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9/25/05: New comment related to the Tastee-Freez/Dairy Queen discussion on "The Outsiders" page 1.   

9/24/05: Archived Guestbook 191.

9/18/05: Comments from Donna Leming, driver of the red MG in "The Outsiders" drive-in scene, and from John Young about the "The Pines" restaurant scene

9/17/2005: New from Gary Chew: a review of David Cronenberg's "A History of Violence".

9/15/05: On the Coffee House page, hear the Speakeasy Singers perform on a 1971 Mazeppa show! (some good Mazeppa banter. too.) Also added one of their album covers.

9/14/05: Photo inside the Rubiot from the 1960 Tulsa World, and club cards for the Dust Bowl and the Gourd coffee houses on the new Tulsa Coffee Houses of the Past page, courtesy of Joel Burkhart.

9/13/05: Added to and organized the list of current Tulsa Coffee Houses by location.

9/11/2005: New Tulsa Coffee Houses of the Past page. Main author Joel Burkhart is seen on the Mazeppa show.

9/10/05: "The Outsiders" movie now has its own icon on Channel Changer 2. I'm beginning to add some great quality screen captures from an advance copy of the new DVD. The first scene is now at the Circle Theater!

9/5/05: New movie review by Gary Chew: "An Unfinished Life"

9/4/05: The webmaster reviews a showing of  "The Aristocrats" at the Circle Cinema with panel discussion.

9/3/05: Reorganizing Channel Changer 2 into categories.

9/1/05: L. Ron Hubbard's writing was discussed on KVOO-AM on March 10, 1938. FYI for subscribers: I changed the syndication file name to ttm.xml instead of ttm.rss (see the Bulletin Board). You may need to unsubscribe then resubscribe using http://tulsatvmemories.com/ttm.xml as the new feed URL.

8/30/05: New movie review by Gary Chew: "The Constant Gardener"

8/29/05: "Li'l Darleeng" material added to the first Mazeppa page. Added the "Cargoe" link from GB 190 to the KAKC page.

8/27/05: Archived Guestbook 190. Update from Tulsa's Beef Baloney: they will have a show on the National Lampoon network starting 9/1. Jo Foster's mom won a contest to decide what the NBT Weather Teller lights were to mean.

8/22/05: Review by Gary Chew: "Rome" (new HBO series) and parting words for HBO's "Six Feet Under".

8/21/05: Updated the About TTM page with a new Pop culture site links to TTM section. Added comments from the current Guestbook (#190)  to the Tulsa Oiler Baseball page.

8/20/05: Greg Leslie's snapshot of OKC's Foreman Scotty from GB 95 added to the Other kiddie shows page.

8/18/05: Tulsa Overground 8 Film Festival this weekend. More on the Bulletin Board.

8/13/05: Guestbook comments about OKC's "Nite Owl Movie" (sponsored by Trust House Jewelers) added to the Gift Shop. Added an email comment by Frank to the bottom of the new Sign-offs page.

8/12/05: Archived Guestbook 189. Paralleled Frank Morrow's sign-off comment with a poem.

8/10/05: New Sign-offs page, split from "8's The Place" and expanded.

8/6/05: New review by Gary Chew: "Broken Flowers", with Bill Murray. New: "The T-Town Affair", with comments by Jon Heitland, author of "The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Book". 

8/5/05: On the Radio Icons press release, added links to info on this site about each honoree: Chuck Adams, Jack Campbell, Ben Henneke, Len Morton, Scooter Segraves, Carl Smith and the late Glenn Condon.

8/4/05: The 2005 Tulsa Radio Icons have been selected. Here's the press release, also linked from the Bulletin Board. The return of a good "UHF" site: Rob O'Hara's 15 Year Pilgrimage (link added back to the bottom of the first UHF page). Karl Soliday dedicates an online jukebox to the memory of Rockin' John Henry in the current (#189) Guestbook. Comment added to the "Cinderella Bootery" logo.

