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8/23/04: Don Norton is back with a nit to pick about KVOO being named as Tulsa's second VHF station.

8/21/04: Courtesy of Lee Thomas Reeder (a delightful lady I met at the recent KVOO-TV reunion), here is the original 1954 KVOO-TV logo and coverage chart (444 KB). Added a note to the Spanky's Clubhouse page about Spanky learning some of his mannerisms from Laurel and Hardy.

8/16/04: I got Fantastic Theater's host, Peter Hardt (Josef Peter Hardt), added to the IMDb. Added a link to Josef's IMDb page on the TTM in the media page. He co-starred in a 1972 movie shot in OKC, "Thirty Dangerous Seconds", starring Robert Lansing, and did a fine acting job in it (billed as "Peter Hart"). Drive-in archeologist Wes Horton managed to get hold of a copy of this movie, and now I have one, too. You'll be seeing more about it here.

8/15/04: I just discovered a stylish site about local TV in SF, San Jose and Sacramento in the 60s-80s: UHF Nocturne. Added it to Links page 2.

8/14/04: Archived Guestbook 167.

8/13/04:  On Monday, Aug 16, 5:30-7:30 pm, the Tulsa Press Club will recognize four new "Tulsa TV Icons": Carl Bartholomew, Jim Hartz, Chris Lincoln and Gailard Sartain. John Wooley hosts a Western Swing show on KWGS (it is streamed on the internet, too). More info about all the above on the Bulletin Board. Photo of Spanky McFarland with Hal Roach in 1992, courtesy of Jim Reid, on the Spanky's Clubhouse page.

8/11/04: We lost Rockin' John Henry yesterday...more about him in the Guestbook (#167). Dated the "Afternoon Movie" clip on the KGCT page as no later than early 1982 using topical references made by Sherman Oaks.

8/10/04: A new music CD from David Bagsby and Joel Sanderson: "Highway 33 Revisited". Added a KOTV Eyewitness News sticker (also courtesy of Chris Sloan) to the KOTV page. Fixed the Ice Cream truck tune loop for Internet Explorer.

8/8/04: 360° Java panorama of the Eyewitness News 6 set, courtesy of Chris Sloan. It's linked from the top of the KOTV page and from Brewster's Java TV Toys.

8/5/04: Added 1958 USGA periscope to Lee's 1958 story in Guestbook 165.

8/3/04: Moved "Night Shift" to the 8's The Place page and the "Afternoon Movie" to the KGCT page from the Creature Feature page.

8/2/04: The "Movie Star" and several other new graphics (courtesy of Chris Sloan) were added to the Tulsa 23 KOKI page.

7/31/04: New on Chew's Reviews: "The Manchurian Candidate".

7/30/04: Thanks to Chris Sloan (who sent quite a few goodies soon to be out here), here is the RealVideo opening of KTEW's Newscenter 2 from the late 70s with anchorman Dean Lewis and reporter Gary Reaves. On that same page, added Jim Reid's 2001 comments about the "Hello Tulsa" video clip (including a mention of George W. Bush in the early 80s). Low-power KSBI Channel 33 has a web site; see the Links page.

7/27/04: Added 1973 ad for the Nine of Cups to Club Cards page 1.

7/24/04: Archived Guestbook 166, where we just saw a flashing Git-N-Go sign created by the webmaster.

7/21/04: Added link for MollyMurphy.org to Links page 2. Early 70s ad for KTUL sports guy Steve Zabriskie on the Sports Page, courtesy of Gil Adams.

7/19/04: TTM joined Blog Oklahoma: see the WebRing page.

7/17/04: Photos of Susan Burch with William Shatner, and OETA Movie Club host B.J. Wexler on the Links page. On the Bulletin Board: new button to let you easily add TTM headlines to your My Yahoo.

7/15/04: TTM is listed today on BoingBoing, which is how the hit counter is going. See Lee Woodward "get bent" (i.e., he has a new recumbent bike) Was OKC's Foreman Scotty aka Don Scott in Tulsa? Bruce believes so. His email is on the Other kiddie shows page with some Foreman Scotty artifacts.

7/13/04: New feature for this site: RSS, which stands for "Really Simple Syndication." It’s a format that web sites and blogs can use to send updated headlines to you via services like My Yahoo! The Bulletin Board has a link to the URL of this site's RSS file. If you are a regular visitor to this site, you won't miss anything by not using this feature. It's just a way for folks to have TTM What's New info and links delivered directly to their news reader.

7/12/04: New KRAV, KELi, KXXO logo images in  the current (#166) Guestbook; also a crank call made by the webmaster to a Guestbook correspondent in 1971.

7/11/04: Added Erick Church's comments about low-power Tulsa Channel 33 to the Links page.

