

Channel 41's "UPN Girls" signed a photo for the webmaster, seen on the Links page.

6/20/01: Lee Bayley comments about KAKC in Guestbook 82. The main page sports a picture of Lee then, and the Guestbook shows him today.

6/18/01: Added comments from Guestbook 39 about Herb Jepko and his Nitecappers' Club to the John Doremus page. Don Norton spotted a new UHF station today: K69GO, Channel 69. This is religious programming. See the Links page for more.

6/17/01: Created new buttons for listening to KBIX-AM/Muskogee via the internet on the Links page and Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today (aka page 5). Added banner for Jerry Pippin's KBIX show to the latter page also.

6/15/01: Gary Busey will be featured on A & E's "Biography" on June 26...noted this on the Bulletin Board. Thanks to Steve "Dallas" Smith for this advance notice.

6/12/01: Added stories from Lowell Burch and Rex Daugherty and a new pic of Billy Barty to the "UHF" locations page.

6/11/01: Archived Guestbook 81.

6/9/01: Billy G. Spradlin, a newcomer to the site and a DJ himself, sent in Zingo and KELi bumperstickers (seen in Guestbook 81) , and a 1975 KAKC jingle (also linked from the top of the KAKC page). Zingo is also on the main page. The NAB Seal of Good Practice moves to the 8's The Place page. The 4 Day Furniture guy moves to Guestbook 76 along with a new shot of "The Auction". Added the GE Superadio to Tulsa Radio, page 5.

6/8/01: Improved the "Lights out, please" sign on the Drive-In page. Coming attraction: new "Tulsa Media Archive" site with audio/video clips and photos related to this site. If I seem a bit coy there about the relationship of the new site to this one, there is good reason: Geocities' "Terms of Service" state that you cannot use a site as a direct gateway to another site.

6/5/01: New at the top of the Links page is a complete listing of Tulsa TV stations with their web sites, plus notes about local programming. This is a good place to get local weather and news. Also rearranged the Other links of interest page. Added Carl Bartholomew's comments about his "Raft of good movies...by George!" promo to the TTM Gift Shop.

6/4/01: Greetings, citizen! Are you a Space Ghost fan? If so, check out this page featuring Luxuria Music's The Millionaire.

6/2/01: New David Bagsby interview by Wilhelm Murg. It is linked from the Bulletin Board and "The Tulsa Project" page, which catalogs most of David's oeuvre.

Mazeppa page 3 now has the links to the Tulsa World and Urban Tulsa stories about Gailard Sartain's painting for the 2001 Mayfest poster, as well as the review of Volume 3 of the Lost Tapes of Mazeppa.

6/1/01: Added actual ticket stub to the Leon Russell at Oiler Park picture in the Photo Briefcase, plus another little Tulsa memento. Linked from the Oiler Park page as well.

5/29/01: Two new photos from Bill Bowers in the Photo Briefcase. Bill's comments about these 1947 photos of the KAKC airplane and downtown Tulsa can be found in the current (#81) Guestbook.

5/28/01: Added 1959 3 Stooges trading card to the history of Lee & Lionel, page 2. Added 1962 Mickey Mantle Topps trading card to the Pop bottles page. 1961 Tulsa Oiler score card on the main page.

5/26/01: Added Ramsey Lewis' "The 'In' Crowd" album to the TTM Gift Shop. This music was used in a Carl Bartholomew-conceived promo for Channel 8's Morning Movie. George Raft was remembered to have conducted and danced at the same time in a 30s movie clip seen in this promo. More about that in the just archived Guestbook 80 or in the Gift Shop. New Lone Ranger at the Tulsa State Fair page linked from the Other kiddie shows page. Lots of cosmetic touch-ups around the site. Archived this page to keep it fast-loading.

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