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5/25/01: Added Tulsa Drillers AA baseball link to the Oiler Park page and made some other minor changes to it.

5/24/01: Upgraded the Amazon.com search engines in the TTM Gift Shop to reflect their full product line. Also created separate DVD and VHS lists for Gailard Sartain and Gary Busey movies. 

5/22/01: Tony Randall appeared in the 1937 Central High Tom Tom, not the 1936; corrected this in Guestbooks 63 and 74 per note from Don Norton. Added recent comments from the Tincher family to the Remembering Gene Tincher page.

5/18/01: On the TTM Gift Shop page 2, replaced the apparently non-existent Kerbango internet radio with the thrifty DXer's choice: the GE Superadio III Portable AM/FM Radio. Archived Guestbook 79. Added the Drive-In Kit to the Drive-In page.

5/17/01: Courtesy of Wilhelm Murg, his Infinity Press story/interview with Gailard Sartain is now linked from the Bulletin Board. This is a good one.

5/16/01: Updated the Bulletin Board about GS and Mayfest. Added Walt's Goobers to the Oiler Park page. Added picture of Leon McAuliffe at the Cimarron Ballroom from around 1951 to the Photo Briefcase.

5/12/01: See the Bulletin Board for Gailard Sartain media appearances scheduled next week. Infinity Press has an excellent article about Mayfest/GS/Mazeppa in their May issue. Added Horn Bros. audience picture (which first appeared on the 1965 TV schedule page) to Mazeppa page 1 .

5/8/01: Archived Guestbook 78.

5/7/01: On the new John Doremus page, added link to a story about Herb Jepko and the Nitecappers Club. I'm not sure this radio show out of Salt Lake City in the 60s and 70s was all that stunning content-wise, but there was a certain romance in picking it up during the wee hours, somewhat akin to that of ham radio.

5/5/01: New scans of Admiral Twin and Capri drive-in movie tickets, plus other Tulsa movie tickets on the Drive-in page.

5/3/01: A section of Gailard Sartain's "RiverView" painting for the Mayfest poster is at the top of the main page. Mayfest info added to the Bulletin Board. You can still hear Lee Woodward sing on the main Lee & Lionel page.

5/2/01: New John Doremus page with several new pictures, linked from Tulsa Radio page 3 and page 5. Added new pictures of the Heatley brothers to the 8's The Place page.

5/1/01: Added link to the Mayfest site on the Bulletin Board.

4/30/01: Got permission to reprint the Tulsa World's Mayfest poster from the heart article here. The story is also linked from the Bulletin Board.

4/29/01: The current Urban Tulsa has a cover story about Gailard Sartain, painter of this year's Mayfest poster. The May issue of Tulsa Cityscape Magazine features the painting on its cover...it's a beauty. Mayfest news will be kept current on the Bulletin Board.

4/28/01: ."Mayfest poster from the heart" is a photo-illustrated article in the Tulsa World about the unveiling of Gailard Sartain's artwork for the Mayfest poster this year! The story expires on 5/3, so catch it while you can. Also noted on the Bulletin Board.

4/27/01: Did the unglamorous job of fixing the format of the first 40 Guestbooks today.

4/25/01: The KOTV page needs a commercial break...let's see what Don Wasson has for us. Lee's presentation on that same page is now augmented by Color Radar. Added "Ugh! U-Need-Um Tires?" ad at Oiler Park to Jim Back's comments about Jim Wheaton on Tulsa Radio Page 5. Hear Johnny Martin say, "It's case night, Friday night in the city, and play night..." on the Johnny Martin page. All today's items courtesy of John Hillis.

4/21/01: Archived Guestbook 77. The Drive-in page has new info and links re the Admiral Twin's earliest incarnation as the Modernaire, back in 1951! Moved the "Creature Features" book link to, unsurprisingly, the Creature Feature page.

4/19/01: Even more pics from John Hillis' tape on the KOTV page...added Michael Parks' CD "Coolin' Soup" to the TTM Gift Shop.

4/18/01: John Hillis sent video of 1977-78 KOTV News. First, some stills on the KOTV page. Made separate pages of the webmaster's "Six in the Morning" appearance and the KOTV 50th anniversary reunion. New pictures of Johnny Martin.

4/17/01: Hijacked one of those pesky banners, dissected it, modified it, and put it to work at the top of the Drive-In page and the "UHF" pages.

4/16/01: Boyce Lancaster, Jr, just forwarded on a picture from the 11/2/59 Tulsa Tribune. It shows Boyce, Sr. as "Circus Jim", riding an elephant in the Tulsa State Fair parade. Bozo can be seen several elephants back. Boyce, Sr. attached a note: "Believe it or not, I rode that elephant 6 miles! I did a lot of standing up after that." See the photo in TTM Photo Album 3 in the Briefcase. Also put the photo link on the "Other kiddie shows" page above the Bozo comments. New Oiler autographs and baseball cards.