7/8/04: Lowell Burch's wife Susan will be seen with William Shatner in OETA Movie Club's Celebrity Photo during the first break, Saturday, July 10, 2004 at approximately 9:20 pm. It will re-air the following Friday, July 16, 2004 at approximately 10:45 pm. Noted on the Bulletin Board.

7/7/04: Updated site map to reflect the new lineup.

7/5/04: Thanks to a TTM "angel", there are new high-quality DVD versions of pictures on the main UHF page.

7/4/04: "The Great Domestic Showdown" is a reality show coming to ABC, Sunday July 11 at 8 pm. One of the 6 contestants is Lee Woodward's daughter, Valerie Naifeh. Noted on the Bulletin Board.

7/3/04: Archived Guestbook 165.

7/2/04: Also added Jim Reid's comments about Cy Tuma.

7/1/04: Jim Reid contributed the memorial folder for Cy Tuma.

6/28/04: New photo of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stuart on the TV2 50th Anniversary Reunion info page. This link is also on the Bulletin Board.

6/27/04: New screen capture of former Channel 2 news anchor Dean Lewis in a deleted scene from the "UHF" DVD. Once Upon a Time in Bartlesville is a new book about growing up in the 50s and 60s in NE Oklahoma by Rita Thurman Barnes. Also noted on the Bulletin Board.

6/26/04: Added illustration from the movie "7 Faces of Dr. Lao" to the Tony Randall page. TTM credit from the program "Oklahomans" in the current (#165) Guestbook.

6/24/04: Added Chris Sloan's comments to the UHF-Tulsa Connections page.

6/20/04: New on Chew's Reviews: Fahrenheit 9/11. New KTBA icon on Channel Changer 2.

6/18/04: The beginning of a new KOKI, Channel 23 page, new lineup on Channel Changers 1 and 2.

6/17/04: Watch the Greg Leslie-edited program "Oklahomans" with a segment on Bob Brown, Wed., June 23 at 8 pm on KOTV and KWTV in OKC, with a re-air Sat., 6/26 at noon in both markets. Noted on the Bulletin Board.

6/15/04: Archived Guestbook 164.

6/10/04:  New link: UHF - The 15 Year Pilgrimage is a 2003 road trip revisiting the Weird Al "UHF" shooting locales in Tulsa.

6/4/04: Watch the premiere of a new local show, Tulsa Music Exposed, on Fox23 late tonight at 12:30 am. There will be something related to Tulsa TV Memories on this program.

6/1/04: Archived Guestbook 163. Update from Alan Lambert on the unknown kiddie show host. Added Guestbook comments about "The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao" to the Tony Randall page.

5/30/04: Updated Links page 1.

5/29/04: This is an apolitical site, but there is one candidate I can unreservedly endorse: GoGo Para Presidente. A link to his 1996 campaign video is now in Guestbook 60. I thought it was lost forever, but no!

5/28/04: Added new page with the unknown kiddie show host picture from the last Guestbook. It has a link to another ID opportunity and is linked from the top of the Other kiddie shows page.

5/26/04: The Total 8 Tulsa news team as stars at a premiere (circa 1979) on RealVideo by Guestbook request. Produced by Carl Bartholomew.

5/24/04: New Tony Randall page. Added photo of Joe Pyne to the Fantastic Theater page.

5/21/04: Here are several shots of Al "Uncle Zeke" Clauser as a young feller in the 1937 Gene Autry movie, "Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm". It can be seen from time to time on the Starz Westerns channel (Cox 152).

5/19/04: Wow! TVparty has a great new feature: "The Joe Pyne Show", with RealVideo clips. I did a sidebar on this syndicated 1960s talk show with my story about Fantastic Theater, one of the first pages on this site in late 1998. I never thought I would see the incendiary Pyne in action again (or hear his abstract and distinctive theme music). Pyne was the grand-godfather of our current bumper crop of media agitators. Channel 8 is mentioned in the article (6/2004: My comments are featured there, too.)

5/18/04: Former Tulsan Tony Randall passed away. Added new text and links about him to the Tulsa Radio: Central High alumni page. Added 1910 postcard of Orcutt Park (now Swan Lake) to Guestbook 162.

5/17/04: Updated the Bulletin Board. Added photo of Mary Stuart Houchins from Betty Boyd's book and a couple of new links about her to the Tulsa Radio: Central High alumni page.

5/14/04: Archived Guestbook 162.

5/11/04: New photo of Gary Chew today at KXPR in Sacramento.

5/9/04: Beef Baloney is going off the air May 15th due to lack of funds. This is a show worth saving. See their web site for a way to to help keep them on the air. Added lobby card and "Kill Bill" link to the Then Came Bronson page. Link with info about KVOO's 50th anniversary reunion (set for 7/31/2004)  is now on the Bulletin Board.

5/2/04: Archived Guestbook 161. Close-up picture of Mr. Zing's zookeeper hat, courtesy of Jim Reid.