8/3/05: Revamping the Links page; new Tulsa pop history/culture section. Some links were relocated to relevant pages. Added Jim Hartz' photo of his NBC NASA coverage to his page.

7/29/05: Hear Erling's "Good Morning" show-opening song.

7/28/05: This was John Erling's last day on the air at KRMG. Updated Current Tulsa radio alternatives on the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and Today page with KRVT-AM, 1270. Sam Jones has a show there, as does TTM contributor Joe Riddle. Added info to the Gift Shop about the coming deluxe DVD release of "The Outsiders" .

7/27/05: Archived Guestbook 188, which includes scans from the webmaster's file of Tulsa newspaper oddities.

7/25/05: Added picture of Alex Blue, one of the original owners of the Admiral Twin, and owner of the Village Theatre.

7/24/05: General Cinema "Coming Attractions" still and photos of the Village Theatre, courtesy of Jeff Stuckey. Club card for the Magicians Theatre, courtesy of Don Duca.

7/22/05: Tulsa Tribune "Call The Editor" item, circa 1980, added to Jim Forbes' comments in Guestbook 154. Three new pix added to Guestbook 88: a Rambler column from the Tulsa Tribune, a drawing of the TV spokeman for "David's" (formerly Oertle's) and a matchbook from the Orchid Club, illustrating Lee Woodward's story of his experience there.

7/17/05: The top of the NBT tower was built to be a zeppelin mooring (text, links and photo added to the Weather page).

7/16/05: Jo Foster used to live next to the karate studio seen in "UHF".

7/13/05: Hear "Sleepwalker's Serenade" with Doc Hull and Frank Morrow on KVOO-AM, 1951 .

7/11/05: Actress/singer Frances Langford passed away today. Read more in the current (#188) Guestbook.

7/5/05: Added Jennifer's "charm school" comment in the current Guestbook to the Betty Boyd page.

7/1/05: Hear a 1968 KVOO news opening, courtesy of Michael Dean, in the just-archived Guestbook 187. Added back an old screen capture of Zamfir to the bottom of the Bundys' page.

6/25/05: Dave took a farewell picture of Mayo Meadow shopping center at the SW corner of 21st and Yale.

6/22/05: Rob and Logan Bowe discovered the Tulsa site of what appeared to be a Dairy Queen in "The Outsiders". Got a better picture of Mother Adams out there.

6/21/05: Pics of Chuck Adams on the set of "A Conversation With..." and "Mother Adams" with comments on Chuck's page.

6/19/05: More Pennington's recipes added to a reader's comments in Guestbook 128. Postcard of the NBT building with Weather Teller, courtesy of David Bagsby.

6/18/05: Archived Guestbook 186. Updates on the "Clutch Cargo" cartoons featured on The Bozo Show: a CC Adventure Club certificate, and the identity of the flutist for the 1959 cartoons.

6/17/05: Gary Chew has written a review of the HBO series, "The Comeback".

6/16/05: New General Cinema wooden nickel on the Drive-In Theatres page. Now linked from that page: Joel Burkhart's 1961 cartoons for the Admiral Twin's in-car heaters in Guestbook 179.

6/13/05: Former KWGS, KVOO and BBC DJ Garry Kemp's recent remarks are now linked from the KVOO-AM page. Clutch Cargo DVD added to the Other kiddie shows page. Great new personal stories by Rob Bowe on the UHF page and Outsiders page 1. The poll favored the new logo. The old one will still appear on many pages.

6/10/05: Archived Guestbook 185 with two new pics of KAKC jocks Robert W. Walker and Jim Peters at the top.

6/6/05: Trying out a new logo on the main page; taking a poll about it on the Bulletin Board.

6/4/05: New More KELi page with photos from Craig Kitch (aka Mike Shannon, aka Mark Stevens).

6/1/05: New correspondence from the current Guestbook on the Captain Ben page.

5/28/05: Archived Guestbook 184. At a reader's suggestion, the non-frame Site Map is now in a larger, user-adjustable font (like this page).