4/15/01: Different picture of Lee Woodward on the main page. New picture of Gary Busey in "Bye Bye Birdie" from the 1964 Coffeyville College Dial magazine, on Mazeppa page 2.

4/13/01: Stayed out of trouble this Friday 13th by harvesting a few more links from the Guestbooks and adding them to Other sites of interest. Had to clean up some "link rot". Have also been removing some of the dead links to Tulsa World stories, since the World has gone to a pay-by-the-story archive.

4/11/01: Special treat for faithful TTM readers: Lee Woodward just recorded a Hoagy Carmichael tune, "One Morning in May". Hear it on the TTM main page or on the main Lee & Lionel page!

4/9/01: Added Toni Morrison quote to the Origin page. Illustrated Edwin Fincher's comments about "Maintain - A concert of video realizations" in Guestbook 68. You can get this effect with Windows MediaPlayer.

4/7/01: Archived Guestbook 76...that was quick.

4/5/01: New on the Bulletin Board: Gailard Sartain painted this year's Mayfest poster!!

The webmaster appeared on Jerry Pippin's KBIX-AM 1490 radio show last night. Jerry's "Memories" show is now on from 10 pm - 11:30 pm weeknights. It is also live on the internet; visit the Links page to hear KBIX. More in the current Guestbook (#76).

4/3/01: Archived Guestbook 75. This page has a new look. Tried out a new Guestbook, but it does not have the "Preview" capability, so back to the regular one.

4/1/01: Lewis Meyer authored a sex manual spoof that was once the Penthouse Book of the Month...the book cover and an impish personal dedication appear at the bottom of his page

3/31/01: Let's take a much-needed "Coffee Break" with ONG's Peggy Shaber at the bottom of the Betty Boyd page. New picture of Peter Hardt, host of Fantastic Theater. Moved D.B. Wilkerson to the bottom of The Rasslin' Page.

3/28/01: Mad Magazine's version of Then Came Bronson's opening scene.

3/27/01: Linked a new page, Pop bottles, from the Oiler Park page. Nice addition to the Johnny Martin page by new contributor and former KOTV newsman Larry Thomlinson.

3/26/01: Collected the remarks on this site about Buddy Allison and put them on a new page linked from the KOTV page. The Mack Creager link is there, too. D.B. Wilkerson on the main page. See the Bulletin Board for an exciting Mayfest announcement. Added Dan P. Holmes commercial to the bottom of Newsmen page 1.

3/25/01: Added to Guestbook 65 a portrait of D.B. Wilkerson EXACTLY as he appeared on billboards in the 60s. On the 1st "UHF" page, added banner for the site where you can get a free share of U-62 stock, plus a few touch-ups.

3/23/01: Added Chuck Adams  (KRMG in the 60s) picture to Tulsa Radio page 5. Kevin Johnson's poetic tribute to Uncle Zeb was added to that page.

3/22/01: Added Eldon Hallum link to the UHF page, and some of the webmaster's favorite local radio stations near the top of  Tulsa Radio Page 5, with a link farther on down to Billy Parker's KVOO page. Added video clip from KOTV about Mack Creager to his page. Adjusted the mood on the Johnny Martin page (yes, I know KRMG is not a stereo station).

3/21/01: Archived Guestbook 74. Updated the list of Tulsa TV/radio people and put a link to it near the search engine above.

3/19/01: KOTV production manager and cameraman Buddy Allison passed away last week. He is well-remembered in the current (#74) Guestbook. Added to the Gift Shop: Me and Ted Against the World: The Unauthorized Story of the Founding of CNN by Reese Schonfeld, Chris Chase...TTM contributor John Hillis is part of the story!

3/17/01: Further updates to the "Then Came Bronson" page; reworked the In the Media page.

3/15/01: All media coverage of TTM consolidated on the TTM: In the Media page. Even more new items on the Art of Gailard Sartain page at Mazeppa.com. Did a few near-invisible WebTV touch-ups.

3/13/01: Archived Guestbook 73. Added info about Bob Gregory's book, "Diz", to the Oiler Park page.

3/12/01: Improved quality and slightly lengthened the RealVideo opening of "Then Came Bronson". On that same page, added links to a series of columns by Bob Greene of the Chicago Tribune about this 1970 NBC show starring Michael Parks.