4/27/04: "Take a look" KOTV matchbook now illustrates Ken Broo's and John Hillis' comments on the Tulsa State Fair page.

4/20/04: New: A day at home with Lee & Lionel (& Granny). These two pages were created by Lee! They are linked from the top of the Lee & Lionel page.

4/14/04: New links from the IMDb to this site: see the TTM in the media page. Added The Collegian to the list of online news sources on Tulsa TV Links page 1.

4/12/04: Archived Guestbook 160.

4/8/04: Taking a cue from my note in Guestbook 160, added link to a letter from OKC's Foreman Scotty to the Other kiddie shows page. New photo and links added to the Rasslin' Page.

4/7/04: New CD from Daddy A Go Go (John Boydston) with a Gailard Sartain-painted cover. See the Bulletin Board or the Gift Shop for more.

4/6/04: See the top of Gary Chew's page to hear his classical music show, streamed from Sacramento, 2-6 pm CDT, Mon-Fri. Cheesecake calendar in Guestbook 160. Added art from the Channel 8 Saturday Afternoon Movie and info about Kirk Demarais' Secret Fun Spot site to the bottom of the Plenty Scary Movie page. His site is down at the moment, but it will be back shortly.

4/5/04: Added new link on the Jim Hartz page to the Will Rogers Memorial site. Split off a 1978 in review page from the KOTV page. Added the "Music from Mr. Lucky/Mr. Lucky Goes Latin" CD to the Gift Shop. Added link from Lee Woodward's page to a CD with the theme music for "King Lionel's Court". Several books about radio were added to Gift Shop page 2.

4/4/04:  Added link to a good web site, Television Obscurities, at the top of Tulsa TV Links page 2. The IMDb added links to TTM for a number of actors and directors. See the TTM in the media page.

3/30/04: Did lots of little touch-ups all over the site (now over 430 HTML pages, including 159 archived Guestbooks!)

3/29/04: Added KOTV's "The Late Show" theme in RealAudio to the top of the KOTV page. Found a really good "underground FM" internet radio station, Family Dog Radio on Live365 (reminder: the free Google Toolbar includes a great pop-up blocker.) Added it to the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s and the KTBA pages.

3/28/04: Added a link to a short explanation of Tiki culture at the top of the Tulsa Tiki page. Retromedia.tv went bust, but luckily I saved the RealVideo of a 1970 7Up Uncola commercial with Mazeppa's "Gizzer Blinkie" in action at the top of Mazeppa, pg. 2.

3/26/04: Archived Guestbook 159.

3/22/04: MAINTAIN: A concert of video realizations now has its own page linked from the top of the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page.  A separate page, Peg and Al Bundy visit the Rose Bowl, was split off from the UHF page.

3/20/04: New on Chew's Reviews: HBO's new western series, "Deadwood".

3/19/04: More about the coming Channel 2 reunion and Monte Toon's book signing on the Bulletin Board. Added link from the Tulsa Oiler Baseball page to the comments about Roger Maris on the UHF-Tulsa connections page. Linked a great photo of Bud Blust, Jr. in a 1954 downtown Tulsa parade from the KTUL history page.

3/15/04: New info about Roger Maris' stint with the Tulsa Oilers on the "UHF"-Tulsa connections page. Slightly revised all the UHF pages.

3/12/04: Augmented the Tulsa TV station info with links to the 1967 Tulsa TV history thesis on the Links page. Also linked to the Links page from the bottom of the main page. Is that sufficient usage of the word "links" for today?

3/9/04: Added the same clip of Beef Baloney in Windows Media Player format. Icon changes on Channel Changer 2.

3/8/04: Watch some Beef Baloney on RealVideo.

3/6/04: Added Helen Doremus' Guestbook comment to the John Doremus page.

3/5/04: Yet more new pix from Beef Baloney, plus comments from the webmaster.

3/4/04: New illustration at the top of the Beef Baloney page, and showtimes.

2/26/04: Archived Guestbook 158.

2/25/04: New Memories of KAKC page by Stacy Richardson. New RealAudio of John Doremus, courtesy of Mike Bruchas and Tom H. Jones.

2/22/04: Added hyperlinked Table of Contents to the Tulsa TV history thesis. New from David Bagsby: Parts 8 & 9 of The Tulsa Project series: The Southern Hillbillies: Jenks University and Zing Crimson: Starless and Bible Belt. Reviews coming shortly... All noted on the Bulletin Board. Modified the Prologue slightly.

2/18/04: Sam Jones has a new internet radio show, Ole Time Radio Ranch. Noted on the Bulletin Board.

2/17/04: Moved audio clip of Cary Grant from "The Awful Truth" to the Uncola/banner page.

2/16/04: New movie review from Gary Chew: "Iron Jawed Angels". New live Xen album from David Bagsby and Kurt Rongey. Both noted on the Bulletin Board.