5/26/05: 1965 "Sixfinger" toy from Guestbook 110 featured on Boing Boing today. Added Guestbook comments about Dr. Redlove's and photo of Hawk Dairies to the Ice Cream page.

5/24/05: Placed Kristi Conrad Stewart's comments about Anthony Mason under his picture.

5/23/05: The Seven Pleasures Gallery now has photos of the Tokyo Gardens (former site of the Jade East). The book Tiki Road Trip used some of the info from this site's Tulsa Tiki page.

5/22/05: CBS reporter Anthony Mason started at KTEW, Channel 2.

5/20/05: Lowell Burch's photos from the local filming of "The Prize Fighter" added to the Tulsa Film and Cinema page.

5/18/05: Illustrated Jim Ruddle's gut-wrenching 1955 Tulsa World newsroom tale in Guestbook 116. Employed a recent Guestbook comment by Wilhelm Murg as an intro to his story of Tulsa new and used record stores of the past, Turning Base Vinyl Into Gold.

5/16/05: A real-life "Shoot Out at the Plantation" involving Tulsa musicians living in Sherman Oaks, CA inspired the Leon Russell song; see the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page. The eBay "Me" page of Jim Millaway ("Sherman Oaks"). Golden Drumstick menu linked from the Other kiddie shows page.

5/13/05: Embed a TTM RSS mini-browser ("Really Simple Syndication") into your own home page. Demonstrated on the Banners/Uncola card page.

5/12/2005: The Tulsa Film and Cinema page now has links at the top to other movie-related content on this site.

5/10/05: The definitive Creager Finger Incident story is told by Gary Chew at the top of just-archived Guestbook 183. Added the Chris Lincoln and Becky Dixon pix to The Sports Page.

5/9/05: I attended a showing of the Enron movie at the Circle Cinema this evening, which I wrote about at the top of Gary's review.

5/8/05: Gary Chew has written two, count 'em, two new movie reviews:  "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room" and "Crash".

5/7/05: Update on a new business at the old May Rooms location.

5/6/05: The radio show with Gary Chew mentioned below can be heard at the Insight archive for the next month.

5/5/05: The webmaster's comments on "The Stewardesses" 1969 3D movie are at Boing Boing today.

5/4/05: Gary Chew will be on KXJZ's live streaming program, Insight, Thursday, 4-5 pm (Tulsa Time). This show is about a new documentary, "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room", soon to be reviewed here by Gary. Logo of the Cinderella Bootery added to Brewster's (Java) Toys.

5/3/05: The three TV spoof movies of the mid-70s added to the Gift Shop.

5/1/05: "The Outsiders" movie second page of Tulsa-area locales, and people.

4/29/05: Archived Guestbook 182, which has a photo of Louise Bland with a Shawnee chief, and one of a little Indian boy who danced on Louise's show in the early 60s. Amazingly, I found a modern-day picture of the same boy, all grown up, on a Shawnee site!

4/27/05: TTM Boing Boing references on the About TTM page. Expanded on Edwin's expansion on "MAINTAIN". A bit more about Captain Alan and Oom-A-Gog from the man inside the suit: Buck Clayton. Added links to a site called Discount Stores of the '60s on that same page, near the Shopper's Fair logo at the top.

4/26/05: Who was the first TV weatherman? New research on the Weather page.

4/25/05: New from Gary Chew: a review of "The Interpreter". The Robot Commando page here was featured on Boing Boing today.

4/21/05: Johnny Martin, morning man!? Photo of Jeff Chandler on the Louise Bland page.

4/19/05: Several great new photos from Louise Bland with commentary on her new page. Archived Guestbook 181.

4/17/05: The Woman's Page now features Louise Bland and two Tulsa recipes, as well as Betty Boyd, ONG's "Coffee Break" and 60s exercise shows.

4/15/05: Pennington's Drive-Inn recipe for Black Bottom Pie by request in the current (#181) Guestbook.

4/11/05: Added a few more shots to yesterday's new page.

4/10/05: "The Outsiders" movie was shot in Tulsa. Here is the first page of Tulsa locations for the movie.