3/9/01: New 1962 Tulsa Oilers Pepsi trading cards on the Oiler Park page...rearranged, and with new links. Got permission from Mike Kimbrell of the Tulsa World to reprint three TTM-related stories today...On the Web: 'Memories' of Mazeppa, A Bagsby Symphony?, and The Sound of Tulsa. The first is a feature about TTM; the others refer to it.

3/4/01: Added new KELi 1971 survey to the KELi page. It has a drawing of the KELi Satellite building at the fairgrounds. The 1977 survey went into the Photo Briefcase. New Gusty drawing at the top of the Weather page.

3/3/01: Mack Creager: In memoriam page created from memories of Mack in the Guestbooks.

3/2/01:  Read an insightful analysis of free-form radio by Stacy Richardson on Tulsa Radio page 5. On that same page is a link to a timely editorial (well, from 1979) entitled "Knocking the rock". The exposition is abetted by the exhibition of two rock specimens (initials: E.C. and L.R.). Just learned that Mack Creager passed away today...hope to have more details soon.

3/1/01: How about some new pictures? Check out the Bowen Lounge at the top of Guestbook 5. It was seen in Francis Ford Coppola's "The Outsiders". Gailard Sartain was in it, too; see him with Mr. Coppola on Mazeppa page 3.On Mazeppa page 1, see Ike Horn of Horn Bros. Furniture, whom Mazeppa impersonated on occasion. On the 1970 TV schedule page, see a new "Mr. Microphone" photo.

2/28/01: Now a total of 8 questions in the Tulsa TV commercial quiz (found on the Brewster's Toy Shop page). Added useful links to this page (above).

2/27/01: Added Roy Majtyka baseball card to the Oiler Park page. John Boydston will be interviewed on KRAV Thursday...see the Bulletin Board for details.

2/26/01: Added new illustrated Gary Busey sidebar from 1978 Rolling Stone magazine to Mazeppa page 2. Further tweaking of the Mazeppa and other pages.

2/25/01: Hey, kids! 1963 Pepsi Tulsa Oilers baseball cards!

2/24/01: Added link to Ken Broo's "Morning Broo" internet radio talk show to the Links page along with a new picture of him.

2/23/01: Archived Guestbook 72. Many little touch-ups throughout the site.

2/21/01: Touch-up on the Zing, Zeb, Lee & Lionel, Sports pages...added a Joe Langley story to the 1st Mazeppa page...added Chuck Fullhart story to a new, separate Johnny Martin page linked from Tulsa Radio page 5 with a new photo of a 1950 magazine featuring KRMG. Several new additions to the Local Television Ring (created by the webmaster). Warm weather "8's The Place" picture on the main page...wishful thinking.

2/18/01: Added pic of Gunn Bros. stamps to David Thayer's comment in Guestbook 67.

2/17/01: Added 2 items to the Photo Briefcase: the 1962 Radio-TV squad featuring Mack Creager, Lee Woodward, Bill Blair, Hal O'Halloran, Len Morton, Red Statum, Jack Campbell, Mike Miller and Bill Hyden (courtesy of the latter); also a letter welcoming a "Wrangler" to Foreman Scotty's Circle 4 Wrangler Club (courtesy of Kathy Shaw). Foreman Scotty was an OKC kiddie show, but Scotty (Steve Powell) started in Tulsa on "The Don Scott Show", pictures of which can be seen on the Other Kiddie Shows page. Added a drawing of Foreman Scotty to that page, too. On the KVOO page, added link to the 1954 telethon picture, plus the ID's.

2/16/01: Rearranged the Links page, added link to Louise Bland's web site. Collected links from the Guestbooks as far back as #54 and put them at the bottom of the Sites by TTM Visitors page (linked from the bottom of the regular Links page). I'll work on this as time permits.

2/15/01: Added a couple of photos to the Photo Briefcase, courtesy of Noel Confer and Bill Hyden: the first telethon on Tulsa TV (1954) and Radio-TV Night at Oiler Park (circa 1954-56). See Guestbook 72 (current) for ID's of these pictures. Rearranged the TTM Gift Shop...added link for Gailard Sartain's movie "Hollywood Knights", finally available again. Added links to show lists of available Gailard Sartain and Gary Busey movies.

2/14/01: Uncle Zeb contributed a slippery story to the current Guestbook (#72). We also heard from Tulsa's 1st TV weatherman, Harry Volkman! Added his comments to the Weather page, and his picture to the main page.

2/13/01: The webmaster is back from vacation...archived Guestbook 71.

All Tulsa World links are broken...As of 2/11/2001, none of the Tulsa World links on this site will work. Searching their archives is free, but reading an entire story now requires a fee. I may leave the links as memos that a story does exist...we'll see.