Chapters 7, 8, 9 & 10 of the 1967 Tulsa TV history thesis are the stories of four Tulsa UHF stations that never were: KSPG, KWID, KTOW and KCEB 2. The 11th and final chapter is a look into the future of Tulsa TV from the perspective of 1967. The predictions eventually happened, but later than anticipated: a fourth TV network, a sports network, subscription TV, and big screen TV (8' X 10'? Not quite yet!) 

2/15/04: Chapter 4-KVOO-TV, Chapter 5-KTUL-TV, and Chapter 6-Educational TV.

2/14/04: Bill Hyden mailed me the remaining pages of a thesis on Tulsa TV history written at TU by Gregory Corarito in 1967. (Mr. Corarito evidently found the movie business more to his taste than academia; read about his directorial career at the IMDb). I'm scanning the pages, then running Optical Character Recognition on them. Chapter 3 is about the original Channel 23, short-lived KCEB (1954).

2/9/04: Added new pictures, plus text from Ben Henneke (courtesy of the Tulsa World) to the John Doremus page.

2/8/04: Late 1973 ad for "The Observatory" (at 218 S. Memorial, now the address of an Arvest branch), featuring "Marcella" (aka Marcy Levy, who worked with Eric Clapton in the 70s and 80s), on the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page. "Tulsa Settler" masthead now at the top of  the KTBA articles from that 1973 bi-weekly paper.

2/7/04: Switching to yet another backup Guestbook. Archived the previous one as Guestbook 157.

2/5/04: KTBA letterhead, brochure and rate card, courtesy of Moore/Cook. What became of the KTBA site at 1025 W. Kenosha? (2/25: per Stacy Richardson, it's part of the Rhema complex.)

2/4/04: Big new promo poster for KTBA, courtesy of John Moore via Don Cook on the KTBA page.

2/2/04: 1972 pic of Stevo Wolfson added to the top of his comments on the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page. The owner of the Guestbook service TTM uses passed away recently. It will be back in 3-4 weeks. The few Guestbook entries made from 11 a.m., 1/28 through late 1/29 will be restored at that time. I have switched to a backup Guestbook for the interim. Thanks for your patience.

1/28/04: Archived Guestbook 156.

1/27/04:  Fixed a link to a large b&w photo on the page remembering KAKC's Tom Gordon, where you can find out what it was like to party at KAKC's studio at the Trade Winds West motel on Brookside in the 60s. Added a John Wooley Western Swing documentary and a lounge music book co-authored by JW to the Gift Shop, just under the S.E. Hinton items.

1/23/04: Added two pictures to yesterday's KTBA articles.

1/22/04: Two articles about KTBA from the "Settler". This page is also linked from the caption under Don Cook (where it says "Page 6") near the top of the KTBA page.

1/20/04: MAINTAIN has a new sponsor, courtesy of Moore/Cook.

1/19/04: Starship/Honest John's ad from late1973 added to the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page, courtesy of Moore/Cook.

1/18/04: From "The Tulsa Settler" newspaper, late 1973 (courtesy of John Moore, via Don Cook): photos of Don Cook, Denny Delk, Rob Wilson and Stacy Richardson on the KTBA page. New TTM banners, plus links to pictures of the Un-Puzzle/Un-Mobile (courtesy of David Bagsby) added to the Uncola card page.

1/16/04: New Billy Parker page includes a story reprinted by permission of the Tulsa World and a RealAudio clip of his 1973 KVOO show opening. It's linked from the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today  page.

1/15/04: Billy Parker paid us a visit for the first time in the current Guestbook (#156).

1/14/04: New matchbook cover from the Club Trade Winds (which later became the Tiki Nook) on the Tulsa Tiki page.

1/13/04: Archived Guestbook 155.

1/7/04: New photo of Cy Tuma with Ted Johnson, courtesy of Phil Johnson, on the Cy Tuma page.

1/6/04: A Booker T. Washington Spring 1974 video class photo, courtesy of Stevo Wolfson, is on the Rocky Stegman page. Dino Economos is also in the picture. Reminder: part of a 1967 TU master's thesis about Tulsa TV history is available on this site, courtesy of Bill Hyden. Click the Previous What's New link at the bottom of this page for other recent additions.

1/5/04: New on the Bulletin Board: Hear Cary Grant recommend Tulsa in "The Awful Truth" (1937). Courtesy of Mitchell Holt, new scan of a Bill's T Records shopping bag now at the top of Wilhelm Murg's article, Scratchy Memories of the Bill's T Records Empire.

1/3/04: T-shirt logo of "The Wharf" Rock & Roll Club (formerly at 31st & Mingo) added to the 1st Club Card page.

1/1/04: Happy New Year! Archived Guestbook 154. Archived the What's New page; all previous What's New pages can be viewed at the link below.

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