4/8/05: Added a telling close-up detail of the Tower Theatre photo to the Corner of Dreams page. Added links to "The Outsiders" info in the Gift Shop.

4/6/05: Helen Alvarez and Jack Wrather were the original owners of the Disneyland Hotel (photo courtesy of Don Ballard). She was also the first manager of KOTV.

4/5/05: A truck driver asks John Erling where the Tulsa Mountains are (courtesy of Joe Riddle and Wayne McCombs). Added Guestbook comments about Modell Phipps (Lee Gideon) to that page.

4/2/05: Early 80s pic of LeAnne Taylor on the KGCT page, courtesy of Chris Sloan. Archived Guestbook 180, where we just heard some funny stories by John T. Bode about KGCT-TV, and where we remembered Roy Pickett. Photo of the Tower Theatre added to the Corner of Dreams (SE 11th and Denver) page.

4/1/05: New link to The History of KLIF Radio (Dallas) to illustrate Jim Ruddle's story about Gordon McLendon. Voting in the Hampton Inns Save-A-Landmark program is closed. We'll see if the Admiral Twin beats a Bridge of Madison County. In Guestbook 180: Harry Volkman was in town--see a picture. New Coppola movie to be shot in Tulsa.

3/30/05: The Guestbook is back, and with interesting new entries, including descriptions of Tulsa kiddie shows not mentioned heretofore, from the book, Hi There, Boys and Girls! America's Local Children's TV Programs.

3/29/05: The Guestbook is on the fritz today. Please stand by.

3/28/05: Article from the World about the southeast corner of 11th and Denver (aka the Corner of Dreams) that ties in with the 1965 Charlie Daniels record added 3 days ago. New 1965 KELi survey with DJ caricatures, courtesy of David Bagsby.

3/26/05: Archived Guestbook 179. New Emerald City logo added to the bottom of the Tulsa Counterculture of the 70s page.Updated the Vault of Cinematic Treasures and the Fantastic Theater Film Crypt to link to the DVD version of each film where possible.

3/25/05: See and hear a 1965 record with Charlie Daniels on the BTR label (Bill's "T" Records). Added the TVparty! and Hal Lifson's 1966! books to the Gift Shop.

3/24/05: Ideal's 1960s Robot Commando toy in action on "The Man From U.N.C.L.E".

3/17/05: I finally got a copy of the book, Hi There, Boys and Girls! America's Local Children's TV Programs, researched in part on this site: see the About TTM page. The author discovered a few shows new to me; I'll put them out here soon to see if anyone else remembers them.

3/16/05: Joel Burkhart debuted in the Guestbook. Part of his contribution is now featured on the John Chick & company page.

3/13/05: Added a Mountain Dew history link to the Pop bottles page.

3/9/05: Archived Guestbook 178. Beef Baloney is now listed on the IMDb, as are many other Tulsa-related shows and people.

3/7/05: Added Gary Chew's current GB comments about Bill Miller to the KELi page, and about Gary's alter ego, Delmo Gillette, to Mazeppa page 1.

3/5/05: 1963-4 pics of Tulsa Oiler shortstop Bobby Dews and pitcher Nelson Briles on the Oiler Baseball page. The show with Gary's segment will be in the "Radio Parallax" Archive for a week. He starts at 10:20 into the show. It's a good download for an iPod or mp3 player.

3/3/05: Listen to Gary Chew talk about the Oscars on KDVS, Doug Everett's "Radio Parallax" program tonight (Thur, March 3) at 7 pm, Tulsa Time. The online show is available on MP3 or RealAudio.

3/2/05: The Pure Milk machine made Boing Boing yesterday. (Was it completely automated as I think I remember, or was someone inside? Superman's X-ray vision would have been helpful.)

3/1/05: See one of the huge Pure Milk vending machines shaped like a milk carton at the bottom of the Johnny Martin page with GB comments. Added numerous GB comments to the Oom-A-Gog page.