2/4/01: Updated the Big Bill and Oom-A-Gog page with a new picture from Bill Hyden (of  Lee & Lionel, Capt. Ben and Big Bill), and comments about the recent passing of Bill Blair. Sorry for the delay on this, but being without a home computer at the time, I was unable to make the changes then.

2/3/01: Central High School Tom Tom yearbook pictures of Paul Aurandt and A. Leonard Rosenberg on the Isabelle Ronan page, courtesy of Don Norton.Who are they, you ask? Very famous people today. Added to Noel Confer's segment on the same page. Also added the "Chuc Wagun" to the Photo Briefcase.

2/2/01: Added TTM Luxuria Music gateway link to the Fantastic Theater page. It has a RealVideo clip of Space Ghost's evil twin/hipster brother, Chad!

2/1/2001: The scanner is back! Check out the new Photo Briefcase picture of TTM contributor Noel Confer as "Grandpa Hawkins" on the T-Town Jubilee (country and gospel program), KVOO-TV, Channel 2, circa 1954! Noel also graces the main page.Also new in the Briefcase: a terrific picture of the Akdar Temple, home of KVOO-TV and KRMG in the early 50s. The Briefcase can also be accessed from Channel Changer 2. Bill Teegins picture and links added to The Sports Page. Archived another "What's New" page (accessible at the bottom of this page). On Bulletin Board and the Tulsa Project page, added a new interview with David Bagsby.

1/29/01: Further updates about the OSU plane crash in the current Guestbook (#71). Added link to Tulsan Larry Baker's book, "Flamingo Rising", to the Gift Shop (where you can read a couple of stories about it from the Tulsa World). It is based on his experiences running the Admiral Twin in the late 60s/early 70s! KOTV will air a movie adaptation of Baker's book on Feb. 4. The movie stars William Hurt and Elizabeth McGovern.

1/28/01: We learned of a plane crash that took the life of Bill Teegins, former KOTV sportscaster and radio voice of OSU football and basketball. OSU has set up a site about the crash: http://okstate.fansonly.com.

Added Carol Dickens Overstreet's Guestbook comments to the Origin page.

1/27/01: Archived Guestbook #70, re-indexed the search engine...

1/26/01: Heard from Ron Volkman, son of Tulsa's and Oklahoma's 1st TV weatherman, Harry Volkman, via email today. Ron sent a recent picture of Harry, who just inked another 2 year contract! Added the email and pic to the Weather page. Added links in the Guestbook (#70) to 2 stories in the Tulsa World about the restoration of the Atlas Life building neon sign on Boston Avenue in downtown Tulsa.

1/25/01: Kathy Murphy ID'd several people from the KOTV 50th anniversary reunion.

1/24/01: Back on the air...added link to John Wooley's 1/21 article in the Sunday World about Volume 3 of the Lost Tapes of Mazeppa. The Bulletin Board link to "The Morning Broo" now will bring up a player immediately. Let me know if you have any trouble related to this.

1/18/01: Archived Guestbook 69. I am still without a computer at home, so it will be a few more days before I can put in new material.

1/11/01: Added new pictures and comments to the Weird Al "UHF" pages.

1/10/01: Added Yesterdayland to the Links page. Added new Guestbook comments to the Remembering Gene Tincher page. Put the Santa Lionel picture on page 3 of the history of Lee and Lionel.

1/9/01: Added new Guestbook comments to the Remembering Gene Tincher page.

1/8/01: Added more pics to the UHF page. Added a new page with pics of Tulsa "UHF" locations (linked from the main UHF page). Can you help identify them? Added the Beatles Anthology book to the Tulsa TV Memories Gift Shop. Archived Guestbook 68.

1/7/01: As promised, here is the new "UHF" page! Rearranged the Channel Changers.

1/6/01: We learned from Sonny Hollingshead yesterday of the passing of Gene Tincher, who had recently found his way to this site. He was warmly regarded by all his former colleagues. Their comments (and Gene's) have been gathered on a page linked from the KTUL page: Remembering Gene Tincher.

Ken Broo has a new weekday internet radio sports talk show on ESPN 1160, beginning 1/8/01, 9am -11am Tulsa time. Noted on the Bulletin Board.

1/5/01: Added the Retro Tulsa Internet Museum to the Links page. See the Golden Drumstick, Borden's Cafeteria, Bishop's Drive In, Will Rogers Motor Court, Parkey's Restaurant and much more! I plan to collect many of the links discovered in the Guestbooks and add them to the Links page.

1/2/01: New Gusty drawing from Don Woods on the main page.

1/1/01: Added pics of TopValue Stamps to Guestbook 7. Added Guestbook comment to Dance Party page. Archived Guestbook 67.

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