2/28/05: Added photos to the Oom-A-Gog page. Spruced up the Captain Ben page. Clarified the early history of KFRU at the top of the KVOO page. Updated the Site Map with the recent new pages.

2/27/05: Gary Chew reviews a new movie, "The Jacket".

2/26/05: Archived Guestbook 177. There is a great story about Ray Charles at the Cimarron Ballroom in 1960 at the top,

2/23/05: Picture of Sam Jones added to comments about him in Guestbook 131.

2/20/05: From the bottom of the Behind the scenes page, a link to a Guestbook item about the old tube tester machines.

2/19/05: Added sidebar to Betty Boyd's page about 60s exercise shows.

2/18/05: Hear the "Move Closer to Your World, My Friend" promo, adapted for KTUL by Carl Bartholomew.

2/17/05: Mentioned the infamous "GRY" puzzle, once discussed at length on John Erling's show.

2/16/05: Archived Guestbook 176.

2/15/05: Sidebar by Frank Morrow about Oklahoma's bootlegging days at the top of Club Cards, page 2. Started work on the new KRMG page. New John Erling page with 1991 interview by John Wooley.

2/14/05: Created the new Chuck Adams page. Lots of stuff about KCNW and KTOW added to the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and Today page.

2/13/05: Channel Changer 2 has been updated to reflect the new radio pages, including the start of a KRMG page. Much more to come. KVOO's old NBC chimes are now where? Added this and other info to the KVOO-AM page.

2/12/05: Added a funny story I heard from Alan Lambert about Buck Clayton as Oom-A-Gog to the Oom-A-Gog page. Added the OTASCO emblem along with the OTASCO Christmas jingle to the bottom of the Oom-A-Gog page, and to an item in Guestbook 151.

2/11/05: Scott Linder contributes to the new KVOO-AM page. As time goes on, the KVOO material will be better organized into "eras", I think.

2/10/05: Yet more mining for KVOO-AM; finds include info about three 1922 Tulsa  radio stations, pre-dating KVOO.

2/9/05: More Guestbook mining for the KVOO-AM page, including a memory of no-power crystal radios.

2/8/05: 1938 souvenir card and a mid-1950s postcard on the KVOO-AM page. Also added to the Billy Parker page.

2/7/05: The long-awaited KVOO-AM page debuts. I have a lot more to add, so it will be changing.

2/6/05: New pics, info and a sound clip added to the KFMJ page.

2/5/05: Peanuts, popcorn and now Cracker Jack on the Oiler baseball page.

2/4/05: New KFMJ page, with a brief history by Wayne McCombs, who also supplied the great photo. Hampton Inns' Save-A-Landmark program will put up $20,000 to refurbish a "hidden landmark", either the Bridge of Madison County or the Admiral Twin Drive-In. Cast your vote for the Twin today!

2/1/05: The webmaster can be seen on Boing Boing today.

1/31/05: Archived Guestbook 175, at the top of which can be seen a photo from William Shatner's current TV ad for a Tulsa attorney.

1/27/05: Gary Chew reviews "Million Dollar Baby".

1/26/05: New Captain Ben and Windy O'Day membership certificate, courtesy of David Bagsby.

1/22/05: Sidebar about the 1960 TV series "The Aquanauts"/"Malibu Run" added to the Pop Bottles page.

1/20/05: Added a screen shot from the 1965 series "Run For Your Life" to my GB 77 note about the show.

1/17/05: Archived Guestbook 174.

1/16/05: Circa 1958 photo of the Airview Drive-In from the Tulsa’s Olde Movie Theatres 2005 calendar on the Tulsa Drive-In Theatres page. 1973 Honest John's ad in the current (#174) Guestbook.

1/15/05: Better picture of the Rose Bowl (and with an interior scene) on the main UHF page. It looks like the lounge or grill within the Rose Bowl was called "Jerry's".

1/7/05: Jerry Vaughn, formerly of KRMG, visits the Guestbook.

1/6/05: Freeze-frame of Lee Woodward's 1970 white loafers and the big-bleached-blond-haired woman from the Horn Bros. audience on the review of The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa, Volume 3.

1/2/05: New on Chew's Reviews: "The Aviator". Picture of a Pastime Popcorn bag from Logan Concession Supply of Tulsa (circa 1960s) on the Tulsa Drive-In Theatres page. Scan of a 1967 Steak n Shake napkin in the current (#174) Guestbook.

1/1/05: Archived Guestbook 173.

12/31/04: Added map with the May Rooms location. Link to a 1980 appeal in the case of Pauline Lambert v. The State of Oklahoma also added to the new page.

12/29/04: TTM is 6 years old today.

12/28/04: New page including a 1997 Tulsa World article: Rideshy & The May Rooms.

12/27/04: Photos of KOTV's founders, Helen Alvarez, George Cameron and John Hill, from the 1951 KOTV roster, courtesy of Chris Sloan.

12/26/04: New close-up of Bob Latting of Kids Karnival from a 1951 KOTV roster, courtesy of Chris Sloan.

12/23/04: On the Tulsa Tiki page: more details about the giant Kon-Tiki Koni head that used to be on Admiral Place in the 60s.

12/22/04: New photo of ONG's Donnell Green and Peggy Shaber on the Betty Boyd page, courtesy of Chris Sloan. Added new links about Hank and (Uncle) Hiram to the Zeta page.

12/21/04: Roy Dieterlen, Tulsa TV cameraman in the 50s, visited the current (#173) Guestbook. KOTV brochure for the 1963-65 anthology, "Suspense Theatre", also in the current, courtesy of Chris Sloan.

12/20/04: For you OKC readers, added a pic of Ed "Ho Ho The Clown" Birchall to Guestbook 110, where his son and daughter-in-law remembered him. Continued the chain of links back to previous comments about Ho Ho.

12/17/04: Yellow Pad, Inc. has for sale a 2005 calendar that would be of interest to readers here: Tulsa’s Olde Movie Theatres. Also noted on the Bulletin Board. New from David Bagsby, Gothic mood music: "Lunaria".

12/16/04: Marc Hall sent a Gusty request response letter. He also sent one of his autographed Zeb Xmas pix to go along with his Uncle Zeb story.Who beat out Tony Randall for the lead in the Central High class play? Art Ford. New pic of early KOTV exec Robert Freeland in Chapter 2 of the Tulsa TV history thesis. Both pics courtesy of Chris Sloan.

12/15/04: 1968 photo of Ike Horn and Dale Hart on the Horn Bros., John F. Lawhon and other Tulsa furniture advertisers page, courtesy of Chris Sloan. Illustrated a Lee Woodward Guestbook 119 comment with a photo from the same year; Joan Rivers is in it. Marc Hall sent a new Uncle Zeb story.

12/14/04: Steve Wylder contributed a personal "Then Came Bronson" reminiscence.

12/13/04: The webmaster is back from a Caribbean cruise. Archived Guestbook 172.

11/29/04: Comments from Dick Enderwood added to the KOKI Tulsa 23 page.

11/23/04: Sales brochure item about Channel 2 "Squeezoom" service (courtesy of Chris Sloan) added to the lightly-clad 1959 models page in the KVOO Photo Album.

11/20/04: 1952 KOTV letterhead in the current (#172) Guestbook, and Chapter 2 of the Tulsa TV history thesis

11/14/04: Jim Reid found a Tulsa Oilers team photo from the late 30s/early 40s period. See it now with the 1940 photos already in the Photo Briefcase, linked from the Tulsa Oiler baseball page.

11/13/04: New gift idea for Xmas: illustrated 2005 Tulsa minor league baseball calendar. Order info and more about it on the Tulsa Oiler baseball page.

11/5/04: Archived Guestbook 171.

11/4/04: Half of Beef Baloney is now in L.A. and doing "Weird.TV" at MSN.com. Read about it on their page.

10/28/04: Augmented Frank Morrow's Guestbook 26 tales of Tulsa radio preaching in the 50s with a RealAudio recording.

10/26/04: Updated KGTU, KWGS, KGTO and Superadio items and links on the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page.

10/24/04: In Guestbook 171, a reader recalls John Erling's tape of a reporter's 1952 real-life fright at Frankenstein Castle in Germany. You can hear it there in RealAudio. Gary Chew's classical music show can be heard in RealAudio/Windows Media/MP3 from noon to 4 pm CDT (Tulsa time) M-F on Capital Public Radio in Sacramento. He also has a Sunday show at 6 pm CDT.

10/22/04: New book by Guy Atchley, Now for the good news... at GuyAtchley.com. Info about Stevo Wolfson's "Nightmare City Halloween" live webcast on the Bulletin Board.

10/20/04: Links to pages about Ted Terry and Gail Pennybacker in Guestbook 171, where you can find additional background on Mr. Terry's Tulsa TV and radio career.

10/11/04: Archived Guestbook 170. New info on Chew's Reviews about "Radio Parallax", a program that periodically features Gary's reviews.

10/10/04: New Tulsa classical radio station KWTU 88.7 noted on the Tulsa Radio: Yesterday and today page.

10/5/04: Photo of a Midway fashion statement added to the Tulsa State Fair page.

10/1/04: Listen to Gary Chew review "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" on Douglas Everett's "Radio Parallax" show on KDVS in Davis, CA, archived in MP3 (10/11/04: this archived show is no longer available; see Chew's Reviews for links to "Radio Parallax").

9/29/04: Former Williams Cinema manager David Kimball recalls his 1980s film experiences in Tulsa.

9/28/04: New text about the Nine of Cups.

9/23/04: Early 80s video opening to "Mid-South Wrestling" plus new links at the top of the Rasslin' Page.

9/22/04: New CD set from the creators of "Sonik Re-Entry" (the Fantastic Theater theme). Download a free MP3 of the tune (aka "Whirling") at the site. Archived Guestbook 169. Updated site map.

9/21/04: Tulsa Radio Icons event coming up Oct 12 noted on the Bulletin Board.

9/17/04: Look at all these great promos from the 70s on KTUL's site, thanks to Kevin King.

9/15/04: Gary Chew reviews "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow".

9/14/04: Improved version of Mazeppa Uncola poster (courtesy of David Bagsby) at the top of the second Mazeppa page. Archived the What's New page, linked from the bottom of this one.

9/10/04: Richard Kern, with whom I viewed Andy Warhol's "Frankenstein" at the Southroads Cinema in 1974, adds his thoughts to my memory of that event. Litter rock: a 1975 prequel to the Tribune's 1979 "Knocking the rock" editorial. 3.2% beer pickles the brain? You be the judge (if you're sober enough.) Updated the list of Tulsa Drive-Ins with addresses and more info.

9/6/04: Here is an illustrated Tulsa World article about the Williams Cinema in 1986, also linked from the Tulsa Film and Cinema page.

9/4/04: A pile of Williams Cinema tickets was added to the Tulsa Film and Cinema page. Just above the tickets, Kristan Chew recalls her days working at the Cinema.

9/2/04: Ad for Lewis Meyer's early 50s KAKC radio show (up for bids on eBay currrently) added to the Lewis Meyer page. Added Chick Norton logo to the first item in Guestbook 1.

9/1/04: RealVideo scene from Carl Bartholomew's movie, "Cole Justice", shot at the Williams Cinema, on the Tulsa Film and Cinema page. More about "Cole Justice" soon. Fixed the Brownie projector sound loop for Internet Explorer.

8/31/04: New comments and images added to the Tulsa Film and Cinema page. I'm hoping that others with first-hand memories of these topics will write in.

8/30/04: Archived Guestbook 168.

8/26/04: Gary Chew reviews the new Ben Kingsley movie, "Suspect Zero".

8/25/04: The beginning of the Tulsa Film and Cinema page in honor of this weekend's Film Festival.

8/24/04: The 7th annual Tulsa Overground International Film Festival is coming, 8/27-29 (also noted on the Bulletin Board).

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